10 microSD and SD Cards Read Write Speed Comparison

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Not all SD cards are equally fast, even if they are of the same class, the read and write speed varies depending on the quality of the flash memory card. As shown in the table below, some class 6 cards outperformed class 10 cards. Do note that the UHS-I cards are primarily targeted at HD video cameras. Using a UHS-I card on your compact digital camera doesn’t improve the speed.

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ipad cf sd reader

 ClassRead MB/sWrite MB/s

Kingston UltimateXX


SanDisk Extreme Pro


SanDisk Extreme

Class 102320

SanDisk Extreme III

Class 62321

SanDisk Ultra II

Class 41211


Class 62311

Samsung Plus

Class 102321

Samsung Plus

Class 61812

Lexar Professional 133x

Class 102321

Lexar Professional 133x

Class 62320


Class 102322


Class 62011

A-Data Turbo

Class 62312
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microSD Card and SD Card Speed class rating

ClassWrite Speed (MB/s)Read Speed (MB/s)RatingVideo Recording

Class 2

2 MB/s2.013×SD video

Class 4

4 MB/s4.026×HD video

Class 5

6 MB/s6.040×HD video

Class 10

10 MB/s10.066×Full HD video

UHS Speed Class 1 (U1)

10 MB/s--Real-time broadcasts and large HD video files (UHS bus)

UHS Speed Class 1 (U3)

30 MB/s--4K video files (UHS bus)

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    which is the The Fastest Memory Cards Money Can Buy? as in speed of the read and write? which brand?

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      With speeds up to 60MB/s read and 35MB/s write, this card is ideal … the Kingston SD10A/64GB card

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    Amazon [ Reply ]

    best SD card for professional photographer?

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    nanana [ Reply ]

    How Important is the Speed of Your Camera’s Memory Card?

  4. Gravatar

    Kingston Elite Pro High Speed SD is the best among the best

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      Transcend Class 10 is the best!!!!

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    photography DSLR [ Reply ]

    SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-1 vs 32GB Sony Memorystick, which is the fastest?

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    the best card is the one that reads and write at 100mb/s

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    Class 10 is the lowest write speed (MB/s) range of applications: full HDTV recording and broadcasting
    UHS-I Write within 50/Read within 104 Application Range: Professional All-HD TV Real-time Recording
    The speed of SD of the same brand will also vary.

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