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GeoGuessr was a very popular and free browser-based geography game, it went premium in 2019 after Google hiked the prices of its Maps API. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a very popular game but not everyone wants to pay to play a game they might get bored after a few tries.

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This is where other GeoGuessr alternatives started to emerge. There are more than 10 games similar to GeoGuessr for a variety of platforms, including Web-based, Android, iPhone, iPad and SaaS apps. It doesn’t make any sense to pay when most of these alternatives are as good as GeoGuessr.

1. City Guesser

Identify location based on street video

City Guesser

Instead of still photos or street views, it uses real videos to guess the location based on the video you are viewing. City Guesser is a geography based browser game that strives to provide an exceptional travel and guessing experience. City Guesser launched on August 13th, 2020, and welcomes thousands of geography-enthusiasts each day.

City Guesser was created amid the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Billions were stuck inside and unable to travel and explore the world. We created City Guesser in hopes of allowing users to see the world in a different way. The gamified aspect of City Guesser lets users engage in virtual video travel as never before.

2. GeoHub


GeoHub is a free to play geography guessing game inspired by Geoguessr. It features single player, challenges, country streaks, a new daily challenge, custom maps, and is home to the famous “A Diverse World” map. You can move around and use clues around you such as Language, Architecture, Road Signs, etc… to make your guess. The objective is clear, the closer you are to the correct location, the more points you get.

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3. Geotastic


Geotastic is a free to play geography quiz game with many different game modes. Geotastic can be played alone or in multiplayer. There’s a lot of customization options regarding game modes that let you tweak your experience to your liking. Other than that, there’s also challenges, highscores hunts and seasonal ranked modes. Once a month, they also hold a community event!

4. Back Of Your Hand

Guess the street names / No street photos

Back Of Your Hand

Back Of Your Hand is a map-based game where you’re given random street names and you have to locate them on the map. Unlike others with street views or videos, this game only requires you to guess the street name within the circle. Best to be played with friends that are somewhat familiar with the local area. You can play solo or compete with others using multiple phones / computers.

5. TimeGuessr

Guess location based on historical photos


TimeGuessr is a game that tests both your geography and history knowledge. Guess the right time and location of a historical photo. Surprisingly fun to analyze all the hints to guess the year – the photo quality, people’s clothes/hair and other small details. Could actually be a fun party game. Requires both historical and geographic knowledge to be the best.

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6. Explordle

Identify location based on street video


You will be presented with a video clip shot from a first-person perspective as you walk around a specific location. Your challenge is to identify the town or city where the video was recorded. Some of the clips may be easy to recognize based on recognizable landmarks, street signs, and local businesses, while others may be more challenging. Be prepared to spend a significant amount of time trying to guess the location, as the game can be quite addictive.

7. OpenGuessr


OpenGuessr is a free geography location guessing game similar to Geoguessr or Geotastic. OpenGuessr is completely free and has many features and locations to explore.

8. Zoomtastic

Identify location based on satellite map


One of the best and most interesting GeoGuessr alternatives, Zoomtastic is a fun way to learn about various countries around the world. It is a browser-based game that starts by showing a map of a random country. How does it work? A map will appear in the screen and a 30 seconds countdown starts. The map zoom outs slowly giving you more information over time. After 10 seconds, 4 possible answers appear. Choose one! Repeat until you become the best player!

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