9 Portable Power Bank Comparison, Sanyo vs. Sony vs. Energizer vs. GP

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Portable Power Bank or also known as mobile powerbank USB charger is a must have gadget for those always on the go. With the rise of tablets and smartphones, without further ado, I’ve compiled a list of branded (and none-branded) powerbank.

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Branded vs Non-Branded

Branded portable powerbank are probably 20% more expensive, but the quality is assured. For instant, if it says it comes with 2000mAh, you are assured of getting a 2000mAh capacity battery, whereas a none branded powerbank may display a large 15000mAh capacity due to firmware tweak, or a low grade material that will last only 100 cycles.

fake hard disk

You’ve probably seen such images, the photo above shows a fake hard disk with metal rods in it. I remember seeing a fake powerbank with sand bags in it on Facebook. These fake goods are generally sold to tourist in developing countries.

Mobile Power Bank Comparison

 Capacity mAhWeightCharging TimeCycle

Sanyo Eneloop Battery Mobile Booster KBC-L2BSP-S

5000 mAh
135gUSB 14 hrs
AC 7 hrs

Energizer XPAL Charger Power XP2000A

2000 mAh
Lithium Polymer
70g4 hrs500

Energizer XPAL Charger Power XP1000K

1000 mAh
Lithium Polymer
34g4 hrs500

GP Portable Power Bank XPB20

4000 mAh
130g10 hrs500

GP Portable Power Bank XPB21

2000 mAh
67g5 hrs500

GP Portable Power Bank XPB28

2000 mAh
71g4.5 hrs500

Sony Portable Power Supply CP-F1LSA

3500 mAh
Lithium Polymer
125gUSB 8 hrs
AC 4 hrs

Sony Portable Power Supply CP-F2LSA

7000 mAh
Lithium Polymer
198gUSB 15 hrs
AC 7.5 hrs

Yoobao Magic Box Power Bank YB655 pro

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Which is the best USB power bank charger?

Based on the table above, I did go for Sanyo Eneloop Battery Mobile Booster KBC-L2BSP-S, it has 3 times the cycle, meaning to say it can be charged and re-charged for 1800 times. I like Sony Portable Power Supply CP-F2LSA for the large capacity.

The good thing about Sanyo (now under Panasonic) is the low discharge rate, meaning to say you can charge it and keep the battery for 12 months and it still retain 75% of the capacity, whereas other will probably has 0 capacity. Watch the video below on Sanyo’s battery technology

As for Yoobao, 13,000mAh is crazy a lot, provided that they guarantee it comes with such capacity. Honestly, I don’t trust some of the products from China, except for Huawei and Lenovo, which appears to be producing world class goods.

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Lithium Polymer vs. Lithium Ion vs. NiMH

 VoltageCharge discharge
efficiency in %
rate in %/month
Mainly Used InTime durability
in years

[ NiCd ]

1.270%-90%20%Rechargeable Batteriesn/a

Nickel–metal hydride
[ NiMH ]

1.266%5 - 30%Rechargeable Batteries2 - 5

[ Li-ion ]

3.699%5%-10%Smartphone batteries2 - 6

[ Li-poly ]

3.799.8%5%Power Bank / Power Pack2 - 3

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    banking [ Reply ]

    any not made in china powerbank?

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      Russell Holly [ Reply ]

      These didn’t seem to last very long and were very expensive

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    Howling [ Reply ]

    great review!

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    microsoft [ Reply ]

    GP PowerBank Battery Chargers

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    Hi, I am interesting your power bank, can you recommend a few products to me and let me know more detail information ?

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      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      Hi, we do not sell powerbank.

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    Joanna Yang [ Reply ]

    Hello, we specialize in design and produce power banks and Bluetooth speaker with excellent quality and fast delivery for several years in China.
    More details and testing samples will be provided if needed, thank you.

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    prakhruthi [ Reply ]

    Hi, this post is really very helpful for us , i have been using PTron power bank from last 1year and i am really very much satisfied with it

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    prakhruthi [ Reply ]

    well , this post speaks truth, most of the power banks are made up of cheap quality and doesnt last longer but i personally use PTron Power Bank .. and it has the best backup i am very happy to use

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    where to buy sanyo battery only. ? i want change with my local powerbank.

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    kevin Grey [ Reply ]

    I haven’t heard of any such incidents where mobile being repaired or damaged because of local power banks ( made in china ) but can’t take risk of smart phones ( 1000 bugs ) better go for branded power banks.

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    Sam from apirer. i design ,manufacture ,market, and sell power banks. let’s talk business.

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