5 Awesome Tips On Extending Apple iPhone iOS Battery Life For 24 Hours

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Do you have a battery life problem with the new iOS7? The new Apple iOS7 is an awesome operating system, but it is not kind on your battery life, especially with the introduction of Parallax Background animated wallpaper that drains the life out of it.

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Without further ado, here are some very simple tutorials on how to squeeze a few more extra percent of battery life out of your iPhone or iPad.

ios7 battery charging Awesome Tips On Extending iPhone iOS8 Battery Life For 24 Hours

Without further ado, here are 5 great tips on extending your Apple iPhone iOS smartphone battery life for another 24 hours of standby without a big and heavy battery pack. If you find this tip useful, do share it with your friends.

1. Turn Off Parallax Background

ios7 disable parallax background animation Awesome Tips On Extending iPhone iOS8 Battery Life For 24 Hours

    Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> Reduce Motion (Make sure it is Green Color)

Okay, they have to admit, initially they found the 3D Parallax animation an awesome feature when they toyed with it for the first time, as time goes by, this extra feature takes an extra toll on the battery juice. Who needs this function? Turn it off in the accessibility settings by turning on ‘Reduce Motion’

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2. Turn Off Background App Refreshing

ios save battery turn off background app refresh Awesome Tips On Extending iPhone iOS8 Battery Life For 24 Hours

Unless you use a GPS app often, background app refresh is pretty redundant, you can individually disable each apps that aren’t important, or all of them if you want to go all the way by turning off ‘Background App Refresh’

    Settings –> General –> (Turn Off, White Color) Background App Refresh

Note: This might prevent you from tracking your iOS device if it is stolen, use with caution.

3. Go On A Push Notification Diet

iphone disable push notification Awesome Tips On Extending iPhone iOS8 Battery Life For 24 Hours

Not every app needs to be shown in the notification center, it takes precious battery power to ping the server. As shown in the screen shot, Calculator Pro is one of the many apps I have that pushes unnecessary notification. To disable:

    Settings –> Notification Center –> (Choose An App) Under Alerts, turn off (White Color) ‘Show in Notification Centre’

4. Don’t Push, Fetch Emails

disable push email ios Awesome Tips On Extending iPhone iOS8 Battery Life For 24 Hours

If you are not expecting any important emails, it is best to disable ‘Push’ and have your emails delivered to your iOS device manually every time you launch the Mail app. If disabling ‘Push’ is not an option for you, have it fetch less frequently. You have the option of 15 minutes, 30 minutes and Hourly.

    Settings –> Mail, Contacts and Calendar –> Fetch New Data –> (Disable, White Color) Push

5. Stop Searching For Wi-Fi

turn off wifi roaming ipad Awesome Tips On Extending iPhone iOS8 Battery Life For 24 Hours

There is absolutely no reason to allow your iPhone or iPad roaming for wireless network, unless you’re in a public area with a trusted network. If you access the internet via your home wifi, disable it from searching other networks.

    Settings –> Wi-Fi –> (Turn Off, White Color) Ask to Join Networks

This way your iOS device will only join Wi-Fi networks it knows and won’t be wasting battery juice looking around for other available networks.

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Other Basic Tips

  1. Turn off Bluetooth or Airdrop
  2. Disable Auto-Brightness or reduce brightness
  3. Turn off 4G or 3G
  4. Disable Siri
  5. Turn off background app updates
  6. Disable location services (Might prevent you from recovering your stolen device)

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