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Update: Bill Gates is not the richest man, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon is now the richest man in the world. So I was searching for some information about the “man”, and found these funny facts about him, it is a list of how rich Mr.Bill Gates is and come to think of it, Gates sure is the luckiest man of earth. He has all the money in the world and yet he couldn’t be bothered to register his own domain name – www.billgates.com.

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So much for the title “King of Computers”. These surprising facts about billionaire entrepreneur Bill Gates will surprise you. (2017)

  • How rich is Bill Gates? He is worth approximately 81 billion US dollars.
  • From interest alone, his investment generates about USD128 per seconds, or about 4.1 Billion dollars per year.
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is the 2nd most charitable and 1st largest private charity organization in the world.
  • As of 2013, Bill and Melinda Gates have given away USD28 billion dollars. Research and breakthroughs that are done under the Gates foundation are given away for free for anyone to use.
  • If he drops a thousand dollars, he won’t even bother to pick it up because during the 4 seconds he picks it, he would’ve already earned it back.
  • Gates scored a 1590 out of 1600 on his SATs.
  • Like many other successful tech entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Google’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerbergs, Bill Gates was a college dropout. He left Harvard University in 1975 to fully devote himself to Microsoft.
  • Gates earned an honorary degree from Harvard in 2007, thirty-two years after dropping out.
  • Two years after he dropped out of Harvard, Gates was arrested in New Mexico. He was driving without a license and ran a red light.
  • Despite his immense wealth, Gates says that his kids will inherit only $10 million each — just a fraction of his $81.1 billion net worth. “Leaving kids massive amounts of money is not a favor to them,” he says.
  • Gates says that he reads 50 books a year. Gates says that “reading is still the main way that I both learn new things and test my understanding.”
  • The private school he attended as a child was one of the only schools in the US with a computer. The first program he ever used was a tic-tac-toe game.
  • Although it’s been widely reported that Gates hacked his prep school computers, he reportedly wrote the class scheduling program himself and added a feature that would place him in classes with mostly female students.
  • The 66,000 sq ft. Gates’ estate in Washington took seven years and $63 million to build. Half a million board-feet of lumber went into the construction of the opulent property, which features a trampoline room with a 20-foot ceiling, a reception hall to accommodate up to 200 guests, 24 bathrooms, six kitchens and more.
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bill gates mug shot

How Much Money Bill Gates Earn In A Day?

Below is a simple calculation of the approximate return of investment, it is based on 5% assets return and interest compound. Calculation is based on his net worth in 2016 and 2017.

  • USD130 per seconds
  • USD7,800 per minutes
  • USD468,000 per hour
  • USD11,232,000 per days
  • USD78,624,000 per week
  • USD336,960,000 per month
  • USD4,043,520,000 per year

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Facts About Microsoft's CEO Bill Gates - Facts About Bill Gates

Facts About Microsoft's CEO Bill Gates - Facts About Bill Gates

Facts About Microsoft's CEO Bill Gates - Facts About Bill Gates


  1. Gravatar
    Timothy Diokno [ Reply ]

    hey! you really got some hate to Microsoft huh? Apple RULZ!

    • Gravatar

      I dislike Microsoft and square box. That peace of junk they made. If bought one pc and I’ll never buy another. Iv bought one Xbox and I’ll never buy another. Iv bought one android and I’ll never buy another. Pc was slow, I got the red ring of death for the Xbox, the android ended up in the trash can. Where’s my money? You make money off of junk products. I want my money back.

      • Gravatar
        not stupid [ Reply ]

        Because androids are made by microsoft…. lmfao

      • Gravatar
        Dominik [ Reply ]

        peace of junk? you apparently cannot spell either, it’s a piece* of junk. Also you don’t know quality if it t you in the face.

      • Gravatar
        Dominik [ Reply ]

        Also the Xbox, only had red ring since you do not treat your product well with care. The red ring only occurs in the white xbox 360s. or first generation xbox’s

      • Gravatar
        Ffffff [ Reply ]

        You must of bought a 40 dollar android don’t blame him blame your broke ass self.

    • Gravatar

      Microsoft better

      • Gravatar
        Preston [ Reply ]

        same with me microsoft is awesome GO NECK YOURSELF

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    Khong Co Ai [ Reply ]

    Bill Gates is 40 this year.

    Hrrr..sorry but he was born on October 28, 1955.
    Gates does not earn US$7.8 Billion/year, his companies earn this sum.

    And you forgot to mention that he his the most charitable man in the world.
    One staff is paid to make sure that when he will die, no money left in his bank accounts, but to charity project and foundations.
    So now folks, it’s tiem to show some respects to the Man.

    • Gravatar

      Okay, you do realize this article could have been written back in 1995 right? Regardless, Yes Bill Gates might be the must charitable guy around but it is still to early to know what will happen to his money when he dies. In addition, when you are the world’s richest person you have to be this charitable for many reasons.

      • Gravatar

        Microsoft Corp Chairman Bill Gates said he was not satisfied with the company’s pace of innovation over the last few years

      • Gravatar
        Ethan Bradberry [ Reply ]

        So he was rich the first day he was born????

        • Gravatar
          Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

          He comes from a upper middle class family.

  3. Gravatar
    GeckoFly [ Reply ]

    yup, the most generous man in the world. I read in the time magazine that he is the biggest donor in India.

    What happen to all those rich indians that migrated to england? like the “man of steel” that control the world’s steel output.

    I have much respect for bill, but his ways of crushing others in the IT field has made me lost respect for him a little. Anyway, he still deserve to be respected. A good man indeed in many other ways.

    • Gravatar

      how much does bill gates earn a second?

      • Gravatar
        sourav [ Reply ]

        $42.83(in indian rupees-15000)

      • Gravatar


      • Gravatar
        The Gamer [ Reply ]

        He earns approximately $678.92 per second,i think that’s about 13 billion per year

  4. Gravatar
    Dhawal [ Reply ]

    I donot believe he shud be shamed for beaitng his IT counterparts … dont mix charity with buisness …

  5. Gravatar
    Jayden [ Reply ]

    He shouldnt be judged for what he does on the IT battlefield because thats business. The man is a good, charitable man and should be respected

  6. Gravatar
    John van V. [ Reply ]

    Bill Gates practices false charity. False charity is the cover-up by the wealthy to make them appear generous, when it is greed that made them rich (Lewis Mumford: Technics and Civilization)

    The reason Gates is involved in AIDS research is that AIDS and all other diseases will be cured with bio-molecular computer modeling.

    Since XP is the most retarded system available for love or money, and cannot calculate itself out of its own hole, then there is ZERO chance that Microsoft software will do the modeling.

    Bill Gates has dedicated himself bribing AIDS research foundations into using only Microsoft software, and hence Gates is directly responsible for the continued spread of AIDS, and all other disease.

    This is very simple to understand, if you know that XP is a poor system; if you don’t, you are clinically retarded. If you are clinically retarded, go take the Gates Foundation short bus.

    • Gravatar
      Joestoes [ Reply ]

      m8, you need to hop aboard the chill train

    • Gravatar
      Joe Blo [ Reply ]

      True, but I doubt that at this day and age they would use Windows XP. The system would have to be small and durable, but they could modify the software. Windows is also a more versatile system compared to macOS, so that would be better for cross-hospital use. I think linux would be way better though.

    • Gravatar
      Phantom [ Reply ]

      I call shenanigans on that. Why would anybody go, “Here’s a load of money for the research. By the way, you have to use MY software exclusively for your research”. It doesn’t make sense, purely for the business/profit situation…”Hi, I wrote this piece of software. It’s not that bad, but it’s not great, either and besides, acceptance is a largely subjective stance that is different to other people. On the topic of your research, I want you to use my software and my software alone. In a move that is so fantastic, the sheer brilliance of it has lit up the sky above and it’s even made Stevie Wonder ponder about whether he’s just noticed the Batsign in the clouds……..It’s just good business sense…Instead of me MAKING money off you, I want to pay YOU for choosing my OS and using it. I just feel so cheated that I can’t give ALL the users some money instead of my company making a profit”.


  7. Gravatar
    bill christensen [ Reply ]

    you people dont have others think to do then just come say a comment to billl….

    go play outside but dont worry he wont give his money to you guys


  8. Gravatar
    Justin [ Reply ]

    We all wish we had 1% of Bills fortune! i know i would :-(…surely he can just pay me $1,000,000? i should ask him

    by the way, he can give every human on earth $16.85

  9. Gravatar
    Richie Savage [ Reply ]

    The cunt is suffering on Earth, I hope he lives for ever.

  10. Gravatar

    Bill Gates is a great cunt! He gives billions of dallars away & he is not selfesh like Bob said he is. He shares his money with lots of people!!!

  11. Gravatar

    you people are terrible

    the man gives millions if not billions to charity and all you can call him is a c***

  12. Gravatar
    Vignesh Ganesan [ Reply ]

    I disagree with john van v and bob. gates is a good man.
    You idiots wouldn’t be typing those messages if there wasn’t a computer, and he started computers!

    • Gravatar
      Patrick [ Reply ]

      Actually he did not start computers, Dennis Ritchie did.

  13. Gravatar

    Hey, he didn’t “start computers.” In fact, even Intel and IBM were around before he even got started making a name for himself. He worked for IBM!

    • Gravatar
      Tomiwa [ Reply ]

      Yeah, he didn’t start computers, but he made it possible for you to have computers in your homes even though he had several oppositions.

  14. Gravatar

    You cant call him selfish. That’s just wrong. He earnt all that he has and he made a huge impact on most of ours’ everyday lives. Think about what you were likely using to get to this site: A COMPUTER! And theres a pretty big chance you use Microsoft, you cant complain, imagine the useless bricks we might’ve been using if Bill Gates weren’t around to save us.

  15. Gravatar

    Sorry but most of you guys are the most biased retards I have seen for a while.

    Grow up and stop insulting Bill Gates when you know full well he has given more money to charity than any man and company on the planet.

    He doesn’t bribe, giving money to a foundation does not ask them secretly to use Windows, that’s up the the people. It has no relation to the spread of AIDS you stupid twat – who ever it was the said it was.

    Grow up you bunch of ignorant tossers.

    And for those of you who did not disrespect Bill Gates or Microsoft – my respect goes out to you, even if you like Apple or/and Mac.

  16. Gravatar
    Potato [ Reply ]

    yes i disagree …evry body likes mony so why is it a problem if you can do good and get it at the same time he made what you are using right now

  17. Gravatar
    harrytiet434 [ Reply ]

    bill gates u r so lucky haing so much money.dats y every1 get jealous from u….

  18. Gravatar

    Hy guys bill is a good man he gve alot of charity for poor peoples dnt cal him……ok so keep smiling and hard working and introduce your name in the list of richest man of the world.ok happy new year….,

  19. Gravatar

    gtes didn’t invent computers he simply expanded it.

  20. Gravatar

    Hey guys. Bill gates is the richest man on earth. He made all his wealth by his own ideas and hardwork. He made this massive business empire for himself. Its his wealth and his decision to donate how much. So please stop passing remarks on others and better look at yourself for what you can do to help others. At the end we should admire him and be a bit more realistic. Most of you passing bad comments will not even spend a penny on a poor man.

  21. Gravatar
    KindMAN [ Reply ]

    We should even call him a hero, if he wasn’t born, you should have been writing on a piece of a paper. All night, And guys respect gates, you just get jealous thats why you leave bad remarks

  22. Gravatar
    pissed off vista user [ Reply ]

    Bill Gates is a cunt and if I ever meet him i will kick him in the nads once for every hour of my life I have spent fixing computers that have been screwed by his piece of shit software.

    Any company that deliberately uses it’s paying customers as guinea pigs deserves to burn in hell.

  23. Gravatar
    Tech head [ Reply ]

    Let’s clarify a few issues. Bill Gates started MS with a little piece of soft ware called DOS now MS DOS. It was a combination of code he, um, aquired and packaged as an oporating system for the personal computers that others were already building. The first PC was, ironicly, the Apple which was built by hand by Steave Wasniak and Steave Jobs with it’s own OS. If you want to credit some one with the existance of the computer in front of you, it should be the Steaves. Of course, computers were actually invented long befor any of these three were even born, they just got in to it at the dawn of the age of miniatureization.
    I do have to give Mr Gates props for his well known charitable contributions and his marketting. He wisely surrounded himself with people who could do the things he wanted to do and was able to keep pace with the industry. Of course he has earned his money and he can use it any way he wants to. But he should put some better quality controls and product testing systems into MS.

    • Gravatar

      You mean he stolen DOS ? tell the truth.

  24. Gravatar
    fredrick [ Reply ]

    bill.gate is a good people in the world.

  25. Gravatar
    JavaClick [ Reply ]

    Before Bill Gates and DOS, there was Steve Jobs and his OS. Before those guys, there was Cobol and Fortran. NO SINGLE PERSON is a critical element in the evolution of operating systems. We would have what we have regardless of who was involved. A few differences here and there, nothing more.

    As far as the hardware goes, Gary W. Boone would be the single most important person as far as inventing (modern) computers, since he was the one who actually invented the microchip. Yes Intel has had contention with this going back to 1971 and the 4004, however the patent office has ruled that Boone in fact invented the microchip.

    For his efforts, Boone received his weekly paycheck and that was that. The rest of the world is fundamentally changed, hundreds of billions, trillions, perhaps quadrillions of dollars have changed hands as a result of his invention, and to this day he has received exactly zip. Amazing world we live in, eh?

  26. Gravatar
    sana ullah [ Reply ]

    Its very good for him…….but remebered that we have to die once……..we have to help poor people as much as we can do…………

  27. Gravatar
    sandesh suneja [ Reply ]


  28. Gravatar

    i bet everyone in dis world he is the most smartest person n greatest person of all times,i luv u bii n hope to be just lyk u n keep up with the gud work n surely knw GOD will richly bless u,

  29. Gravatar
    Hussain [ Reply ]

    i just want to say if there were no operating system like xp then we were definately got bored to use the dos operating system we all know that…gates isn’t self fish he made xp for our entertainment so we shouldn’t have any rights to say anything about that good human beans…he actualy given his most money in charity he is not like our indian politision who only knows how to waste money for himself

    i salute you sir…..u r my idol….thnx for giving as such a nice organization to whom we call microsoft the maker’s of os

  30. Gravatar
    Mr robert myers [ Reply ]

    Hi Mr Bill Gate’s I need your help in bring my bride from America to Australia she in the army in the war zone i can not aford to pay the Army Of U.S.A the cost of bring her from the war zone they are Asking $49,000 dollars i talk to my bride twice are day Name Segerent Charlene Dowson out in the dangerous places
    I wanted to get married i cannot even aford to go to America i am in needed she and myself cried everyday for her to get her home i really don’t know wear to go we had less them two weeks to get this money i got no hope Mr Bill Gates thank you if you can help us or you can paid the U.S.A the army

    • Gravatar

      I don’t know nor care how old this comment is.. I find it necessary to point out that ANYONE claiming to be in the U.S. Military and “needing money” for anything (leave, weapons, personal items, *ahem* marriage *rolls eyes*, etc…) is lying. The military takes care of their people. They do not need civilians to fund their wants and needs. The person you spoke to is BS-ing you. They are not in the military. If you send them money, a) you’ll only hear from them for them to get more money from you and b) if you report it, you’ll never get the money back. So, don’t be stupid.

  31. Gravatar
    Mensah [ Reply ]

    I want to be come BILL GATE student

  32. Gravatar
    The Numerate one [ Reply ]

    I have something in common with Bill Gates that you obviously don’t…No I am not a Billionaire but I have basic numeracy. Many of your points are plain wrong ,,,,eg National Debt is 5.62 trillion , Gates earns 7.8 Billion …he could pay the debt in 10 years … Not likely , also the figures you quote are questionable anyhow.

  33. Gravatar
    Yiovan [ Reply ]

    You guys that say he is greedy are dumb. He has given away 30 billion to charity. Yea not million billion. That would be enough money to buy every person in the world happy meals.

    • Gravatar
      Wikipedia [ Reply ]

      Here was a guy with all the money in the world, yet he showed up every day to change the world

  34. Gravatar
    Matt420 [ Reply ]

    Has anyone ever took a walk downtown…only to see men, women, and even children starving to death? Has anyone had ever seen a malnourished dead body of a little girl in a back ally only to wonder what kind of sick world this is…that one man can own so much money it makes NO….ECONOMIC…SENSE. This man makes SO MUCH MONEY he can anually FEED the ENTIRE AMERICAN POPULACE in a year and still be so FILTHY rich he wouldn’t have to worry about a single problem any of us “laymen” have to worry about. This is sickening…and makes me question the integrity/ humanity of anyone who thinks this is right or normal.

    • Gravatar
      E. Robert Mullard [ Reply ]

      You are sooooo dumb. Do you realize that there are almost 8 billion people on Earth? he could but them about a Big Mac at McDonalds, not feed thenm for a year. And he has given like $30,000,000,000 US to charities.

  35. Gravatar
    Don Pedro [ Reply ]

    you are just a jealous bitch, ok maybe people are starve to death and are poor but thats their problem, their parents didnt work to get them to go to school and they dont have money. on the other hand bill did study hard and so he has a good life with millions of dollars. so you can go cry us all a river….

  36. Gravatar
    sebastian [ Reply ]

    bill gates has donated billions to charity that’s why he is 2nd richest. he is still loaded. i can imagine getting 0.01% of his fortune. i will be rich i think.

  37. Gravatar
    Hemanatha [ Reply ]

    Friends, all of you had given different perceptions about a person. these perceptions would ultimately give each one unhappiness as each one differs from the other.So understand this misery created by this thing called perception.have a nutral balanced way of thinking. May all of you get innovative ideas and enrich our world.

  38. Gravatar
    Legitamate Heir to the Binary Code [ Reply ]

    I have hit the point of vexation were if I must use only an abacus to break free of Microsoft’s efforts to deny me access to information while stripping me of being dependent on professionals, seeing functions once so simple have deliberately, in the name of better security, become impossible for someone schooled in a different field to master quickly. It appears they have deliberately taken from those who were part of the 1st generation to embrace the use of personal computers, a host of skills and abilities that generated and encouraged creativity and independence and by deliberate duplicity and deceit robbed us of what our own hands created. I believe that very quickly Microsoft will discover that they have destroyed themselves through their contempt for the costumer, and their belief that they are above the law.
    But, rather than vent I was hoping someone might be able to help me find a good place to start my test of alternative operating systems. I have the software for Red Hat (Linux). Right now I do not care deeply if it is not the best–that it is not Microsoft is sufficient. I only use 50gig on the machine I wish to install and master the new OS. I have 200gig on the hard drive and 2 external drives-one 250gig, one 500gig. Can anyone recommend specific websites were I might find the best instructions for instillation, and instructions for learning to twink or in writing new software afresh. (I do not have an interest in gaming capability and so I can cute a few corners there, and plan to continue with Adobe on Mac for graphics since mastering a new graphics program at this time would be a bit too much to take on at the same time. I primarily use this machine for internet research, data mining using various forms of database crunching, keeping up technologically with students, and feeding my addiction for music. Thanks.

  39. Gravatar
    Armando Ferreira [ Reply ]

    I Love BIll gates

  40. Gravatar
    maryam [ Reply ]

    i wanna contact with sir Bill Gates . plz tell me how can i ?

  41. Gravatar

    And what happened to the Chinese and the Koreans who striked gold? Where is that money been hiding?

    • Gravatar
      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      In Alibaba’s cave created by Jack Ma

  42. Gravatar

    Born William Henry Gates, better known as Bill Gates. Just in case you are wondering, he holds only 4.5% of Microsoft, and according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, most of Gates’s assets are held in Cascade Investment LLC, an entity through which he owns stakes in numerous businesses, including Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Corbis Corp.

    This means 25% of his wealth is from Microsoft, while the remaining 75% consist of hotels, resorts, medical related stuff and more. If we judge a person’s wealth according to what he is holding onto, he is more of a hotelier than a software guru.

    Love him hate him, undeniably as of May 16, 2013, Bill Gates had donated US$28 billion to the foundation. Based on his current wealth at US$78 billion, this meant he gave away almost half of his wealth.

    • Gravatar
      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      Yes, I know. And Whenever people says Bill Gates is rich and greedy and need to give away more money. My advice to them is to donate 5% of their own wealth. More often than not, donating 10 dollars is a challenge for them.

  43. Gravatar
    ERIC SEA [ Reply ]

    God bless a cheerful giver

    • Gravatar
      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      Gates donated almost 50% of his wealth, if he did not, he is by now the first person to have wealth more than 100 billion USD.

      • Gravatar
        Will M [ Reply ]

        No he donated only 1/3 of his wealth if you did math because 75 b + 30 b = about 100 b what’s 100 b divided by 30 = ?????? It’s about one third and that’s pretty sad because I’m only in 7th grade

  44. Gravatar
    suraj roy [ Reply ]

    Sir Bill Gate, you are my true ideal.You great man like god.

  45. Gravatar

    Bill only donates so he doesn’t have to pay high taxes

    • Gravatar
      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      I don think you understand how the tax system works. Unless the charity is tax exempted, which is not, he must pay all the capital gained tax. He is selling down his share in Microsoft and by 2020, he will own 0 shares in Microsoft. Almost 50% of his profit are donated to charities that is not 100% controlled by him.

      • Gravatar

        The capital gain tax rate in the state he’s registered (Washington) is 7%. He does not have to make many expense claims/donations to charity to avoid that entirely.

        Top quote on google: “With a worth of $72 billion, a 6% rate of return would earn Gates roughly $114.16 per second..”

        Or £6,849.60 an hour (including whilst asleep) – whilst paying 7% tax.

  46. Gravatar
    Nishant kshirsagar [ Reply ]

    ….it is really amazing to know all this thing..
    You have mentioned in upper statement that if he drops 1000$
    He will leave it. Because in that 4 sec he cover all that money….
    That means he never sleep, he never eat,he never bend down to pick up anything..??????????!

    • Gravatar
      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      Because Microsoft and his 4 season hotel operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Just because it is night time in India, doesn’t mean it is night time in America.

      Common sense my friends, Microsoft sells their software every second every minute every hour every day all over the world.

  47. Gravatar
    juma Mtumish [ Reply ]

    i need his google account and i need money from him coz am his expart of wndows8.1 and 10 to complete my studies but also my hobby is to be a poppular man in the world like him so dont judge him only god can do that

  48. Gravatar
    juma Mtumish [ Reply ]

    if you want to send money send to +255752512940

  49. Gravatar
    narendra [ Reply ]

    Bil gats is good person in charity in the world….

  50. Gravatar
    narendra [ Reply ]

    I want a job …pleas help me….foundationer…

  51. Gravatar
    patrickbanda.booster@cpm [ Reply ]

    please i need money help me with $1000 my account number is 0140554441601

    • Gravatar
      Yousef [ Reply ]

      Your dumb as hell leaving your account number.

  52. Gravatar
    FAROOQ [ Reply ]

    actually i am poor man and need 10 million dollar from bill gates charrity account.

    my account is 0002-0081-074179-01-1

  53. Gravatar
    Moez Mekni [ Reply ]

    MR BILL GATES I wish that you consider my request

  54. Gravatar
    eyram doe [ Reply ]

    No matter how good u are, men will always find problems with u.some may be de result of cultural diversity, intellectual capabilities, individual differences,and misconceptions.we all have our negatives which can only be covered by the good we do.let Bill be and lets all try to make a history of our own.

  55. Gravatar

    Since my teenager’s ages I was always inspired by this great man who made the world of high technologies! His weath was built only by himself. Bill Gates definitely deserves respect and fame!

  56. Gravatar
    Daniel [ Reply ]

    Urre my favourite millonaire bill gate

    • Gravatar
      Will M [ Reply ]

      He’s not a million air Daniel catch up he’s a billion air

  57. Gravatar

    My Childhood hero

  58. Gravatar
    Anthony [ Reply ]

    Hey guys, why bill gates can not revil is secrets of how he makes money online

  59. Gravatar
    chhassanjavaidiqbal [ Reply ]

    I think the king of microsoft is an angel

  60. Gravatar
    Will M [ Reply ]

    So bill gate is good but bad all at once don’t give him hate but don’t act like he’s a precious little angle yes he makes money yes he gives money yes he bribes some companies but all in all why are we sooooo worried bout his money he’s just a guy making money so in the end of the day just go outside and don’t worry about this. what’s he gonna do take over the WORLD of buy your family!!!!!!

  61. Gravatar

    Is bill gate giving percentage on google, other software or other devices except from Microsoft ?

  62. Gravatar

    Bill gates you are the best all the world in Microsoft

  63. Gravatar

    You morons, he doesn’t earn 250$ every second. Nor 7 billion $ a year. Plus no way he can make enough money to pay of the US debt that is in trillions of dollars.

    • Gravatar
      jack the ripper [ Reply ]

      its over the next 10 years if we stop spending not in one second

  64. Gravatar

    I really inspire you
    Now i am a student
    But coming soon i become like you
    I like you…sir

  65. Gravatar
    sankey sauth [ Reply ]

    it’s true smaller thinker’s smaller litcher, as people as likely, be blessed Mr Bill gate

  66. Gravatar

    Its no matter how much money bill gates but its matter to solve us how did a man do it bcuz he is not bill gates, he is a simple thinker to see from nature rule like how do a bird creat his nest..thanks..

  67. Gravatar
    Delores Salazar [ Reply ]

    I would truly appreciate it if Mr. Bill Gates could help me financially. I’ve been struggling for the past four years with paying rent utilities, and daily necessities. Unable to work. Someday I’ll be able to tell you the whole story right now I’m home less just very great full to be able to have my cell phone service still working today.

  68. Gravatar

    Why u so poor my boi?

  69. Gravatar
    Mark Jones [ Reply ]

    I had a good laugh reading all these posts. You are all either foreigners or in the 2nd grade. Your spelling and grammar is not worth two cents.
    If you would really like the truth on Bill Gates or William H. Gates III. His father William H. Gates II is an attorney and his mother Mary Gates was one of Seattle’s most prominent civic figures.
    In 1975, the year that her son co-founded Microsoft, Mary Gates became the first woman president of United Way of King County Washington. King County is the home of Seattle, Bellevue and a street named One Microsoft Way in Redmond, the home of Microsoft to name a few cities.
    In 1980 there was a board meeting for United Way held in Redmond, WA. Mrs. Gates being a board member of United Way, attended the meeting. Can you guess who was also involved with United Way and a board member? Yep you got it, then president of IBM Mr. John Opel, who was in search of an operating system for IBM’s PC market. So Mary Gates not only gave birth to the cofounder of Microsoft but I would bet Microsoft itself, as a person at these United Way meetings mentioned Microsoft to John Opel! Which at the time was described as fledgling.
    So there you go, the parents of Bill Gates were affluent Seattleites and his mom had a direct connect to the president of IBM.
    So Mrs. William H. Gates II, Mary probably deserves the most credit for getting Microsoft to where it is. Without that meeting who knows if a fledgling company goes boom or bust!

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    Mark Jones [ Reply ]

    Unfortunately, Bill lost his mom in 2008.

    As I reread my post she really should be mentioned as one of the most influential people to walk the planet. That is probably where Bill and Melinda got their desire to become philanthropist’s. For the ones that find that a big word you can just say charitable hearts!

    Oh and one thing, I am the laziest person not only on this page but the entire internet.

    But at least I try to make a post readable!

    I am disabled and could use, a work from home job. I like research and analyzing data!

    So help a dude out!

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    Jubster [ Reply ]

    Bill gates in my eyes is the true king of the world and he doesn’t act like a king what king would rgive half is fournte to charitable organisations? Doesn’t any one agree he deserves that title?

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    shadreck [ Reply ]

    i just want a help from ((Mr bill Gates)) if you give me only $5000 am going to make my life better

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      shadreck [ Reply ]

      there is my number +27625537709

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