8 Rechargeable Batteries Comparison – Eneloop vs. Energizer vs. Sony vs. Duracell vs. Ikea

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When it comes to rechargeable batteries or powerbanks, everything appears to be the same from the outside, what makes them different is the technology inside the battery. As a person that uses a flash gun, wireless mouse, wireless keyboards, power pack and more, I need to know which brand gives me the best deal.

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Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries (NiMH) mAh And Charge Rate Comparison

After much trial and error, based on my own experience of owning various brands, I can safely conclude that nothing beats Panasonic Eneloop. The only drawback is the price, on the other hand, Ikea LADDA is value for money. Without further ado, here are the 3 reason to choose Panasonic Eneloop batteries. After all, you cannot go wrong with the biggest battery maker in the world. Tesla’s battery supplier is none other than Panasonic.

Rechargeable Batteries Comparison - Eneloop vs. Energizer vs. Sony vs. Duracell vs. Ikea

01 – Top Rechargeable Battery Brands / Companies

Do note that Panasonic bought Sanyo and Sanyo’s Eneloop is now known as Panasonic Eneloop. As shown in the table below, Panasonic’s Eneloop has the highest retention rate and cycles. If money is not an issue, go for Panasonic. Ikea LADDA on the other hand is affordable, ideal for those looking for a disposable rechargeable batteries on the go.

 CapacityMaterialsRecharge TimesFeatures
Panasonic eneloopAA [2000 mAh]
AAA [800 mAh]
NiMH2100 CyclesRetains 65–70% capacity
after five years in storage
Panasonic eneloop proAA [2550 mAh]
AAA [950 mAh]
NiMH500 CyclesRetains 85% capacity
after one year in storage
Panasonic eneloop liteAA [1000 mAh]
AAA [600 mAh]
NiMH3000 CyclesRetains 65–70% capacity
after five years in storage
Sony CycleEnergyAAA [900 mAh]
AA [2100 mAh]
AA [2500 mAh]
AA [2700 mAh]
NiMH1000 CyclesStays 85% charged
after 1 year of storage
Energizer PowerPlusAAA [700 mAh]
AA [2300 mAh]
NiMH700 CyclesCharge lasts up to 12 months
in storage. % Unknown
Energizer UniversalAAA [500 mAh]
AA [1400 mAh]
NiMH1500 CyclesCharge lasts up to 12 months
in storage. % Unknown
Duracell RechargeableAAA [700 mAh]
AA [2400 mAh]
NiMH1000 CyclesCharge for up to 1 year
in storage. % Unknown
Ikea LADDAAAA [750 mAh]
AA [2000 mAh]
NiMH500 CyclesAffordable
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02 – NiMH vs. NiCd vs. Lithium-ion vs. Lithium Poly

When it comes to choosing rechargeable batteries, Lithium-polymer is the best. This is due to the fact that once it is fully charged, it doesn’t lose its capacity as quickly as others. This makes it ideal for emergency and long trips. Nickel–metal hydride [ NiMH ] on the other hand is cheaper and it only makes perfect sense for those that will consume the entire charge within a few days. For instant, photographer and their flash gun.

NiMH has a higher discharge rate than poly but advancement in technology has caught up and today’s NiMH has a high retention rate. These newer batteries from Sony, Panasonic and more has the ability to store their charge for longer than a year. The table below shows the industry average for discharge rate.

 VoltageCharge discharge
efficiency in %
rate in %/month
Mainly Used InTime durability
in years
[ NiCd ]
1.270%-90%20%Rechargeable Batteriesn/a
Nickel–metal hydride
[ NiMH ]
1.266%5 - 30%Rechargeable Batteries2 - 5
[ Li-ion ]
3.699%5%-10%Smartphone batteries2 - 6
[ Li-poly ]
3.799.8%5%Power Bank / Power Pack2 - 3

03 – Quality vs Quantity – Panasonic Eneloop vs Ikea LADDA

When it comes to photography, speed is everything and the best AA rechargeable batteries for your Speedlight Flash gun will be none other than Panasonic Eneloop. As shown in the test below, a head to head comparison between Sanyo Eneloop on two Nissin 622 Mark II reveals that the winner is Eneloop. The Eneloops have been used for about 2 years while the Laddas are brand new after their first full charge at home. In short, Eneloop is the best rechargable batteries for your Nikon SB-900, Nikon SB-700, Nikon SB-600, Canon 580EX II, Canon 430 EX II.

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9 comments on “8 Rechargeable Batteries Comparison – Eneloop vs. Energizer vs. Sony vs. Duracell vs. Ikea

  1. Gravatar

    usbcell – revolutionary rechargeable battery that can charge from any USB port.

  2. Gravatar
    Steve Jobs [ Reply ]

    Apple batteries share the characteristics common to lithium-based technology in other devices.

  3. Gravatar
    Morticia [ Reply ]

    Past a few dozen charge cycles, I’ve found Duracell rechargeable batteries do NOT hold a full charge. Energizers have been far superior. Guess I’ll try Eneloops.

  4. Gravatar

    If I use an item once per week(like a beard trimmer) for 10 minutes, should I use rechargeable AA Nimh LSD batteries(like Eneloop, Eneloop Pro or Energizers)?

    • Gravatar
      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      It depends, if you’re at home most of the time, why pay for more expensive batteries, you can just recharge them over and over again even if they are not depleted, no need to wait till they are fully empty.

      On the other hand, if you travel often, a battery with better lifespan makes more sense – eneloop.

  5. Gravatar

    Evolta is not even mentioned. So you do not recommend them?

    • Gravatar
      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      Panasonic bought Sanyo, they merge eneloop with their battery division. They are the same now.

  6. Gravatar

    The new white IKEA Laddas have the same performance as the black eneloops and they actually could be same batteries as black Fujitsu bateries. No reason in 2017 to buy anything else than Laddas.


    • Gravatar
      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      performance as in output? yes, they should be the same, however, the ability to retain the power is what differentiate them, based on my experience, once fully charged LADDA batteries doesn’t last as long as my Sony’s rechargeable batteries. Panasonic/Sanyo Eneelop has the longest shelf life. In term of output, they are all the same as advertised.

      When does the ability of the batteries to retain their capacity matters? During a camping trip, possible during a sudden emergency, or devices that you do not use often but dislike recharging the batteries whenever you need to use it.

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