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Being a Nokia user for almost 10 years, moving from a T9 keyboard system to a full android keyboard is something I find really hard to adapt to. The reason why I prefer the T9 keyboard over a full keyboard is the ability to type using one hand, not to mention the buttons on a full keyboard is simply too tiny, I tend to press on the wrong key once too often.

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Smart Keyboard Pro - T9 Keyboard for Google Android

Upon researching, Smart Keyboard Pro is the best T9 keyboard for android. It is still somewhat clustered with additional keys, none the less it is still free, almost as good as Nokia’s keypad. Head over to Google market place and download this app, it is free. (EvenBetter)NumberPad on the other hand is the closest thing to Nokia’s T9 keypad. However, it cost 3.99 USD.

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14 comments on “3 Awesome Smart T9 Keyboard for Google Android

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    Steve Waring [ Reply ]

    Actually I found the Smart Keyboard Pro even better (than NumberPad) as an ex-Nokia user. If you like entering words such as Stourbridge as multiple T9 words (St our bridge) just hit the T9 button twice each time you want to start a new selection.

    You need to go through the settings carefully (eg turn on auto learning) to get the total Nokia environment.

    If you could type at the speed of light on a Nokia, you can on Android with this. Thank you so much for showing me this app, you have saved my sanity.

    5 Stars for this app.

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    microsoft [ Reply ]

    T9 reminds me of the good old Nokia keypad… fast and can be typed using 1 hand

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    Adam Pash [ Reply ]

    Smart Keyboard Pro is a fast multitouch keyboard with multi-language support, skins, voice input, T9 and compact mode

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      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]

      It was really hard for me to move from Nokia to Android, I miss the T9 keypad but eventually i got over it.

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    Qwerty is great for those with Girly fingers rather than manly hands. I have had to keep deleting as I input this.. Now as I type it without deleting and re correcting anythib. I really hops one I’d the phone cpany bring out a new phone that has a alpjanumeric keypag.

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      Mike Russo [ Reply ]

      Whoa guess you’re still searching for a better 4×3 keyboard by the looks of it 😁

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    I am a girl with girly fingers and a 6″ screen and I still struggle with QWERTY! I’m keen to try a t9 app, to me it seems more user-friendly than a swipe keyboard but we’ll see. I’m pretty new to the smart phone world.

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    longtime t9 user [ Reply ]

    touchpal beats them all.
    t9, autolearn, nice skins, multiple lang switch with just a swipe on space, and ability to ADD frequent used symbol combinations like ;) , :-* or <3 even a full emailaddr or phonenumber :D

    try it, its free :b

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      Kshema [ Reply ]

      does it have language prediction software so it suggests words when you type the first few letters?

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    Stephanie [ Reply ]

    I’ve been using smart keyboard pro for a couple years now to support my T9 preference. I’ve always felt it was a bit slow, though, and prone to typos as a result. I’ve been searching for an app with a quicker response, more like Samsung’s keyboard. No luck yet…

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    Sylvia [ Reply ]

    Thank you all for your comments… This article has been an oasis. I am in the same position.
    If you’ve owned mobiles since before most Smart Phone users were born, then the QWERTY is annoying and slow (ridiculous idea to put a typewriter size keyboard in a handheld device, imho) and the unnecessary junk that comes with most jd board apps now is blocky aimed at children or the unhinged.

    Nothing is as fast as a Samsung 3X4 T9 keypad and they were wrong to completely phase it out.

    I will try the two apps mentioned above, thank you very much. I am severely visually impaired and a 3X4 really is necessary.

    Word of warning: if you have poor vision don’t go near the Messagease. It may have 9 big letters, but the other 17 are so small you can’t read them so can’t even get through the tutorials. I’ve given them feedback but they just got angry.

    So this has all been typed using my old Samsung phone, under the desk at work.

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    Martinez [ Reply ]

    I totally agree. QWERTY pad is very useful for PC keyboard, but for smartphone is very bad device. Ergonomic failure.
    especially for smartphone below 7″ screen, the button become tiny and very hard to touch properly (also capacitive touch make the failure worst, better resistive touch).
    With T9 pad, you can touch the button effectively than qwerty. once I did speed test with my friends. They use android qwerty vs me, use T9 old nokia. With same text and emoticon, my speed was twice than them! even triple than Blackberry with very tiny qwerty button.
    Honestly, for texting, I prefer to use button pad with T9 than touch screen T9. With button pad, your finger can feel the button you want to push is right or not. Even with my old nokia, I can texting precisely without see the phone!

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      Kshema [ Reply ]

      Oh, wow. I’m so glad i found my soul-brothers and sisters on this page. Martinez, i have exactly the same issue as you. I want my physical button pad T9 mobile but with wifi, whatsapp and other smartphone features. why can’t i get it??

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    I use Redraw Keyboard, and i think it’s one of the best out there. You can even translate words in real time. You should give it a try ^^

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