Nokia 1280 Review

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Nokia, known for its build quality is a must have phone for those into jogging, hiking, cycling, running, traveling and more. Their basic phones are tough and the battery life is amazing, the Nokia 1280 comes with an 800mAh battery, imagine the standby duration if it is 1250mAh?

Nokia 1280 Review

What I like about Nokia 1280 and all their basic phones are:

  • Comes with torchlight or flashlight
  • Battery standby duration is 30 days or 720 hours
  • Durable keypad for SMS

Nokia 1280 Review

Nokia 1280 Review

Nokia 1280 price is reasonable, for the price one is paying; this basic phone is worth every single cent. A must have basic phone.


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    Kundan Bhardwaj [ Reply ]

    I love this mobile as it has an excellent network reception and good battery backup.

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    Amazon [ Reply ]

    Cheapest phone ever from Nokia launched for emerging markets

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    Brandon De Hoyos [ Reply ]

    nokia 1280 price in india

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    no registration [ Reply ]

    Enjoy simplicity and durability

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