4 Data and File Archiving Compression Comparison .zip vs .rar vs .7z

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There are many other compression software such as StuffIt, Ace, Hamster Zip and etc, they are not included in the list due to the low popularity and most important of all, they uses the same .zip technology. So, which is the best file compression software in the market? Let’s find out with the simple test done by us below.

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Data and File Compression Comparison .zip vs .rar vs .7z

Below is a list of file comparison software and the compression efficiency, to get the most accurate results, we’ve decided to compress not only many files, but various type of files. 7-Zip (http://www.7-zip.org/) and their .7z format is the best for overall performance and the best part is, it is Open Source, in term of percentage, 7-zip is two times more efficient.

Comparison of 4 File Archiving Compression Software

Below is a test done by us. As shown in the test below, 7-Zip is the best file archiving software, due to the 7z format, compatibility is an issue for those without the 7z software installed.

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Microsoft Zip

Documents 5.92MB
• 1 Microsoft Doc
• 1 PDF
• 1 TXT
4.79 MB3.38 MB3.22 MB4.79 MB
Applications 76.6MB
• 7 Exe Files
73.8 MB72.5 MB72.8 MB73.8 MB
Images 42.3MB
• 16 Jpeg
33.2 MB33.1 MB20.2 MB33.3 MB
Movies 66.1MB
• 4 FLV
• 3 AVI
58.9 MB55.1 MB54.0 MB59.0 MB
Photoshop 3.64MB
• 3 PSD
2.19 MB1.56 MB1.37 MB2.19 MB
Total Original Size:
194.56 MB
172.88 MB
(11.14% smaller)
165.64 MB
(14.86% smaller)
151.59 MB
(22.08% smaller)
173.08 MB
(11.04% smaller)

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