F-Secure SAFE 1 Year Activation – Free Internet Security for PCs, Macs, And Android

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F‑Secure SAFE is an award-winning internet security suite which protects you from viruses, trojans and ransomware. SAFE also secures your online banking connection. You can set limits for internet usage for children. You and your family can surf safely — both on desktop and mobile. Stay secure online by downloading F‑Secure SAFE for free. [ 100% Original and No Serial or License Key Required For Product Activation ]

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F-Secure SAFE

  • Virus protection – Keep your devices safe from viruses, malware and spyware that try to steal personal information.
  • Browsing and banking protection – Shop and bank online, while keeping your bank details and passwords safe from hackers.
  • Family protection – Protect your whole family by blocking websites you don’t want your kids to see and set limits on screen time.
  • Remembers your passwords – Includes F-Secure KEY Premium which creates unique passwords and uses auto-fill* to make signing in quicker and easier.
  • Anti-theft protection – Lets you locate, lock and wipe your IOS or Android device remotely (wiping all your photos and contact info), if it goes missing.
  • App scanner – Scans all apps on your Android mobile or tablet and lets you know which apps are invading your privacy.
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F-Secure SAFE

Download F-Secure SAFE Free For 1 Year For 5 Devices

For a limited time only, F-Secure is offering their F-Secure SAFE for free. It covers 5 devices for 12 months (normally £79.99 a year) and comes with no automatic sign up. After a year, it will be just £25 each year thereafter.

F-Secure SAFE

This promotion support 5 devices, so you can use the security suite on your Android, iOS, Mac and Windows devices, you can even add protection for your friend devices. The trial period does not obligate you to buy the product. Using the product for the trial period does not require you to provide any credit card or banking details

Free Cracked Antivirus From Torrent Comes With Virus

Nothing is free in this world, even the free antivirus harvest your personal data for them to make an even better antivirus for their paid customer. The so called free antivirus crack from torrent can be infected with virus. The reason is it is easy to infect your computer with a malware because you are not protected.

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Always support the original software if you can afford it, especially for small to medium business owners. Software don’t magically appears, there are hardworking programmers with families and mouth to feed.

There are many of free antivirus alternatives by top security companies that doesn’t require you to pay for the product’s activation code or serial number. The free version may lack some core features, but it is still a better choice over pirated copies from torrent.

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