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Acne vulgaris is an inflammatory disease of the skin, I know one have to keep clean, drink lots of water and lead a healthy lifestyle but it simply doesn’t work for me. This acne problem has been with me for like 11 years and it is killing me. Before we begin, you have to understand, the reason you have acne is because your body overproduces toxic or does not have the ability to remove all of the toxic.

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Sometimes I get kind of sad and depressed, I just feel like talking to somebody about my problems but then I know talking alone won’t solve it, I need a cure… this acne problem causes me to lose my confidence which I can no longer have. The scar is there for good, those volcanic scares. I try taking Vitamin A and Zinc but it doesn’t help, not even those 500mg antibiotics, not even proper diet. God has abandoned me!

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01 – Food Solutions to Acne Problems

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! After years of living with a face full of acne, I have come to conclude that all these 100% Neutrogena complete acne therapy system or home remedies cures are nothing more than scams, to sell you something when you are in a desperate situation.

You can not cure acne; it is a hormone imbalance problem. It is because your genes and your skin together with the pores have problems removing excess sebum, and through the accumulation of bacteria, acne happens.

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However, you can reduce your acne with a few methods. The keyword is reduce, not cure. There is no cure, and those acne medicines by skin specialists are really bad for health. Yes, they do reduce the acne outbreak by 90% but at what cost? A kidney in the long run?

Here are some of the methods I highly recommend, they will reduce your acne outbreak by 50%:

  • Protein – Do not consume anything high in protein or sweet (Sugar, Nuts, Beans, Meat, Soya, Fish, milk, etc). Protein promotes growth, and these pus filled pimples contain bacterias that feed on protein to grow. That is why cancer patients are advice against consuming too much protein to prevent the growth of tumor, and babies are encouraged to eat more protein stuff to promote growth.
  • Donate blood – The best method to cleanse your body is to remove all the dirty blood and allow your body to reproduce better blood to fight off these pus. This is why acne outbreaks on girls are lesser than on guys because of periods. Guys are encouraged to donate blood on a monthly basis.
  • Vegetarian – Meat is a source of protein, it thickens the blood and slowdowns the blood cleansing system by our body. Do note that some vegetarian diets consist of high protein, such as beans, soya, tofu, and etc. Avoid those, go green.
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The above methods are highly recommended by me due to my own experience. Other none proven method but could be effective are:

  • Tea – Go for Chinese tea or Japanese green tea. Both consist of detoxification ingredients. English tea has both sugar and milk, it promotes the growth of pus.

The whole idea of drinking more water doesn’t work, as far as I know, the same goes for taking Zinc supplements. I suggest a good 10 hours of sleep. Exercise doesn’t work either.



How to get rid of acne? Like many other teens of my age, I too, had a bad case of acne outbreak, and just like you, I was desperately seeking an acne cure. In isolation, depression and after many years of futile effort, I’ve discovered a few remedies based on my personal acne experience and in hope these acne tips could be of great help to those that are facing the same teenage acne problem.

I’m not going to talk about what acne is, just Google for it and you’ll probably find millions of articles related to acne treatment, medication, scars and more. What I’m interested in is the reason for the acne outbreak. Let’s begin with the causes of the acne outbreak.

02 – Control Causes of acne

  • Family Genes – Just like me, you can’t do much about it. The bad new is, only age will cure this genetic-acne, apart from that, you best bet is to minimize the outbreak by maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Stress – Drink less coffee, sleep early or well, take a deep breath. I’ve noticed acne outbreak occurs frequently whenever I need to rush my college assignments, especially on exam week when I have stressed out.
  • Food – You are what you eat, therefore choose wisely. Avoid coffee or any ‘heaty’ food. Again, if it is a genetic problem runs in the family, you can only minimize the acne outbreak, you’ll never fully stop the outbreak.
  • Vitamins – Try taking multivitamins once a day, vitamin B5 and also Zinc. If possible, avoid antibiotics. anti-biotic is the last resort because they are bad for health, but if you have a terrible outbreak covering the whole face, do give it a try. The 500mg dosage gave by my doctor does help, within a month, the outbreak stops but it return as soon as I stop taking the antibiotic.
  • Tea – Known to have a body cleansing substance, highly recommended by me. Plus, English tea comes with milk, another good source of food for the skin.
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03 – Avoid Myth and Urban Legend

  • 90% of acne outbreaks are not caused by dirt or bacteria on your face, it is because of the bacteria IN your skin, not ON your skin. Bacteria formed deep inside your pores, which cannot be cleansed through washing because of blackhead blockage and many more causes them to swell.
  • There is no such thing as best acne medication, the best acne products, top acne treatments, best acne cream and all those lies. Like I said before, acne outbreak is due to internal health issues and not because of our external health issues, therefore, these facial washing cream, soap, and foam are nothing more than surface antibacterial products that only help 10% of the entire acne outbreak problem.


Acne Scar, Spot, Marks, Laser Surgery Treatment

Again, scar remover creams are nothing more than gimmicks. From a logical point of view, if these cream works, why do we need laser treatment then? Fact is, laser scar removal is faster, painless, and the results are right before your eyes. Plus, it is not that expensive. Tell me, how many bottles of those scar removal cream do you need before the actual results can be seen?


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    ProActiv Solution. It works! Trust me! It is worth the price.

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      Josephine [ Reply ]

      Retin-A (tretinoin) is a form of vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself. I’m 19 years old and after going on the pill my acne became terrible. I got cysts all over my cheeks and chin that left terrible scarring and I continued to break out constantly. I’ve tried Retin-A and I was a little apprehensive at first because some people were saying that it made their acne worse. But I was so sick of looking at the scars on my face and I had tried everything to fade them and nothing did. So I started using Retin-A and it worked right away. I’ve been using it for two weeks and some of my scars are completely gone and others continue to fade. I also haven’t broken out at all since I started using it. I wish I had found it sooner because it’s truly wonderful.

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      is it true sir coz im suffering this kind of avne in my face due to hormone imbalance ..

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    GeckoFly [ Reply ]

    I think I’ll take Zinc and some other vitamins…

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    I use to have acne, though not as bad as you. Now I have no acne. I live in Taiwan but when I go to the states I will buy Equate (Walmart’s brand), Noxzema or Clearsil’s face cleaning pad. It’s basically a acid bath for your face, gets rid of excess skin and crap. Before using the pad, I will use regular soap to wash my face, then I will use Clearsil or Equate brand’s anti-bacterial face wash. The combination has been working for me for years. (now I am 28) Before that I always have nasty breakouts. The main point to remember is that there are bacterial on your face. Don’t use a towel when washing your face because the bacterial will stay on the towel and get rubbed back onto your face the next time you use it. Just use your hand and splash your face to clean. Don’t reuse the water from the sink either, use running water. Hope this helps.

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      Zakariya [ Reply ]

      I have found solution of the problem as a marketing guy ask about What type cosmetics Use by Cleopatra of Egypt of her time? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Its Aloe Vera and only it can remove toxic chemical that stored in liver. after using it now It never return.
      I drink Aloe vera Gel made by Forever living Product every 2-3 month and Vitamin A E and selenium Supplement for 3 month every year to boost my body.

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    Silvia Castro [ Reply ]

    Sorry about my poor english. but:
    Try Boric Acid. Don´t worry, is inoffensive. It is used to clean contact lenses and baby ointments too. Just mix it with your soap an wash your face, just in night, and use a solar filter in day. I´m sure you will be amazed.

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    I am in a similair situation to you right now. Unfortunatly the only promising cure on the market is Accutane. Accutane is a VERY strong medicine, it requires blood tests monthly to check on your liver. It has side effects but when used properly works mericals!!

    In the big picture, acne is caused by you oil production. Accutane from what i believe, is a 4-6 month treatment that lowers your bodies prodution of oil and these results are supposed to last a lifetime.

    I am in college and drink alcohol a few times a week. You CANNOT drink alcohol while on this medicine which is why i have been waiting to graduate college to take Accutane (because my social life would honestly die without alcohol right now).

    I would suggest you talk to your dermatologist about this and see if it’s right for you. Some doctors wont work with it but a lot will and their are tons of success stories and not many bad stories although the side effects list is long.

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    richar [ Reply ]

    I used to have acne, but i can control it now. All you need is a equilibrate life. What do i mean with this? Try to eat helthy food and do not drink milk, cheese and do not drink sodas such as coke because they have a lot of sugar and that maay worst your acne. Try to do exercise everyday and use garlic in your face to kill the bacteria.

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    I’m 32. I’ve had acne since I was 13. From 15 – 20 my acne was cystic (truely horrifying). I’ve been on acutane twice. Once at 15 and again at 20. It did comepletely clear my skin. Unfortunately after a few years the acne would slowly return (although never quite as severe but still pretty bad). Now I’m 32 and still battling acne! It’s a nightmare, I know exactly how you feel. I’m not going to go on accutane again since I know it’s not a permenent cure and it can be dangerous to your health (it’s actually an overdose of vitamin A). My skin is super super oily and for that I use neutrogena cleanser/mask. It keeps oil production down and subsequentially my break outs are less severe (but still there). I tried proactive. It did nothing. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Nothing really works for me.

    Sorry your suffering too.

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      Hey there. I don’t know if this will get to you but I’m really considering the vitamin a treatment now. Doctors have been suggesting…I thought it could be permanent. I’ve been suffering from acne at the age of 10 and now I’m turning 25. It’s annoying how the acne never stopped growing. I understand that you have to go for various medical checkups and there are many restrictions during the treatment right? How costly was it?

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    george [ Reply ]

    soory you look soo dumn to girls in your furture pizz face

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    Barry The Acne Medicine Man Expert [ Reply ]

    First off, don’t give up! Millions of people have the same problem and it can be treated successfully! Remember, there is no cure but treatment works. You just have to find the root cause. Hormones, oil production, environment, stress. Lots of causes and easy to deal with once you are on track.
    Good luck to you!


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    i have a acne in face but sometimes i dont have a acne PLEASE HELP ME

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    Don’t worry dude I know how it feels like going to school or out to the mall or someother place with acne, since I have acne too. In my personal opinion I really don’t think there is any real cure to acne since I have tried nearly everthing from clearasil to proactive. But I have noticed from personal experience that there are ways that you can treat it(in otherwords reduce your acne). This may not have a huge effect, but atleast it can help you a bit, since I know it helped me. All you have to do is have a well balanced diet and try to avoid as much greasy foods as possible, especially nuts. Trust me those nuts aren’t very nice when it comes to acne >:). It is also very important to wash your face at least once everyday (twice is more prefferable) with soap and water. Also, try to exercise every once in a while if you have time. I can’t garuntee that this will completely cure your acne, but I can garuntee you that it will reduce. I know I still have acne, but thanks to these great tips that I got from my mom and friends, my acne is not as bad as it was before.
    Good Luck.

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    Sherry [ Reply ]


    I’ve had acne since I was about 11 years old, I’m 17 now. Back then it was all about sporadic breakouts, I would have acne esp. on my cheeks, maybe my chin, but then it would go away as fast as it came. But then it got really bad around the age of 16. But luckily I found a dermatologist, and am now on Duac, which is 5% benzoyl peroxide and 1% clindamyacine, I believe and am on some sort of oral medication, I think it’s the next step above minocycline because that did absolutely nothing for my skin. But now, my acne has become less red, less severe, it’s actually starting to fade. All I can advise you to do is to lessen the stress in your life, because due to past experiences, my stress has contributed to my acne. And with your confidence, just be yourself. Even when my acne was extremely bad, my whole face being red, people would always tell me they don’t see my acne when they talk to me, because my character is just overwhelming. lol. Keep your head up. People will love you for who you are, just be confident like there’s no tomorrow.

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    Hey i had really bad acne, i honestly felt like shit and i still do my mum went to a private doctor to get treatment for me although it worked and its not as seere i still have spts and scars its somthing ill always have it s**** balls but theres nothing i can do about it apart from accepting it .

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    I just wanted to say that i think you should just keep your chin up. Loads of my friends have had acne and everyone now and then has a few spots. I PROMISE you it is only in very very rare cases that it doesn’t go after a few years. Calm down!!!
    I’m sure people are interested in your sunshine personality and are probably not interested in staring at every inch of your face and analysing it!!! Okay, just keep happy and i promise no-one notices it half as much as you probably do!
    Lots of love

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    l'homme [ Reply ]

    this is the best acne treatment I am giving you. I have had it for a very long time; I have tried all kind of medecine, nothing; wasted thousands of dollar and still nothing. Once you have acne, you should not think about it or worry about because if you do, it will just get worse. It is as if your body does not like when you feel embarrased because of your acne. Second, when you are having pimples on your face, try to take some antabiotic so that the infection does not increase. third, do not touch your face or the place you have them because it will get worse. Do not use anything to clean your face. Use your hands and after let your face dry by itself. Do not break your acnes if they are just apprearing, you should wait until they will last for about two weeks before chosing to take out the mucus and use an antibiotic. Avoid dust. clean your face with water when you feel it is dirty. There is no definitive medication for acne, you should just learn to control it. but now, I just know to manage it and you can live in peace with a beautiful face. It is amazing, but I do not use anything beside the advice I gave you and use antibiotics sometimes.

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    Vitamin B% is pretty effective. I’ve also had acne for about 13 yrs. Vitamin B5 help controls it. THe only thing is you have to take 20 pills a day. DO a google search and you will find a lot of information. It’s the next best thing to Accutane without the side effects

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    AcneFree is better than Proactiv. I know from experience.

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    Some Ideas [ Reply ]

    Like you I have Acne, and I’ve tried just about everything and here’s the scoop: Acne is caused by different stressors in everyone, from diet, to hormones, to lack of hygiene, so no cure will work for everyone. Harsh chemicals are bad all around; even ProActive can make the scaring worse! Wash your face with a sensitive soap, but avoid moisturizers, they make the acne worse. Avoid bread products because they also aggravate the problem. Here’s the good news: very few people have to live with acne beyond about nineteen to twenty-two years of age; it goes away over time! Lastly, if you are really that desperate, try this, it looks difficult but it will work against which ever stressor is your main problem

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    I am trying Portamins Super Zinc 60 mg pills. So far so good, but I have to use it longer before I can ensure this really corrects my problem.

    15 mg is the daily recommended intake for an normal person. My pills are 60, I take each day. The upper safe limit has been described to be around 50 mg

    If you took to small amount of zinc, maybe you should give it another try.

    too little daily intake of zinc can cause skin problem (inflammatory acne in some cases), mental torpor, slow healing of wounds, bad breath, loss of hair, bad appetite. I am sure you know of all this already, and of course, zinc is not the solution to all cases of acne.

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    also, I see some people suggest controlling the acne, while others are talking about curing it totally.

    Those talking about controlling it usually suggest you can not cure it totally. I guess that is just a matter of belief.

    Maybe some people can never fix it, and maybe some can. Maybe those who found a way to control it, just did not find the way to fix it.

    Try to figure out if your body is short of any minerals or vitamins. There should be professionals around who can make a complete map of your state of vitamins and minerals. I know they did for this guy in the super-size movie. (I just hope this is available to the common people)

    Then you can see if your body is missing something, and try to correct it. I have not done it yet, but it will probably be my next step.

    good luck

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    as for the mental health…

    We all have abilities as humans, but as a person with acne, I have often disabled myself in life. Low self esteem is just the tip of the iceberg of the mentality that acne-people suffers from. Outward shyness and inward self hate is common, and will not make anyone successful in life..

    My personal solution is to do martial arts. I have found a very good group. My effort in it, removes my attention from my facial problem. In martial arts I can see I still have lots of abilities, and the training is a way to build a strong character, so much needed to live through the darkness surrounding people with acne.

    Thats my personal solution. The point here is that it is good to find something to do in life, that does not value the facial appearance, and that builds a strong character. My recommendation to you all.

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    Hey, I’m 18 and I have the same problems you do and I understand just how much of a killer it is to see your skin being torn apart like this. I promised myself that in 2008 I would get rid of it and so far I have tried a few things. Firtly I would STRONGLY reccomend that you take the time to have a look at this website “www.acne-advice.com”, I have found it to be extemelt beneficial. It sells a book called “Clear Skin” and it goes into detail on how to control your acne with natural remedies and diet. I tried this for about 4 weeks and then snapped, because the diet is very strict. However, in those 4 short weeks my skin cleared up DRAMATICALLY!!! Diet may not be the CAUSE of acne, but changing to a more healthy diet and eliminating certain foods WILL make your skin appear much more healthy. Since I snapped I have also been using a very lenient foaimng skin cleanser and even though I have still been eating a lot of rubbish it did seem to be having a good effect, so I am about to try again, using both things together and for a more sustained period of time, because I am at my wits’ end! If you are truly desperate, I would recomend the Clear Skin book. It is hard to stick to the diet but, you do see results!

    Best Wishes and good luck =)

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    michael [ Reply ]

    tell me bout it. ive had sever acne for…almost 2 years now. started going away novemeber last year but the bastard came back a few months ago now im back to square 1. ive used pro active, differen gel, derma tech ance solution, taken milocilyn and some other bullshit anti biotic. n u know what ive realised …..its all bullshit coz if it worked i wouldnt be sitting here typing this message. this is what ive decided to do. research your vitamins and mienrals needed for healther skin. ill tell u right now. vit a,c,e are the mains ones along with 2-3 litres of water. high gi foods also agravate acne as it gauses a rush of the enzyme insuline to break down the food. trust me dud spend a good 2 hours just trying shit on goodle about foods with acne, best face washes.
    i use dove 2 in 1 cleanser and toner coz its the same ph level as your skin so it does not dry it out like soap…what ever u do dont use soap..trust me. um…also looking into the zinc suppliments.
    neways good luck to every1 out there n hopefully i helped in 1 way or another. bye

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    thats nothing son. i’ve got that plus that on my back and chest. i’m a girl. i’m 18, had it that bad since i was 12. tried EVERYTHING. nothing works. i’ve got to be the only girl whose enver worn a swim suit in front of people, worn a dress or tank top, oh i never went to prom, i backed out. and it s*****. cause no matter what i do, its there. and getting worse every year. i’d say buck up. what you have i would kill for.

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    Matt James [ Reply ]

    Hey man, feel your pain. Broke out horribly last year and still suffering. I don’t have as much now, but mine was about 7x worse. But here’s how I deal with it.

    Don’t wash your face if you were like me and wash it 10342249 times a day lol. Once in the morning while in the shower. Or once in the evening while in the shower. I prefer morning so I look pretty lol.

    Green Tea and other foods/drinks with antioxidants. It really helps. Also, try either A to Zinc or 1-A-Day All Day Energy. Both have just about every vitamin you need. But I also secretly take a Zinc suppliment too to help… But shhh… Don’t tell my mum ;]

    And I also go swimming. That seemed to help a lot. Lots of sunshine and chlorine eating away my face REALLY did help. But it’s not perminent.

    And if your face is way dry… Try Petroleum Jelly (or Vaseline as it’s commonly called). It doesn’t clog pores (as opposed to belief) and, if you get that acne with the puss on the borderline saying, “Hey, pop me, you bastard!” don’t do it. It means your face is getting mosturized and returning to normal. Just be sure to wash your face gently everyday and be sure to do it gently! Scrubbing away vigorously irritates skin.


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    To bring down the inflamation and minimize the postules-brew green tea and when its very cold-put it on your face as a cold compress-either use the tea bags or with cotton balls (I use cotton balls) this actually works and brings down the swelling. You can also use Tea Tree oil which is great for blemishes (the smell is strong, but it works) and any infection you might have. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi I’ve tried everything from tea tree oil which burnt my face to demetoligist perscriptions that made my face sooo dry it looked horrible. Then I used proactive and it worked I know it’s more $ than home remedies but home remedies are useless and exhusting. I always thought it would cost me $100 a month but really it’s only $30 and it’s got a 60day gurentee.Just make sure to use the oilfree moisturizer if your dry or have combination skin, or the daily oil control if your oily. And I’ve read some of these people’s suggestions and if you decide to try them just use commen sense if something feels really heavy like a moisturizer ment for the body then it’s clogging your pores and if it’s drying then it causeing your body to produce extra oil both will cause break outs!

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    JENNIFER [ Reply ]


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    I have whiteheads on my cheeks and it drives me crazy. First things first: DO NOT EAT ANY DAIRY PRODUCTS! I promise you will see an big improvment if stop all dairy. To get the calcium, eat broccoli (which has a lot.) another thing that works is stay away from sugary, processed food. No coke, candy, pizza, or anything like that. My own doctor told me Acne wasnt affected by diet, but he couldnt be more wrong; anybody living with acne could testify to that! Change your pillow cover and your bedsheets constantly, and if acne is a problem on your forehead, dont use any gel or hairspray, just wash your hair daily and keep it clean. Another thing i recommend is to use an exfoliating, but gentle facial cleanser, it removes dead skin cells so your pores dont get clogged. And finally, drink a lot of water (8 glasses or more) it keeps your skin hydrated, and it also works miracles. If you notice any other foods that make you break out (IODINE (SEAFOOD, SALTY FOOD) AND CORN SYRUP) avoid them. Acne has more to do with what you eat and drink than it does with how you clean your face. Remember, you are what you eat. Good luck :)

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    use Dalacin T, can get it in pharmacy.

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    Acne is a cruel disease that affects every part of our life. The commercial soaps and lotions are only effective for very, very mild acne so don’t get fooled. accutane is very effective but at a cost and with side effects that can be very serious. it should be tried as a very last resort. I have been trying salicylic peels combined with glycolic peels at very strong concentrations. Your skin will go very very dark and crusty but then in a few days will peel off and reveal healthier skin. With every session, my acne has healed a bit more and now it is very manageable . Go to a high quality skin care clinic and give salicylic peels a try. You need at least a twenty or 30 per cent strength. Drink tons of water and citrus fruits but know that your diet doesn’t make a big difference and the acne is a disease that is NOT YOUR FAULT. It is a worldwide affliction. Good luck. I know the pain and shame of acne. Try the peels but only with a qualified person!!!!

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    Curing Acne with Vitamins [ Reply ]

    Excellent article.

    Remember to consult a doctor before taking vitamin A, it could be very toxic in some doses.

    A few more words about vitamins for acne:

    Another main factor for acne is stress and anxiety. In order to relieve you can take Vitamin B.
    Vitamin C is in charge of hundreds metabolic functions in the body. Among those metabolic functions you can find the growth and repair of the tissue.
    And last but not least, Vitamin E, which enhances healing and tissue repair.

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    I have been suffering with acne since I was fourteen and am now 19 years old. I have tried everything from changing diet,exercise, washing a million times a day, over counter products, doctor products and nothing worked.Slight results were often seen however my skin gradually returned to the way it was. I wouldn’t say i had severe acne however a lot of redness around my checks several large spots on my head and chin and many small red areas of acne on the sides of my space with the occasional breakout right on the centre of my nose. After being referred to the dermatologist, I have been on accutane now for six weeks. So far it’s the only thing that has had lasting results. So far all the redness had gone from my cheeks and forehead and looks great. Although I still have several fierce looking spots the majority of the redness has gone and my face is looking up to 40% better than it was six weeks ago. I have another three months of roaccutane left and i feel that it is really going to work. It has given me back my confidence and now i feel i can look at people straight n the face when im talking to them which i previously was scared to do because of my acne. I would recommend accutane to anyone who has just had enough of those stubborn spots and feel that nothing prescribed by doctors is working. Accutane is a very very strong medication and does have side effects, I have had very soar cracked and red lips now for several weeks and vasaline has had to become my new best friend. It dries out all your skin and areas such as the eyes which have felt very dry recently. Accutane can also cause mood swings and depression and it is important that you monitor your bllod through blood tests as this drug puts pressure on the liver. Also you need to seriously limit the time you spend in the sun and drining alcohol whilst on accutane. My advise for anyone is to use the drug – but think carefully before and speak to a dermatologist!

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    cherise [ Reply ]

    hi i know how you feel. There can be many reasons why you have acne. your best bet is to get tests. If you have hormonal acne nothing will work other than something to balance your hormones. It could also be food sensitivities. some food we eat our bodies dissagree with and it sends an inflamitory response thus acne. It could be liver or clogged colon or candida (yeast over growth). It could be lack of vitimins. i know you said you take vitimin a and zinc but there others that should go along with them to help with absorbtion cuz alot of times we dont even absorb them. you need vitimin e to absorb vitimin a but not too much also vitimin b5 and magnesium. Another big thing it could be is your insulin resistant if thats the case it dont matter how healthy you eat as long as your blood sugar is messed up your acne will stay. I know it really s****! Im also racking my brain trying to get rid of mine im waiting for test result and am hopin the dr will jus say its this and end of problems. i know mine is deeper than jus using lotions and antibiotics tried that. But anyways i hope some of this helps you. Oh ya one more thing never try lazer that was my worst mistake it took me from moderate to severe cystic acne. I soooooooooo regret it!

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    I use one a day maximum vitamin supplement. It has been working for me. 100 percent zinc supplement, with Vitamin A 50%, 20% carotene, and a butt load of other vitamins. I looked up info on the vitamins that are involved with the one a day supplement, and I found 6 vitamins that all help contribute to help with oil, stress level in the brain (which can control acne), helps skin, helps create cells in skin to grow normally, and depending on your diet it helps your body to obsorb the food you ate and put it too good use, ex: sugar, doesn’t just let sugar sit in your body and create acne, it uses it to conentrate it on energy. I have been taking it for 1 week and am starting to see improvement. Exercising doesn’t help much because of sweating. (for me) I do use the green tea idea. After drinking green tea I patch it on face and skin. It helps! Green tea helps with oils and the bacteria inside. Also, drink alot of water!!! I went two weeks drinking about 3 bottles of water every day and I had clear face until I stopped, now I don’t.
    There are so many things you can do, just need to play with ideas. lol i even heard of people puting some type of deoderant, i don’t do that, but hey, if it works for you, the have at it.

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    Ricardo [ Reply ]

    first of all, i must say that i have never read so many comments about acne without 1 important fact : there is more than one type of acne. see it on the net. We are all different with different types of skin, allergies, stress and life styles. each one off us must deal and cure is problem on is own. just because someone says this is good, that is bad,you should not do that this instant. trust me. i´m 27 now, and i have bad acne since i was 14. I still have it!!!!
    i´ve tried everything and donne everything that is possible and nothing work. to every guy that have this problem, just do what is best for you. do trie a few things for some time, but dont go crazy. with proper care and time, you will get better.
    let me tell you this. since the first time I saw acne on my face i tought my life was over. my mom always sad ” it will disapear when you´re a little bit older.


    Some times it does some times it doesn`t. it depends on your skin, life style, and what you eat.
    it´s true my friend. what you eat will affect your acne.

    clearasil, neutrogena and what ever is on the market, helps but doesn´t cure.

    again, depends on your skin.

    like i sad, i´m 27 now, still have acne but i have a beautifful fiancé that has no problem with that.

    the trick? live your life!!!!!!!!!
    treat the acne but don´t live for your acne.

    i still have friends, i go out, have a job and i live my life.

    now, what do i use for my acne?

    nothing special.

    every night i wash my face with warm water and no soap. after i pass a little cottom with a little bit of : i think that in english it´s castor oil.

    in the morning wash it again with warm water and the facewasher from garnier. it work´s for me. than i use a little of aloe vera gel on my face for the day.

    food: cut the sugars, milk and cheese, seafood and nuts.
    don´t drink. no cigarrets.
    if possible, no coffee.

    eat a lot of vegetables, garlic and onions.
    apples are excellent.

    to drink, cut the sodas and drink water, a lot of water and fresh juice.
    drink tee. green ones are excellent.
    see it on net

    that´s it. my acne got a lot better since i started this “diet”.

    but remmember, it will be hard.
    it will get worse before it get´s better.

    but hey, i do have a live and fun.

    acne can kiss my ass.

    any question contact me.

  37. Gravatar

    Read the Clear Skin Diet book by Dr. Alan Logan. It will totally change your life. Please read. . I don’t hope it works for you. . I KNOW IT WILL

  38. Gravatar
    Joanna [ Reply ]

    I have had very bad acne on my back since I was in my early teens and my dermatologist put me on Roaccutane. It really cleared up my acne although it is coming back now (5 years later), even if not nearly as bad.
    My acne has very deep roots. I can feel the spots days before they appear and it got to the point that it was painful to lie on my back because of the acne. That was when I decided to really take action. However, I regret not having done something about it sooner because I have been left with terrible scarrs. So my advice is to consult a doctor/dermatologist early. DON’T WAIT.

  39. Gravatar
    Joanna [ Reply ]

    Also at night I put toothpaste on my new spots because it dries them out and helps the go away quicker. It stings a bit but seems to help for me.

  40. Gravatar
    andrew [ Reply ]

    only accutane will do, I worked perfectly 4 me .

  41. Gravatar
    Z. Yang [ Reply ]

    I can sympathize with you…just like many people here, I’ve been combating acne since puberty and now I’m 24! I find that Panoxyl Bar 10% works pretty good for me. Also, I’m not sure if this is an option, but after getting on the pill, those two combinations made my face extremely clear and less oily.

    Give Panoxyl a try, it should costs under $10 and will last you for almost 4 months.

  42. Gravatar
    lahmed [ Reply ]

    Go and visit a dermatologist. Talk about taking Roaquatine – sorry about the spelling but it sounds like that. It worked very well with me. It is a very strong medication, and really dries up the acne.

  43. Gravatar

    i have found the perfect face wash! its sulfator cleanser you can get perscribed by your doctor. it is outstanding try it! good luck!

  44. Gravatar
    Lashaun [ Reply ]

    I have been dealing with acne since I was 13 I am now 23. At first it was I couple of bumps on my chin and maybe my cheeks. But now it is very very bad. Sometimes I hate my self…I dont even like to look into mirror. I will be going to the dermatologist for the first time next month, I hope they have something that works cause I have tried everything. Its kinda nice to know im not alone, but I wish that we didnt have to deal with this.

  45. Gravatar
    Michael Ciaccia [ Reply ]

    yo bro whats up my name is mike from levittown pa and i had inflammitory acne and still have a little acne here and there. Listen you cant get upset about it dude evreybody gets it to some degree your not odd cause you have acne i sal a dermitoligest in philly pa dr. farber and dr. joel they put me on soldilyn that kills all acne bacteria befor it goes on your face or body and i was on fanacia and ziana but iam know on diffren and tretin-x dont worrie bro acne is not as big as deal as you may think it is

  46. Gravatar
    honey xo [ Reply ]

    im 14 and have just started puberty. i dont have acne, but im here to give advice :)
    to be quite honest, all of the other medication and remedies listed above seem awefully complicated (i cant even pronounce them!) anyway, if you have acne, dont worry about it, i know it gives you low self-esteem and you feel scared to look people straight in the face because of it, but people dont judge you because of your skin! but i suppose peoples first impression of you is based on your appearance :S let me give you a tip, dont look through health and beauty mags, they will only lower your self-esteem (but do remember, they have all been airbrushed!!!) no matter what you think or people say to you, but make up is not the answer to covering it up! it is so much better to let it all breathe! eye makeup is fine though, and conceiler for dark circles. and dont use moisturisers, they will only clog up the paws. try not to touch your face at any times and bring wet wipes with you everywhere so that every now and then you can nip into the loos and wipe away any excess oil that your skin has been producing throughout the day. remember that only some people suffer from acne, so if you are a sufferer, then it is not your fault! oily skin is passed on through genes, it came when it was meant to come, and it will go when it is meant to go. trying any accutane or highly expensive medication or remedies will just muck up the cyle of your skin, and then it will just start up again in a couple of years time. purchase some clearasil ultra facial scrub and use it once in the morning (in shower), and once in the evening (before bed), this will reduce redness, exfoliate with tiny beads to remove dead skin cells which would block up the paws, and eliminate blackheads; it is also gentle and will not dry out the skin.

    as i said, i dont have acne, but i use clearasil every day and it has been keeping spots away since i was 12.

    hope this helps :)


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    Dannyxyz [ Reply ]

    my face is just like urs! well the forehead anyway, ive been usen adult acne tablet/pill things and i think there workin, i still get acne but not nearly as much as i used to,,i suppose you should go to the doctor and make it sound extreme like:

    “they constantly hurt nd i wake up every night with my face stinging and im getting scarrs from them.. e.t.c.”

    then the doctor should give you something thats bound to work and if it doesnt, go back and get stronger medicine!
    gud luk

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      Julicia [ Reply ]

      I gave my son teen benzoyl peroxide 3 % gel to use for acne. Excellent on acne. Over the counter proscription.

  48. Gravatar

    hi! i have tried so many products to fade out my acne scars. but there’s no change so now i cant trust for any produts .if any one of you have used these products tell me the truth of how does it works

  49. Gravatar
    marcos [ Reply ]

    son putitos todos los k ponen una receta
    y putitossssssssssssssssssssssss

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    Lindsey [ Reply ]

    hey, I usually have pretty clear skin, but every now and then i break out and it drives me crazzzyyy!!! i stop looking people in the eye, and i just want to sleep and not leave home becuase i get too embarassed. I feel really sorry for guys cause girls can just wear makeup to hide their skin issues. I must say though, i get soooo self conscious about my acne because i’ll be talking to someone, and i will notice that their eyes sometimes flicker from my eye contact to a huge zit on my forehead. I use proactiv, and it works pretty well. my brothers and sisters have kind of bad acne, and proactiv makes my skin not perfect, but much better than what runs in my family. I can’t really tell you anything that hasn’t already been mentioned here, but i will tell you that you are obviously not alone, so don’t worry because your not some freak of nature!

  51. Gravatar

    La verdadera cura del acne.. se llama Roacutan Buscar en google como se llama en tu pais..

    Roacutan es una pastilla sumamente riesgosa y debe ser enviado por un medico. Los resultados comienzan a notarse 3 meses despues que se comienza el tratamiento.. Es importante advertir que los primeros meses son fatales ya que el roacutan hace que todos los poros infectados fluyan y surge un brote de acne. pero ya al 3er mes es felicidad.. No toquen sus caras porque pueden quedar muchas cicatrices… Este tratamiento tiene muchisimos efectos secundarios y no se debe consumir alcohol.. Dependiendo del tipo de acne este tratamiento puede durar de 6 meses a 2 años.. Mientras tantos para los barros o quistes que estan inflamados recomiendo Mezclar bicarbonato con limon hasta que quede como una pasta y aplicar en los quistes o barros,, hacer eso todas las noches y dormir con eso puesto.. Santo remedio ayuda muchisimo

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    Robinson Urquieta O [ Reply ]

    Hola a todos, yo al igual que la mayoría he sufrido de acné desde los 13 años, actualmente tengo 40 años y aún con acné, claro que no como en la adolescencia, solo debes en cuando y de forma muy aislada, hay cosas que debes evitar que son perjudiciales y te agravan el acné:
    El Cigarro, el Alcohol, las frituras, las comidas muy irritantes, las vitaminas del complejo B ya que producen una reacción acnéica, mantener la piel sudorosa, sucia y grasa. Lo bueno: hacer ejercicios aeróbicos, beber mucha agua, beber te verde, evitar que los poros se tapen, mucha fruta y verdura. Además de esto visita a un dermatólogo para que te de un tratamiento tópico, en mi caso estuve en tratamiento por seis meses con Roacnetan, y de verdad que el medicamento es muy bueno te elimina totalmente el acné, claro que con muchos efectos secundario mientras lo tomas, pero que desaparecen al termino del tratamiento , no así la mejoría del acné que se mantiene por mucho tiempo y en mi caso, el acné desapareció totalmente, solamente me salen uno que otros granos aislados pero controlables. Espero que les halla ayudado un poco. Suerte

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    Random [ Reply ]

    Look if u think that having acne is bad?.. i got acne and scoliosis, i don’t whine… my situation is worse as of which scoliosis is permanent ok? soooo….. for everyone that has commented on this page about how they are embarrassed and dont want to go outside why dont you man up.. and for the girls dw about it, guys dont really care about acne, just the way the girl acts.. if ur slutty then they want u in there pants! or if ur flirty then they fall in love wid u, no offence but girls seem easy these days.. i got friends we go outside and talk to girls this year im 18 nd im gona go clubbing nd get sum unnnoooo Poke poke push pushhhhh… i use “PROACTIV”(TAKES 2MNTHS TO SEE CHANGES) to control my acne, but comes back if i stop using it.. but i dont mind… positive thinking is the key to happyness.. im fit even tho i have scoliosis.. there is allways more fish in the sea…if you dont see it my way why dont you u try it? talk to some random girl and see if she responds.. if not then, its not like you will ever see her again ok?(BTW Dress 2 Impress, not to express)… for those of you who dont know what scoliosis is.. its a curviture in the spine which makes you look abit weird go google it.. PLEASE: REMEMBER THAT POSITIVE THINKING IS THE KEY TO HAPPINESS.. I READ IT OFF A BOTTLE OF WATER.. A PINK ONE! ALRITE? BREAST CANCER RESEARCH I THINK! JUST REMEMBER IT! —–> R-N-B <3………

    T-Time was ere…

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    mercedes [ Reply ]

    hola tengo acne, muy poco pero quisiera eliminarlo.. eh uctilizado de todo pero es inutil me gustaria tener respuesta o concejos practicos y sencillos

  55. Gravatar
    yarani [ Reply ]

    hola!! soy yarani
    bueno yo inicie con acne a la edad de 12 años y bueno trate con tratamientos (tetraciclina)y (peroxido de bensoilo) y bueno no me trajo resultados por años he revisado en libros de quimica y bioquimica , por lo k empiezo a entender un poco el asunto ..al parecer varios casos de acne no son causadas por hormonas sino por el sumo esstress que acontese en dia ..
    tiene pocos meses que inicie una dieta con un jugo que disminuye la grasa de las células al empesar a secretar como locas grasa y mas grasa hasta infestar la cara y cuerpo de granos y bueno tomar 2 litros max de agua y poco ejercicio aaa eso sii mucho equilibrio emocional .. y lavarse las manos y cara con jabónes comarciales como zote o neutros pero eso si no deben tener nada de perfume y exfoliacion suave diaria con una crema por las noches y una aplicación de crema que equilibra la grasa y la resequedad por lo menos eso me esta funcionando de maravilla no muestro rastro de cicatrices del acne y la piel se torna terza ..el jugo consiste en piña,manzana,fresa y papaya..
    la crema nivea visage -crema control matizante..espero que les sea de ayuda no se si funcione del todo aun esta en proceso

  56. Gravatar
    yarani [ Reply ]


    a tengo 19 años y ya estoy atacando el acne por jugos y cremas

  57. Gravatar
    Shannon [ Reply ]

    hi, i’m 14 and i have had just terrible acne.. i sometimes wanna kill other people when they look at me. i can’t even look in the mirror it hurts so bad.

  58. Gravatar
    Ruebon [ Reply ]

    hi, i’m 8 years old and i have the worst acne anyone could over think of. My family hates me. I throw grenades at people cuz im from iraq. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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    To any of the people that are suffering on here- I am a medical student that on and off through my teen years (I am 24 now), had to battle mild to moderate breakouts. I am a female, so makeup served as a bit of a godsend, but realistically, there are tinted treatments you can wear as well (many brands make products like this that you can rub lightly on the skin to fight acne through the day while diminishing the appearance of it). Also, do not dismiss the reality that some acne needs to be physically excised. This should not be done by the untrained of course, but addressed by professionals because in some cases it must be literally REMOVED from the face. In the temporary aftermath the skin will be red and slightly inflamed, but like all things, a little temporary discomfort causes good results. The topical solutions are prevalent to control certain bacterial groups that cannot handle a high basic or acidic environment. The downside is that people have different bacterial populations on their face, so products are not universal in results. Sebum on the other hand, is a closer universal medium to address, as the bacteria uses it as a sustenance to survive. Controlling oil production is a very large part of the battle. It is also important to remove debris from the face. Not allowing the skin to purge its oil uninhibited invites anaerobic bacteria to exist in the skin. This is extremely hard to combat once set into motion. I recommend getting a facial wash with a decent grain to it to greater the effects of removing and loosening old and damaged cells/debris. Some severe acne is caused by halophilic bacteria, which points out a high salt content in your skin. Be aware of your diet, and address the possibility that you maybe consuming certain small compounds (like salt) that make it to the surface of your skin relatively unchanged and create an inviting chemical environment for undesirable bacteria. Last of all, you should encourage positive bacterial growth on your skin. The body stays healthy with good flora. We as humans rely on symbiotic bacterial colonies to take up space on our skin that could otherwise be invaded by more pathogenic and abrasive bacteria. Do not over wash, as it may be worsening the problem and destroying the ‘good’ microbes. Eat a diet that encourages healthy flora- specifically produce.

    I have been acne free for quite sometime now, as the chemistry of my body has certainly changed, and also because I tweaked small aspects of my life to meet my results. Do not let the stress of the situation win, as it can lead to more drastic hormonal/chemical imbalances that encourage bad results. Get enough sleep! Do NOT cut all fat out of your diet! Fat is essential too a healthy life and good skin. Just make sure that you encourage omega-3 with polyunsaturated fats.

    Hang in there guys! For most, age helps. For others, don’t give up, and men, do not be afraid to cover with tinted products to heighten your self image while you fight the war!

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    miss u [ Reply ]

    use zinc for acne it really works, i assure, i use it now and no break outs as before

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    My brother suffers from bad acne too. He has tried loads of different treatments. Benzyl Peroxide gel. This comes in either 2.5,5 or 10%, 2.5 might not be strong enough but 10 is known to causes damage to your skin and dryness. The benzyl Peroxide works by providing the pores with oxygen, by doing this it kills the bacteria in the pores as the bacteria can not survive in oxygen. To use this you should wash your face with a mild oil free clenser and apply the benzl Peroxide liberally over the affected area. Other treatments are antibiotics such as oxytetracycline. These kill the bacteria on the skin, preventing breakouts. These should help reduce your acne, but if it is still there i suggest you see a dermetologist and go on a course of accutane. This works by reducing the oil secreation in your sebatious glands. It has serious side effects, skin dryness and cracking, headaches and in some cases depression.

    For acne scarring use aloe vera 100% gel. I use this for fading spots and it works amazingly. It is also a great moisturizer. You should not be using oily moisturizers and try to use only non-comedogenic skin care products. Non – comedogenic products do not clog your pores.

    Try to reduce dairy products in your diet and drink loads of water. Dairy products are taken from pregnant cows and contain a great deal of hormones. Some people add 2 tbsp’s of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water three times a day. Apple cider vinegar is very alkaline and is known to improve skin tone, reduce acne breakouts andd reduce scars/marks.

    To reduce inflamation and redness on severe outbreaks, asprin, ibrobrufen, betamin and cafagol are extreamly useful. They work by closing inflamed blood vessels.

    To reduce Pores, gently rub the juice from a lemon on the pores.

    Always pat dry affected area, do NOT rub. This irritates the skin.

    Do NOT pop or touch your spots. This causes breakage in the skin allowing more bacteria to enter, therefore making the spot worse and letting the bacteria spead.

    Keep up a good diet, exercise and SLEEP!!

    You MUST get decent sleep otherwise your hormones will go crazy and cause more acne.

    I hope this is helpful Niamh x

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    I’ve had facial acne since I was 13 and now I’m 27 & still suffering from acne, but still only on my face. I was on ROACCUTANE a few years ago & believe me it will screw you up in other ways. My side effects were & still are depression, facial hair (a beard) and I’m female! I spoke to another lady who was on Roaccutane and she told me it stiffened her joints…because that’s what Roaccutane literally does, it dries your natural oils out. And the depression sometimes leads to worse things. Those oils might be a bother on the surface of the skin but they are also a necessity in more ways than one. They also help to keep you looking younger for longer. I also have dry mouth, dry scalp & chapped lips and my dentist said it’s all because of the drying effect of Roaccutane which can last up to 7 years.

    Antibiotics have done nothing for me. I had one session of N-Lite laser (no improvement) and am awaiting the rest. I will also have laser for my facial hair & hopefully that might help to calm my acne down as it will directly target the hair follicles.

    The only thing I have refused to try is the contraceptive pill because A) I don’t wanna mess up my hormones B) I’m not sexually active and C) The side effects; though rare, are scary. But I do think the best solution for acne is to be married and to have a healthy life…cliche but when I was 13 my ma told me ‘oh when u get married it will all go away!’ and the doctors have failed me until now.

    If you want to take the safest route…tell your doctor you want a hormonal blood test and a vitamin blood test. They can do everything but you have to demand them sometimes (it’s your body & you care for it the most). I believe you can get blood tests to know your iron levels, zinc levels…practically everything. Always ask for a print out of your blood test results and check whether your results fall into the normal ranges. It’s good to know these results for your general health, not just acne.

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    kilian allmendinger [ Reply ]

    May be you should buy aloe vera gel around 98%
    it helped a lot for me
    My skin is less oily and when i get a new zit, it stays small and disapear within one day.
    you may find this product at the chemist shop
    the only thing is that its a bit expensive, about 20$ for 2 months

  64. Gravatar
    shawna [ Reply ]

    sometimes proactiv doesnt always work, depeneds on the person
    remember who cares what other people think or say, everyone has acne

  65. Gravatar

    heyy. im 16 and ive had acne on my cheeks/chin/jawline for about 3 or 4 years..but it seems like muchhhhhh longer. i cant stand it..i just look at ppl with clear skin and im like..thats what i want. i have tried EVERYTHING. i would say mix garlic and honey..the garlic works to fight bacteria and the honey works as an antioxidant. it helps if you apply it to the affected are atleast twice a dayy.no matter which of anyy of the problems u may have that cause ur acne, this helps you find a little bit of relief. and any relief from stupid acne is good relief! hope i helped!! :)
    good luckk to youu.!
    & dont forgett, there are millions of people who feel the same waay you do. so keep hopeful because your skin will clearr upp.!

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    please help for acne.i dont have anderstand why me.

  67. Gravatar

    I think you guys should try coconut oil..the idea of applying oil on your face might sound scary but coconut oil contains lauric acid which kills bacteria that cause acne and the oil is very similar to our skin oil so it doesnt clog pores..I always thought my acne was due to oil and excess sebum so I always went for products that would make my skin dry but that ended up making the problem worse. When I started reading about coconut oil.. i gave it a try.. but make sure you are not using anything else.. dont try to use everything at the same time. At first I developed white heads but they eventually went away. My pimples werent cured immediately .. it took about a week… and I still get pimples occasionally but I stick to coconut oil as my only acne treatment..Give it a try guys.. .
    Morning..Wash your face with water apply coconut oil and leave it for 15 mins.. wash it off with your cleanser (the one u’re not allergic to) and put some baby powder on your face
    Late afternoon…Wash your face with water and put some baby powder
    Night…(same as morning)
    Also… Say no to fried food, ice cream and anything to sweet…

    Give it a try.. do it for a week and dont use anything else..

    Lemme know the results…Good luck

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    I know it’s fustrating. I have Acne too and just aggraviate it with those over-the-counter products. I tried proactive and it didn’t work, when i finish the PRoactive solution it was worse! it left me with scars and it was Horrible. Please don’t try it. The best solution is a DErmatologist or a Steticist. It is not expensive if you compare with all the products you buy on the stores. Believe it is the best solution. Within 3 weaks of treatment one day a week you will see the results and is about 75 dollars per consultation.

  69. Gravatar

    hello my name is casey i used everything i mean everyttthinng, proactive, clearasil, vitamens, and alot of other bull but i went to my doctor so all u have to do is go to a doctor and tell him to prescribe u Erythromycin-Benzoyl peroxide Topical gel it cost 100 buck but it willll work and also tretinoin cream it cost 30 bucks take the tretinoin cream in the morning and the other one at nite tell ur doctor to order the prescription and u can pick it up at the walmart pharmacy. now wats money when it comes to overall happiness? u tell me this will get rid of ur acne for sure

  70. Gravatar

    use an indian herb called sandalwood red or white(also called chanda)…mae t into a paste with rosemary water and lime. wear it as a mask, in a week your scars and acne will be gone. do this regurlarly. also find a soap that has neem in it, also an indian herb and use it to wash your face, make sure you exfoliate with something natural like seasecretes exfoliating scrub and you can also try desertessence teatree oil facesoap (teatree oil is a natural antibiotic). stop the use of any chemicals on your face and use only natural products, cut out dairy, nuts and gluten from your diet as this can caue acne. also consier having clonics done, the help cure adult acne.
    hope this suggestions help

  71. Gravatar

    Dont use proactive, it can strip the paint off your walls! inmagine what i can do to you skin. try natural remedies, put vitamine E on your face, or honey. buy natural cleansers such as Eminence or invest in Obagi, its expensive, but its the only thing that worked for me…

  72. Gravatar

    I’ve had this problem too..what helped me was Pro-biotic a strong formula (taste horrid) but it works! it doesn’t clear it all up but 50% of it..also a cleanse using pysillium husk brings it down about 10% .. ,my skin is not completely clear just yet but these things help..I haven’t tried the zinc thing…but a little sun and high doses of vitamin C makes a difference.

  73. Gravatar

    I suffer from acne and do have scars not many and not too severe but it really does ruin your confidence and make you feel just god damn crap! Mine is improving and am using rosehip seed oil and internal oils for scars.
    I have been working in a natural herb and medicine shop for 3 years now and have people coming in all the time wanting a cure for acne. To be honest most of them do NOT know what kind of skin they have AT ALL! You look at their skin and it is obviously dehydrated and they are saying they need a treatment for oily skin, no no no. Yes, an excess of sebum production can cause blocked pores and acne but in a chronic case you need to look internally.
    I have read through many of the comments and definately very true in many of the comments. Very often it can be an overproduction of yeast or another bacteria in your gut which are not allowing the absorbtion of nutrients, acidopholus (pro-biotic)is good to balance flora levels and keep off dairy choose another milk, goats milk or even better soya or almond milk. Keep of processed sugars and if you are a student and feel like your social life would keel if you didnt have a drink then make it a vodka and soda instead of those sugary yeasty beers and ciders.
    Also yes b vitamins, zinc and vitamin a are all good. Look are BIOCARE or Viridian vitamins they are very good supplements which have no plastics as the moulds but good algaes that digest safely and successfully in the digestive system.
    if you can get a test done do a stool test to see what bacteria you might have in your digestive system as this can tell you whether you have any parasites which can also be a cause!

    good luck

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    I am 55 years old. Minor acne during my teenage years, cleared-up, returned in my late twenties, the cycst type. Accutane required, cleared-up for years, never retured to my face. My back and buttocks area and the back of my head flares up when I use dairy products. Certain medications containing steroids also causes flare ups. I believe it can be controlled, if not cured by Acutane. It saved my life. Menocyline, Tetrocyline, and a topical solution helps me keep it under control. GOod Luck.

  75. Gravatar
    rickee [ Reply ]

    Dang what a heap of advice and support and stories of this curse millions live with! I had teen moderate face acne my brother worse scarring acne then in twenties went from never a back zit to horrible scarred back I am 50 now, still have nose zits or back ones sometimes. I tried all and finally realized it was a curse like death all face. It goes away completely now but never forever and has caused anger and depression but stregbthened my reliance and faith in God. I did marry happily and have many nonjudgemental friends and we all just have different problems to bear. You are Not Alone, Love yourself and your fellow imperfect people, do not stress, get plenty rest and sensible diet and Keep on truckin and living.

  76. Gravatar

    guys and girls, if you want to cure acne go to an ayurveda practinioner for consultation. it is the only thing that cured my problem…after 15 years of trying almost everything. the cure is a combination of eating habits depending on time of year, herbal supplements & vitamins…and most important no stress. and there is no same treatment for everyone, each person has unique characteristics (eg. hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, eating habits etc.), respect the fact that you are unique, find your imbalances and just try to be happy! makes a difference!

  77. Gravatar

    Its may due to hormonal imbalance. continue using Zinc vitamins together with cod liver oil. Its work together to regulate your hormone.
    When you’re using zinc for acne treatment be aware that some foods, supplements and even some conditions may severely interfere with the absorption of zinc in your body and thus significantly reduce its effect on your acne condition.

    and always exercise so that your body will force to absorb more zinc.

    I have acne due to lack of sleep and insomnia.

  78. Gravatar
    Zoraida Flores [ Reply ]

    I have been suffering from acne, pimples, blackheads, etc. since high school. I agree with you that this kind of skin problem will make us upset. Based on my exprience, I take oral medicines and topical creams, cleansers, etc but nothing works. I recommend to you to use Retin A cream, it works to me.

  79. Gravatar
    Laurie Cage [ Reply ]

    I have also suffered from mild acne all the way to somewhat a severe form. Even though I had the opportunity to be helped to deal with it naturally, I believe that an intake of Vitamin A and Zinc could have helped be better. Could I ask, what sort of foods have more Vitamin A and also zinc?

    Acne is mostly caused by stress as well….


  80. Gravatar

    I am taken 22mg zinc and multivitamins daily and also taken acne treatment Accutane six month before,should I go for laser treatment for facial hairs and acne scars…….

  81. Gravatar
    Suleman [ Reply ]

    6 Proven methods to get rid of acne

    Virgin Coconut Oil: It is very efficient in curing skin ailments and also to lighten pigmentation. Usually your acne marks are hyper-pigmented, so you can replace your moisturizer with coconut oil in order to lighten your acne marks.

    Papaya: They are commonly known for its ability to lighten skin. Papaya is an important constituent in soaps and highly effective in treatment of acne marks. You can use the fruit pulp and smear it over the mark. Now leave it like this for about half an hour and allow your skin to absorb all its nutrients.

    Sandalwood Oil: It is very helpful in reducing pigmentation therefore it can be used for treating your acne marks. You could also use it as night renewal oil when you apply it over the marks and leave it overnight. It can also work as a moisturizer during the day time.

    Aloe Vera: It is the latest method used now days for treatment of acne. There are many soaps and gels made of Aloe Vera which are used to heal the skin damaged by acne.

    Mix Lime Juice and Rose Water: What you need to do is to mix lime juice and rose-water every night in equal portions after you had throughly washed your face. Now keep it like this for 30 minutes. Wash the fash again and let the pat dry. This is one of most effective natural treatments for acne.

    Mix Honey and Cinnamon Powder: You can just make a paste by mixing honey and cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on your face before going to sleep and wash it the next morning you get up.

    All these methods are natural treatments for acne. So they will never harm your skin or body. Plus all the ingredients you need are easily accessible and cheap.

  82. Gravatar

    it feels like you walking acne and when people stares like wtf am I an alien ?

    • Gravatar
      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      alien? I felt like grapes.

  83. Gravatar
    homegrg [ Reply ]


  84. Gravatar
    Cope Health [ Reply ]

    use zinc for acne it really works, i assure, i use it now and no break outs as before

  85. Gravatar

    u should try safi(himalaya)….its really cheap and full of herbals. it cures acne and cleans blood

  86. Gravatar

    I will be short but want to tell that zinc is cure for acne!
    I just wanted to tell all acne suffers that I had bad acne from 12 years, now I am 18 and tried acutane and so much of creams that cures acne and nothing didn’t help me.Last decembr I started taking 150mg zin, 3 times a day and it started working 2 months after, just from taking zinc and after six months taking so big dose I could lower to 25 mg and had clear face and body because I had body acne too. But you need to take every dose of zinc every day for first 6 months if want to see results but after that 25mg with 2 mg of copper keep my face clear with 0 acne. Sry for bad English but I remember now that I where angry on people why they don’t share cure for acne and because of that I wrote this.

  87. Gravatar
    Sameer [ Reply ]

    please i request you that … please tell me any best acne and acne’s scare treatment plzz :( :( :( i am so worried about my face

  88. Gravatar
    Bhambi [ Reply ]

    Hi..I’m a 23 year old female, started having acne at the age of 21 n still have it…the first thing you should do is de stress yourself..don’t worry too much about acne n don’t keep on looking at the mirror very frequently as it adds to your agony…n try not to use any harsh chemical based products on your face as that might give you temporary results but eventually your acne will get worse…1 thing that really helps in controlling my acne is this…use a non comedogenic oil for cleansing (like argon oil) then wash your face with water and use dried orange peel or lemon peel and gram flour to make a pack n apply it daily twice on your face…it will help reduce the scars…n be patient with this treatment as it will take time bt help your skin for sure without any side effects..n ya don’t expose yourself to to sun for 4-5 ours after applying this pack…good luck?

    • Gravatar
      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      I think acne is more of an internal problem of the body than external. Washing may help but the best is to relax with no stress and donate blood. Acne consist of pus, and pus is due to bacteria, why is it that our body can’t detoxify the pus? Especially the heart? The best way to cleanse the blood is to force our body to create newer blood cells by donating our old blood. Exercise often and reduce intake of sugar and protein.

  89. Gravatar
    Sherry Sanders [ Reply ]

    I’m curious, what makes you medically qualified to make these statements? Everyone’s body is different. What works for one person is not going to work for another. Everyone’s skin is different for some people salicylic acid or glycolic acid works amazingly well for others it’s benzoyl peroxide. Still there are those who insist on using rubbing alcohol which is only going to work if you use an intense amount of moisturizer because anytime you over dry your skin your body is going to produce excess oil to compensate. To talk about donating blood and saying that God has abandoned you has absolutely nothing to do with acne. An FYI drinking more water does work because it helps flush your body of toxins. Perhaps you should preface this article by stating your age and the fact that this is simply your opinion and that you were not medically qualified to make these statements in any way shape or form. You could be giving some wildly inappropriate advice to someone who has a pre-existing medical condition and thinks that this is perfectly acceptable and they could end up doing irreversible damage to their body

    • Gravatar
      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      Read the article. I’ve mentioned many times those are my personal experience. Things I’ve tried. I never once claimed I am a doctor or these method works 100% all the time. Again, this is a personal blog, those are my personal experience, this is not a medical blog, never have I claim it is, never have I pushed anyone to purchase certain drugs. My advice is – watch your diet, sleep early, avoid certain food, take vitamins (not medical prescription, VITAMINS), and exercise… do I need to be a doctor to give such advice? If it is against the law to do so, then all moms will be locked up in a prison with murders.

  90. Gravatar

    For me, eskinol (it’s a toner/ astringent) and Dalacin C (a capsule) is effective for me. I mixed Dalacin C and eskinol and put it with a cotton pad in my face every night. If you’re curious by this, you can watch it on YouTube. I also use aloe vera to lighten the scars. This combination lessen my acne breakouts. Hope this helps.

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    maybe i can say there just freckles

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