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What is managed WordPress hosting? It is all about focusing on blogging and letting the experts optimize it. It enables you to experience the enhanced performance and security that comes from these WordPress.org optimized and managed web hosting servers, these are not your average web hosting package, these are servers custom configured to meet the demand of WordPress software.

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wordpress optimized web hosting server Dedicated WordPress Fully Managed Hosting With Varnish Cache, CDN & Daily Backup

A very resource hungry PHP software to be exact. Below is a list of the industry top 10 wordpress managed blog hosting, it is meant for those who want to focus on writing (or migrate from blogspot, tumblr, wordpress.com etc) and leaving all these technical issues to the experts. Upgrading and maintaining the software, performance and security will be a thing of the past. If you’re looking into purchasing a hosting service, do check out these managed WordPress Hosting, focus on writing and not coding.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Too Expensive? Honestly, try their 7 methods in reducing the speed and increase the performance before moving to a managed WordPress web hosting. There are 2 essential features when it comes to performance – CDN and Cache Plugin. I recommend these 5 Free CDN For WordPress – Speed Up And Improve Blog’s SEO.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting The Best Solution For Your Website? It greatly depends on what you purpose WordPress to be, for instant, if you installed Magento, Shopify, Prestashop or WooCommerce on WordPress and run it as an eCommerce website. A managed hosting with cache will cause many unwanted problems, especially on the cart. This is because eCommerce websites are best run as dynamic due to the fact that customers frequently add and drop items. Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Managed WordPress Hosting:

  • Performance – Managed WordPress hosting provides the publisher incredible fast page load times with the use of CDN, OpCache, Varnish and Cache, the ability to withstand sudden spike in traffic and more.
  • Security – Daily malware scan, firewall, quick updates and patch to security holes and more.
  • Worry free – Do what you do best – write. Forget about tweaking, security, updating and etc.

which is the fastest managed wordpress hosting

1. WP Engine

WP Engine Fastest WordPress Hosting With Varnish Cache, CDN & Daily Backup

Stunning speed, powerful security, and best-in-class customer service. At WP Engine, WordPress isn’t just their platform, it’s their passion. What makes us the best in managed WordPress Hosting? WP Engine provides best-in-class customer service on top of innovation-driven technology.

This is why over 50,000 customers in 120 countries have chosen us for their mission critical WordPress hosting needs. When you host with us, you get all of us. This means access to the best of what they have, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From their industry defining software innovation to their legendary customer service, they provide a WordPress hosting experience that is simply unmatched.

  • Reliable help – 24/7 technical support from leading WordPress experts.
  • Daily Backups – Automated, redundant systems for your critical applications.
  • Firewall – Multiple, powerful firewalls between your data and threats.
  • Malware Scan – Proactive detection and elimination of malware.
  • EverCache – Proprietary caching technology for massive scalability and speed.
  • SSL Ready – Enable SSL certificates on any site with a single click.
  • CDN Ready – Blazing fast load times for globally accessed content.
  • Speed Report – Page Performance data and recommendations for any page.

2. Lightning Base

Lightning Base Fastest WordPress Hosting With Varnish Cache, CDN & Daily Backup

Our servers are built with SSD based storage and modern Xeon processors, setup with Varnish, a fast web server stack, and locked down from intruders. Then they add a host of bonuses such as free site transfers, backups, and a truly global CDN. Your site will fly and your time will be saved. We’re an especially good choice if you are new to WordPress, are running a large site (or want to make sure your smaller site can scale), or are hosting numerous sites for yourself and clients.

  • Hardware (Including SSD’s) – They use servers based on modern Intel Xeon (server class) processors connected to reliable, redundant infrastructure. The real difference in their hardware is the move to 100% SSD based storage. Many WordPress hosts have experienced struggles with databases becoming overloaded, generally due to poorly-coded plugins. This is primarily a disk-speed access issue. SSD’s can easily outperform traditional hard disks by 10x in relevant benchmarks, and as high as 100x in some random access routines, nearly eliminating any concerns about disk speed. Their SSD’s are local to the server and arranged in a Raid 10 configuration (which provides redundancy and speed) making for the absolute fastest access times – which also provides a small boost to the response time of every file served.
  • CDN – A content delivery network provides two important functions: it acts as a cache, directly delivering static files, so that many requests never even reach your server, and it holds files closer to their final destination, minimizing latency and maximizing transfer speed. Their CDN is truly global, featuring 9 locations in North America, 6 in Europe (including 2 in Eastern Europe), 5 in Asia (including 2 in India), and 1 in Australia. This is a stark contrast to many CDN’s that leave out Asia or Australia due to the higher costs (and we’re working on South America and Africa). The performance and capacity enhancements a CDN provides are something no site should be without, so a substantial amount of CDN bandwidth is included with each of their plans. When your site is setup, they automatically configure it to deliver static content through the CDN – no effort required on your part.

3. WP Web Host

WP Web Host Fastest WordPress Hosting With Varnish Cache, CDN & Daily Backup

With their fully optimized WordPress hosting server, they guarantee you 99% uptime and every cent you spent on WordPress hosting makes perfect sense only with WPWebHost. Their heavily invested servers give you best compatibility and maximum performance for your WordPress-powered sites. To produce even higher stability, they utilize CloudLinux to prevent resource sharing as what usually happens in a shared hosting environment. Now your WordPress site will stay up and running all the time without being dragged down by other shared hosting users.

4. Pagely Managed WordPress

Pagely Managed WordPress Fastest WordPress Hosting With Varnish Cache, CDN & Daily Backup

Pagely is the preferred WordPress host for large businesses across a variety of industries. Companies like Disney, Verizon and NGINX trust Pagely to host their WordPress sites. How does Pagely compare to other WordPress hosting options? Find Out. The world’s most scalable WordPress hosting solution.

Nearly a decade of experience Managing WordPress at Scale. That knowledge translates to a better quality product & service and a deeper tribal knowledge they pass along to their customers. Their base managed WordPress plan. Host up to 5 WordPress sites with fully managed updates and security. PressCDN, PressCache, PressDNS, and PressArmor standard. SSL Available.

  • Powered by AWS – By using Amazon Web Services your WordPress site gains the unbeatable performance, redundancy, and scalability available to the biggest brands in the world.
  • Built in Redundancy – Redundancy means they have duplicated critical components and functions of each system so that in the event of any type of failure, there are mechanisms in place to quickly provide a backup or replacement. High Availability plans available.
  • A Modern Hosting Stack – Leverage the latest in performance technologies including PHP7 to accelerate WordPress. Proprietary NGINX/OpenResty HyperProxies that deliver unmatched speed. They utilize Redis to further accelerate the WordPress experience.
  • Automatic Daily Backups – Your entire site and database is backed up daily and stored on Amazon s3. Download or restore a copy with ease. You are able to push backups to your own s3 account/bucket as well.
  • SSL Acceleration – Benefit from faster loads times over https:// with built in HTTP/2 SSL acceleration.
  • Developer Friendly Tools – SSH + GIT + Staging + WP-CLI available on upper tier plans. WordPress Hosting REST API available to all accounts.

5. Pressable

Pressable Fastest WordPress Hosting With Varnish Cache, CDN & Daily Backup

Where WordPress Works Best, Managed WordPress Hosting. Rated #1 in Customer SatisfactionGenerous, flexible, and affordable are just some of the words their customers use to describe their managed WordPress hosting plans. Check out what they have to offer below, and get started on your free 15 day trial today. Here’s Why You’ll Love Managed WordPress Hosting from Pressable:

  • Performance – Sites hosted on Pressable are automatically optimized for peak performance, making them blazing fast.
  • Automatic Updates – Pressable handles all of your WordPress and security updates automatically so you don’t have to.
  • Traffic Scaling – Getting featured on TechCrunch or CNN? No problem. Pressable easily scales to handle up to 20x your daily traffic.
  • Backup – Pressable automatically backs up your site every night at no additional cost so you can rest easy.
  • Support – Pressable’s support team is on call round the clock to ensure that your WordPress site runs smoothly.

6. VPS

VPS Fastest WordPress Hosting With Varnish Cache, CDN & Daily Backup

The WordPress performance package. Cloud reliability and pre-configured W3TC for optimized WordPress hosting performance. Built for speed, and ideal simple websites or complex web apps, cPanel and other hosting control panels, every SSD VPS Server comes with superfast SSD Disks and a low price. If price and speed are your main requirements their SSD Servers are for you.

  • Reliable Cloud Servers – Their WordPress hosting uses their powerful cloud infrastructure, which has been designed with reliability at its core. Their engineers designed the service with automatic failover & resiliency throughout.
  • Peak Performance – Their cloud servers run at peak performance day and night, even during unexpected traffic surges. Thanks to their cloud architecture, we’re able to add resources as needed, so your WordPress site is never slow.
  • W3 Total Cache Pre-Installed – Their WordPress hosting comes pre-installed with W3TC. W3TC is a the leader in WordPress performance optimization, and we’re bringing it to you in the easiest way possible.
  • 22 Datacenters – Place your site in the location closest to you and your website’s visitors. Choose from 22 datacenters, across 5 continents.
  • Managed DNS – WordPress Cloud comes with a distributed, protected DNS grid to ensure faster response times, and better reliability. Don’t let DNS attacks stop your site!
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7. Hostinger WordPress Hosting

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

Effortless installation, quick set-up and immediate online exposure with cheap WordPress hosting. It’s simple with Hostinger. Don’t be afraid to trust Hostinger’s lightning quick WordPress hosting. Through the use of HTTP/2, PHP7.1, NGINX, and custom built, pre-installed caching WordPress plugins, they achieve unbeatable loading speeds for all of their clients. Your web visitors will not have to wait for text, graphics or files to load ever again.

Hostinger detects, defends, and destroys any and all cyber attacks performed on their clients’ websites by recruiting the best security technology from BitNinja. Their partnership means all websites hosted with us, are safeguarded by BitNinja’s all-in-one protection, offering full-stack defence against all automated attacks.

8. WordPress VIP

Wordpress.com VIP Fastest WordPress Hosting With Varnish Cache, CDN & Daily Backup

The leading WordPress solutions for enterprises. The WordPress.com VIP grid serves billions of pages every month. Optimize WordPress for security, performance, and scalability with WordPress.com VIP’s cloud hosting platform and support. Their team has spent years perfecting the art of enterprise WordPress hosting.

Let them deliver that expertise and experience to your organization. WordPress.com VIP’s cloud hosting service is designed for the needs of high traffic and high profile publishers. Their experienced WordPress engineers will work with your team to prepare your site for publication. Once live, you can focus on producing your unique content and leave the rest to us.

9. Conetix


Your Managed WordPress Experts! This Australian based team personally oversees the management of your WordPress site. With one of Australia’s fastest cloud hosting platforms, Conetix has optimised the perfect WordPress hosting environment.

With a unique retention filter, they keep both daily as well as important point in time backups to ensure you remain protected. With automatic backups triggered before any plugin or core changes, they keep your data protected.

  • Intrusion Prevention – Their Intrusion Prevention System, Conetix drops attackers before they even reach your site.
  • WordFence Enabled – WordFence further enhances the protection and alerting mechanisms for your site.
  • Daily Scans – Using their own heuristic algorithms, they scan all files daily to detect anomalies before they’re a problem.
  • Optimised Infrastructure – Featuring SSD acceleration, Xeon processors and a triple replica data storage system, their system provides rapid performance with ample burst headroom for your busy times.
  • Rapid Cache – By combining full page caching with front-end server caching, they ensure that the latency of your pages is the lowest in Australia.
  • High Speed Connectivity – Brisbane based servers with dedicated connectivity into over 50 points of presence in Australia and around the world.

10. Siteground


Managed WordPress Hosting, powerful, yet simple to use, officially Recommended by WordPress.org. Turn your blank WordPress installation into a beautiful and fully-functional website using the SiteGround WordPress Starter. No technical knowledge needed, we’ll walk you through the steps to launch your site.

Start by choosing a professional design from 30+ options, then choose the key functionalities you want – a contact form, eCommerce store, photo gallery, and more. The Starter will install the features and plugins you need on your site automatically.

  • Free CDN – They’ve partnered with Cloudflare to offer a free CDN service to help make your site faster when you have visitors from different geographical locations.
  • Free SSL Certificates – All hosting plans include free Let’s Encrypt Standard and Wildcard SSL certificates. For your convenience, the Standard SSL comes preinstalled on your site.
  • Daily Backups – They back up your account daily and keep up to 30 copies. You also have the option to create instant on-demand backups with the click of a button.
  • Security & Updates – They manage the security of your sites at server and application level. They automatically update your instances and their plugins to the latest version and patch against common WordPress-related exploits through their server firewall.

11. Flywheel


WordPress hosting & workflow solutions. Whatever your work environment, Flywheel’s powerful WordPress platform removes all the hassles of hosting, streamlines your processes, and lets you get back to doing your best work. Building, managing, and launching WordPress sites has never been easier!

As a managed WordPress host, Flywheel is going to take care of a bunch of the technical nitty-gritty stuff, so you can get back to doing what you love and growing your business. Here are the main benefits of a true managed WordPress host like Flywheel:

  • Managed caching and performance – They handle caching for you at the server level, using super fast servers to begin with, and even work individually with their customers to further optimize their sites for the best performance. No plugins needed!
  • Managed security – They proactively scan and block malware and hacking attempts. They do all of this at the server level, without the need for any plugins or configuration on the part of the customer. And in the unlikely event that your site is hacked, we’ll fix it for you, free of charge.
  • Managed software updates – We’ll work with you to make sure your site is always running the latest and greatest WordPress software.
  • Expert WordPress support – Their team of WordPress experts goes above and beyond what nearly any other managed hosting company will help out with. From “hey, I need help, I have a serious problem!“, to “can you recommend a plugin for XYZ,” we’re here to help.

12. GoDaddy Managed WordPress

GoDaddy Managed WordPress

WordPress Hosting made simple — and blazing fast. Award-winning support from hosting experts, 24/7/365 | 99.9% uptime & money-back guarantee. Built on their state-of-the-art hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the power and simplicity of WordPress without the hassle of constant updates and technical adjustments.

More than just a simple install, WordPress is seamlessly integrated to your hosting so the moment you log in, you’re able to create, edit and manage your site. We’ve also modified their servers specifically for WordPress, giving you a level of speed and security you can’t get from a standard web hosting plan.

  • Built for performance – Host your website on the platform built expressly to optimize WordPress, with high-performance coolness like load-balanced servers and SSD drives.
  • Malware scan & removal – Hackers can inject malicious code — malware — into your site to deface it or steal sensitive info. With their continuous scans (included with Ultimate plan), malware’s found and destroyed before it harms you or your customers.
  • Spammers, beware! – Nothing mucks up the gears like comment spammers. They stop them before they ever reach your site so your comments stay clean.
  • Automatic updates – Having the latest version of WordPress’s core software keeps your site happy and safe, so they automatically patch and update as soon as they’re available.
  • Malware scan & removal – Hackers can inject malicious code—malware–into your site to steal info or deface your site. With their Website Security scan (included with Ultimate plan), malware’s found and destroyed before it harms you or your customers.

13. Kinsta Managed WordPress

Kinsta Managed WordPress

Premium WordPress hosting for everyone, small or large. Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider that helps take care of all your needs regarding your website. They run their services on cutting-edge technology and take support seriously.

Dashboard overview of all your sites. MyKinsta is the control center for your sites. From tracking bandwidth, visitor stats to creating SSL certificates, all the tools you need are in one convenient location. A powerful and purpose-built WordPress hosting tool, MyKinsta was built from the get-go as a companion to their services. It allows you to manage your sites with the ease and precision you would expect from Kinsta.

14. 1&1 IONOS


Making WordPress faster, easier, and more secure. Start your website or blog quickly and benefit from an optimized platform and the most secure and up-to-date version of WordPress. Discover the new WP Pro — Now with dedicated cloud resources and developer tools.

WordPress for the real heavy hitters: Includes powerful features like Multi Site management and staging, AI tested Smart Updates, Varnish caching, and more. Choose WP Pro by 1&1 IONOS for uncompromising performance.

Your website will benefit from a hosting platform that is powered by PHP and NGINX, and fine-tuned specifically for WordPress with 2 GB guaranteed RAM and 360 Gbit/s fiber connectivity. Your webspace and databases are stored with SSD technology, which gives your website a performance boost of up to 50%, meaning your pages load faster, and faster load times will mean your pages rank higher on search engines.

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15. Pantheon


The key features and benefits of Professional WordPress Hosting for businesses. The success and effectiveness of your website will depend largely on the capability of the company you choose. Pantheon has the WordPress hosting platform and tools your business needs for agility and speed.

  • A good degree of scalability – This enables you to handle traffic surges effectively and gives you the opportunity to address your growth and expansion requirements.
  • High level of security – This provides protection from unauthorized access and data theft.
  • Reliable data retention and recovery – This ensures the integrity of your data and enables you to recover from data loss.
  • Fast loading times – This helps ensure customer satisfaction, which could result in lower bounce rates and better customer retention.
  • Excellent customer support – This provides you with the necessary assistance for any problems that may arise.

16. Bluehost WordPress

Bluehost WordPress

Their WordPress hosting plans are built for performance and reliability. Each hosting plan includes a free domain for one year, instant WordPress installation, automated updates and backups, unlimited bandwidth, and 24/7 WordPress expert support.

A pinnacle in WordPress performance and hosting, built from the ground up to provide the best possible experience for WordPress websites. Featuring advanced security, analytics, and social media integration, WP Pro is ideal for your WordPress website.

17. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

The Best WordPress Hosting Solution. Each of their web hosting solutions are fine-tuned, blazing fast and are ready for you! Choose the high speed package tailored for your needs. A2 Hosting! For page loads up to 20X faster than competing WordPress Web Hosting providers, make sure to host on their blazing fast Turbo Servers. Your account even includes PHP 7 and free HTTPS protection to meet the recommended WordPress Hosting environment!

A mere 1-second page load delay impacts your bounce rate, SEO rankings and even your conversion rate. You won’t have to worry about any of this when you choose A2 Hosting and their screaming fast SwiftServer platform! Hosting on speed optimized servers with your choice of server location, free SSDs and their up to 20X faster Turbo Servers are all advantages of choosing A2 Hosting!

18. Dreamhost WordPress

Dreamhost WordPress

Unbeatable WordPress Hosting – Reliable, lighting-fast hosting solutions specifically optimized for WordPress. WordPress hosting at DreamHost makes it easy to build and manage a website, whether you’re starting a blog, running a small business, or getting into the e-commerce game. With their plans, you’ll get access to thousands of gorgeous themes and powerful plugins to customize your site.

All of DreamHost’s WordPress hosting plans include robust features and add-ons designed to make sure it’s easy for you to find success at each step of your online journey. Not only that, they work closely with WordPress.org so you’ll always have the newest version of WordPress available in your DreamHost control panel.

  • FREE Privacy Protection – Unlike most web hosting providers, DreamHost does not charge any extra fees to mask your personal information. Safeguarding your personal data is always included.
  • Automated Backups – The single most important thing you can do to keep your website safe? Back it up. DreamHost makes this easy — they create automatic backups of your WordPress website daily.
  • FREE SSL Certificate – They provide a free ‘Let’s Encrypt’ SSL certificate to protect your site with HTTPS — encrypting traffic and instantly boosting SEO with Google.
  • Fast Solid State Storage – Lagging load times are a drag for your visitors. With SSDs, your website, caching, and database queries are faster — 200 percent faster than old school HDDs (no spinning rust here, as they like to say). Electronic storage at lightning-fast speeds means neither you or your visitors get caught up in the waiting game. Beneath the tech jargon is this: they keep things running fast. Like an Olympic-runner-crossed-with-a- cheetah fast.

19. MediaTemple

MediaTemple WordPress Fastest WordPress Hosting With Varnish Cache, CDN & Daily Backup

[ Merged with GoDaddy ] Made by WordPress designers and developers, for WordPress designers and developers. Media Temple WordPress hosting service is built on a blazing-fast managed WordPress hosting platform, optimized to the exacting standards of WordPress pros. This is the cheapest managed web hosting for wordpress. Every plan includes these essential tools and features.

From personal projects to your highest profile clients, get reliable, high-performance hosting for all your WordPress sites. Made by WordPress designers and developers, for WordPress designers and developers. Media Temple WordPress hosting service is built on a blazing-fast managed WordPress hosting platform, optimized to the exacting standards of WordPress pros. Every plan includes these essential tools and features.

  • WordPress-certified 24/7 support
  • DDoS & intrusion protection
  • 30-day backup & restore
  • Git, WP-CLI, SSH/sFTP and PhpMyAdmin access

20. Rackspace WordPress Cloud

Rackspace WordPress Cloud Fastest WordPress Hosting With Varnish Cache, CDN & Daily Backup

[ Discontinued ] Rackspace’s Cloud Sites hosts over 100,000 WordPress sites — more than any other hosting provider. Large enterprises, web design agencies and small companies choose their platform because they know they’ll get reliable performance, high-touch support and a safe hosting environment.

Fast, Scalable Hosting for High-traffic WordPress Sites. Whether you serve one or thousands of visitors at a time, Rackspace provides the technical expertise and powerful resources to help get the most from your WordPress site. There are two options available to get you started today. Both have been built and optimized by WordPress specialists, and are backed by their award-winning 24x7x365 Fanatical Support. Hosting your WordPress site at Rackspace gives you the speed and flexibility to build how you want, when you want.

  • Ultra Fast – They build their WordPress deployments based on years of WordPress hosting experience. You get the quick load times you need, without having to understand things like LAMP stacks, load balancing or caching.
  • Cloud Based – Tired of performance issues and noisy neighbors that come with traditional shared hosting or virtual private servers (VPS)? Their WordPress hosting is cloud based, and designed to mitigate the noisy neighbor effect.
  • Easy Scaling – Is your product appearing on national TV? Don’t let a sudden surge in traffic take down your site. When you choose Cloud Sites or managed cloud, their WordPress hosting infrastructure scales up or down with ease, so your site stays online and running smoothly.
  • Full Developer Control – Unlike other hosting providers, they give you complete control of your cloud environment, if you want it. Cloud Servers offer root-level access and APIs, so you can manage your infrastructure your way.

21. Synthesis

Synthesis Fastest WordPress Hosting With Varnish Cache, CDN & Daily Backup

[ Discontinued ] When sites move to Synthesis and their efficient NGINX architecture, they can sustain twice the traffic and consume about 1/8th of the resources. How? The answer is their minimalist hosting stack – specifically configured for WordPress and its unique hosting demands. Even their Starter plans handle a heavy load compared to inefficiently-configured dedicated boxes from other hosts. And that only increases with each step up.

  • Enhanced security defenses
  • Content and website optimization
  • Site Sensor uptime monitoring
  • Superior uptime and page load speed

Comparison of 10 Fully Managed WordPress Hosting For WooCommerce

TrafficAdd on +


LAMP stacks
Load balancing


Daily Backups
Malware Scans
Personal Backups for S3
Sucuri Server Side Scanning

WP Engine


1 Million*
Dedicated IP*
(*additional $)

Lightning Base

Varnish Cache
Opcode Cache
SSD Hard Disk
Automatic backups

WP Web Host



Dedicated IP*
(*for $64 & $149)


Daily Backups
Dedicated IP
Free SSL Certificate



MediaTemple Wordpress

Malware detection
DDoS & intrusion protection
WP-CLI administration
sFTP and SSH access

Wordpress.com VIP

Hourly Backups
DDoS mitigation

∞ = Unlimited
pv = Pageviews
cc = Compute Cycles

Given a choice, I did go for MediaTemple WordPress Fully Managed Hosting vs. other WordPress Managed Web Hosting, reason being that they offer Varnish Cache. Varnish Cache is the fastest cache, it is the key ingredient for a super fast hosting.

Lightning Base is equally good, I love their SSD hard disk. WP Engine appears to be reasonably good with their dedicated IP. All in all, they are all really reliable WordPress managed hosting. If you’re new, go for the affordable package and gradually upgrade, especially if you are running a WooCommerce WordPress site for Small Business.


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