Sony BDV-N990W Blu-ray Home Theatre System Review

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The Sony BDV-N990W Blu-ray Home Theater System is the best among Sony’s entire offering, as shown in the screenshot above, I’ve bought the complete set and this is my first home theater system.

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Sony BDV-N990W Blu-ray Home Theatre System Review

Here are my own opinions:

  • The towers are lightweight, somewhat flimsy and shaky, probably due to the cheap plastic.
  • The console has a glossy finishes, you’ll see smudges, as usual – plastic.
  • The back towers are wireless, no cables running across the living room.
  • Connects to the internet, watch YouTube and other videos online
  • Play a wide range of video format
  • The user interface is easy to understand, very straightforward.

Sony BDV-N990W Blu-ray Home Theatre System Review

I am not an audiophile, therefore I can’t say the base is rich or the sound produced is crystal clear. Having said that, watching a 25GB Blu-ray disc does give the 3D surround effect, couple with the Full HD sharp images, watching movie has never been that enjoyable.

Sony BDV-N990W Blu-ray Home Theatre System Review

The heat based touch button has this futuristic looks on it, the button glows when it loads the Blu-ray disc.

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Sony BDV-N990W Blu-ray Home Theatre System Review

Sony BDV-N990W Blu-ray Home Theatre System Review

As shown in the photos below, the wireless receiver is huge. It is about 20cm by 20cm with its own power supply. Perhaps it comes with a very strong signal receiver, which explains why I never experience any sound delays.

Sony BDV-N990W Blu-ray Home Theatre System Review

Sony BDV-N990W Blu-ray Home Theatre System Review

Bose vs Yamaha vs Sony Sound Quality

Given a choice, I did go for Bose or Yamaha if it wasn’t for their crazy price tag. A single tower itself from Yamaha cost twice that of the entire Sony BDV-N990W home theater system, while a Bose cube will probably cost 3 times.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not an audiophile but I did paid a visit to both Bose and Yamaha’s showroom and I have to say the sound quality from their system appears to be sharper and more crystal clear; then again, it could be a physiological thing due to clever marketing. I suspect it has something to do with the uncompressed music DVD, if you own nothing but mp3, it will be a waste of money to listen your favorite music from a Bose speaker.

Personally, I prefer Bose for the compact size, Yamaha for the sound quality and Polk for the wood finishes.

HDMI Cable

If you’re buying a HDMI cable, remember to get version 1.4, below is a complete list of various HDMI cables and the speed. As usual, my favorite is Belkin high speed gold plated HDMI with Ethernet.

HDMI version1.0–1.2a1.31.4
Maximum clock rate (MHz)165340340
Maximum clock rate (MHz)1.653.403.40
Maximum total TMDS throughput (Gbit/s) including 8b/10b overhead4.9510.210.2
Maximum throughput (Gbit/s) with 8b/10b overhead removed3.968.168.16
Maximum audio throughput (Mbit/s)36.8636.8636.86
Maximum color depth (bit/px.)244848
Maximum resolution over single link at 24-bit/px1920×1200p602560×1600p754096×2160p24
Maximum resolution over single link at 30-bit/pxn/a2560×1600p604096×2160p24
Maximum resolution over single link at 36-bit/pxn/a1920×1200p754096×2160p24
Maximum resolution over single link at 48-bit/pxn/a1920×1200p601920×1200p60


  1. Gravatar
    dutoit [ Reply ]

    Sony BDV-N990W – baddest of bad choices

    I fell for the modern clean look
    But . . .
    this product is so disappointing
    very very slow to move between menu items
    freezes all the time when reading data
    takes forever to get data read
    this is not a standalone system
    zero functionality if not connected to a network
    returned mine to shop
    could not get a refund – only credit
    what the heck am i to take now – its a sony shop – they only stock sony

    • Gravatar
      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]


      have you tried updating the firmware?
      Mine appears to be okay, no complains… for the moment.

      • Gravatar
        Britney Spears [ Reply ]

        The new look of Sony Entertainment Network

  2. Gravatar
    muhammad [ Reply ]

    home cinema Sony BDV-N990W is the best! better than samsung

  3. Gravatar
    Tristan François (tristanf) [ Reply ]

    great sony bdv-n990w home theatre review

    • Gravatar
      Amazon [ Reply ]

      Experience high quality 5.1 surround sound with magnetic fluid technology

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    Sony India today introduced the BDV-N990W 3D Blu-ray Home Theatre System. BDV-N990W features Sony’s S-Master Full Digital Amplifier.

  5. Gravatar
    Amanda [ Reply ]

    Hey, did you find any problem setting up the wireless? Usually I struggle with the wireless setup as I usually can’t get it working within the first few tries. Let me know if the setup is easy, as I’m considering to buy Sony. Thanks.

    • Gravatar
      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]

      Nope, no problem with the wireless. no settings to toy with, just set up and play.

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