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Below is a complete list of the top 10 online electronic faxing service providers around the world, no software installation required, they are all equally cheap and affordable. As to which package is the best, it really depends on your monthly usage. Given a choice, I did go for the one that offers lifetime fax archiving. After-all, these faxes are legal documents and need proper archiving.

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The list consists of monthly subscriptions, if you are looking to faxing a few documents once in a blue moon, try GotFreeFax.com, it is not in the list because it is a prepaid faxing service, the best prepaid faxing service.

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Top 10 Best Prepaid vs Postpaid Online Fax To Email Service – Faxzero vs Smartfax vs iFax

If you dislike monthly fees, GotFreeFax.com is the answer. Unfortunately, you can’t receive fax online for free, there is almost no such free service. You are better off subscribing to a cheap faxing service than to actually use any ‘free’ services.

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PriceQuotaAdditional pagesFeatures


100 send 200 receive
200 send 200 receive
400 send 400 receive
$0.10 eachLocal or toll free fax number
1-year online fax storage


No monthly feeSend only
$9.95 for 100 pages
$19.95 for 300 pages
$49.95 for 1000 pages
Page credit Never Expire


$1.99 per faxMax 15 pages per fax + optional cover


$12.95/month150 send 150 receivepersonal fax number
lifetime fax archiving


500 pages
1000 pages
2500 pages
Dedicated fax number


500 pages
1000 pages
3000 pages


250 send/receive pages per month$0.10 eachUS local or toll free fax number


150 send/receive
350 send/receive


€0.09 per page
€0.09 per page
20 free pages per month
30 days storage
30 days storage
Indefinitely storage


100 send/receive
500 send/receive
1500 send/receive
3000 send/receive
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A Simple Guide To Choosing The Right Online Faxing Service



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    panasonic [ Reply ]

    Send a fax all over the world for free

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    Unlimited incoming fax

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    An Internet fax service allows faxes to be sent from a computer via an Internet connection

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    popeye [ Reply ]

    free internet fax service provider

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    harlem [ Reply ]

    is there such a service as google fax or skype fax? do they exist?

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      Business Internet Fax from Bell provides you with the flexibility to send

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    Hosted Fax Service [ Reply ]

    internet fax service canada

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    faxing king [ Reply ]

    eFax is the global leader in Internet fax services, offering fax numbers in over 3500 cities around the world.

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    ilaner [ Reply ]

    Popfax is a good online fax provider, and quite affordable compare with another online fax providers.

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      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      hmm…. I find HelloFax better, then again, these type of services depends on the end user and their location. not to mention usage too.

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