3 Creative DIY 3D Glasses For Samsung, Panasonic, Sony TV

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How to Make Your Own 3D Glasses at Home? Lost your 3D glasses from Panasonic, Samsung or Sony TV? Maybe it is because you are organizing a party and need an extra 10 pairs of 3D Active Glasses. Do not waste money on expensive 3D glasses from these manufacturers, chances are, you’ll probably use it once, why make your own 3D glasses? mass produce it!

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Make Your Own 3D Glasses Step

1. Paper 3D Glasses

Download and print the instructions and 3-D glasses template. The following materials are required:

  • Heavy construction paper or card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape
  • Cellophane sheets (red and blue)
  • Download and print the instructions and their 3-D glasses template.
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Print the template in A4, lay it on the cardboard and cut accordingly.

2. Converting A Pair Of Unwanted Glasses

    1. Buy a cheap pair of glasses or use an unwanted glasses you had many years ago.
    2. Go to an art shop, buy a red and blue markers.
    3. Colour the left lens red, the right blue.
    4. Done

3D Glasses Red Cyan Oakley Ray Ban

3. DIY Oakley or Ray Ban 3D Glasses

For comfort and durability, this is perhaps one of the better ideas on a DIY 3D glasses, just use one of the many unwanted Ray Ban or Oakley sunglasses in your drawer. To further improve on this technique, use those see thru red and blue plastic sheets (Cellophane sheets) found in most art shops. Watch the video below:

Test Your 3D Glasses

3d glasses tv movies test infographic

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