Beacons of Malaysia’s Creative Industry by Google

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We are really proud to be invited to Google’s Beacons of Malaysia’s Creative Industry event, not only they were invited, they are proud to be featured as one of the 10 ‘Beacons’ in Malaysia. To top it off, they were invited to have a tea session with Dato’ Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Minister of Communication and Multimedia as shown in the image below.

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We are grateful for the opportunity provided by Google, combine with luck and hard work, they are thankful for being able to make money online, no 9 to 5 boring office job, no forcing ourselves to wake up early in the morning, no deadline and stress.

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Dato' Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Minister of Communication and Multimedia
image source: Ahmad Shabery Cheek’s facebook

At the Workshop, I discovered IkeaHackers is a site created by a Malaysian. I always thought it was a site by an American, perhaps it is the ‘viral’ success of the site. Anyway, the event is also a YouTube and Android App workshop. Undeniably, YouTube and Smartphone are the future and any bloggers not using these medium correctly will lose out to others.

Beacons of Malaysias Creative Industry by Google

Beacons of Malaysia's Creative Industry by Google

geckoandfly google malaysia

Thanks Google, they can be found at one of the 10 pop out cards along side Pop Tee Vee and IkeaHackers. 10 years of blogging, never in my wildest dream I will be where I am today – A Full time Malaysian blogger with a Japanese car and a house.

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geckoandfly google malaysia

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