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This must be the toughest optical illusion I’ve ever come across, created by American wildlife artist Rusty Rust, which shows a huge Bengal Tiger standing in a bamboo forest. Your mission now is to look for “The Hidden Tiger” in the image below, where is the hidden tiger? Hint – Read between the lines. Drop your answer in the comment box! Don’t go looking for the answer in the comment box right away, that would literally kill the fun.

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The Hidden Tiger optical illusion rusty rust


Nicki, Andre, Daniz Akay, and Leo found the answer already; I’m holding their comment for a while so that others can have the fun too. Gosh, I think I am retarded; it took me like ages to find the answer.


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    LOL! In his stripes. :)

    It took me a few secs to see it.

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    It is written on the body of the tiger. The hint is pretty good, he he…”read between the line”

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    Deniz Akay [ Reply ]

    It’s written on the tiger :)

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    charlie kean [ Reply ]

    It’s literally the words, “The Hidden Tiger” spelled out on the side of the tiger.

    So, what’d I win, huh? huh?

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    André [ Reply ]

    “the hidden tiger” its written in the tiger :)

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    Found it, it’s right there, feeling extremely sheepish…

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    BPO-Asia [ Reply ]

    Hi! I’ve just complimented your templates in today’s post. Still working on a few items but overall, I am very happy with your work and generosity.


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    I wasn’t even looking at the tiger, until I scrolled up and an irregularity on his stripes caught my eye. And then I burst out laughing.

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    germaine [ Reply ]

    haha i don’t see any Hidden Tiger, but i see one huge un-hidden tiger

  10. Gravatar [ Reply ]

    It written on the body of Tiger. Nice Illusion

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    Your hint made it extremely easy – I saw it immediately after reading the hint.

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    Found it, thats a good one. (hint – text on the tiger)

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    The illusion was so good it took me few minutes to find the “THE HIDDEN TIGER”. tat has been written in the tigers body.

    it’z soo cooool!!!1

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    In addition to the text in the tiger’s stripes, I can make out a vague tiger shape in the trees above the tiger. It’s a little smaller than the tiger, facing down and to the right. Its face is in profile above the tiger’s rear end.

    I don’t know if that image was intentionally put there by the artist, or if it’s just pareidolia on my part, because it is pretty vague even when you know what to look for.

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    demfae [ Reply ]

    I found it at once. “THE HIDDEN TIGER” on the stripes. XD

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    How many Tiger’s are there?

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    found after 20 10 seconds- modest arent i?

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    lolz…. i found it :P
    the tiger is the anser lolz i cant spell..

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    andrew [ Reply ]

    the hidden tiger is in the stripes on the tiger.

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    it took me a few seaconds to see it i feel really dumb right now it was right there all along.

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    Suzanne [ Reply ]

    The Word HIDDEN………
    is in the Stripes
    when u find it out u will say to youself uderrrr……..
    and say that was easy i say the truth i cheated i read one of these notes and it’s keep on saying on the stripes on the stripes then i looked at the stripes amd it said HIDDEN on it then i said oh……..
    that was stupid
    so…… yer.
    so reafd the stripes HIDDEN…….
    Remember UDERRRRR……..

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    autumn [ Reply ]

    the hidden tiger is in the tigers strips LOL it says “the hidden tiger”

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    john smith [ Reply ]

    wow i saw that in the first place and i just thought it was the hint to look for another tiger in the bamboo

  24. Gravatar
    Niugnep [ Reply ]

    haha thats nifty

  25. Gravatar
    Farzana [ Reply ]

    it’s in the tigers body somewhere look carefully it says THE HIDDEN TIGER on the body of the tiger.

  26. Gravatar

    Man I’m such a genius it only took me like a second! All I had to do was look at the tiger. But my friend god bless her, took forever.

  27. Gravatar

    if can’t find “the hidden tiger” you really must not be looking to closely

    anybody can find this in a matter of seconds regardless of the clue

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    i felt really smart when i found this if you look to the right on the black bit you will see two yellow “eyes” under neath two white “fangs” i f you go down there will be two legs and the body is a shilluet and the back legs are not shown

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    I caught it in about 2seconds.
    Is a very nice illusion, I just figured it out so quickly.

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    lol its kinda kool. it took me a while but i found it. but now what’s my price? lol

  31. Gravatar
    Christine [ Reply ]

    ah!! i found it!!! its on the tiger

  32. Gravatar
    JAZMIN [ Reply ]

    at firat i thout the tree looked kinda like a tiger but then i gave up and want to the comment box.

    sorry, it was driving me NUTS! and it hurt my eyes :P

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    Benjamin reyes ramos [ Reply ]

    now when i read teh comment i found teh text on the tiger but i thought the hidden tiger was in tehe bambo forest, like 2 inches from teh tigers but . Its two yellow dots that glowing i thought that it was the hidden tigers eyes XD

  34. Gravatar
    millie [ Reply ]

    kwl!!! it took me like a minute to fiquire out!!

  35. Gravatar
    preethi [ Reply ]

    wow its written on the tiger itself

  36. Gravatar
    harsh ch [ Reply ]

    its on da tiger!!…n i dunno how you found it so difficult dude…i have come across illusions tougher than this one…

  37. Gravatar

    When we read the name of ilusion, “The Hidden Tiger”, we start sceraching for another tiger, and we don’t look for the unhidden tiger nomore. If you don’t read the name of ilusion, it’s most easy to find the words.

  38. Gravatar

    retards it was obvious. a monkey with down syndrome would be able to find it faster than you guys!

  39. Gravatar
    Edward [ Reply ]

    i found it easy its not a hidden tiger its the words written on the tigres body

  40. Gravatar
    christopher m. rudinger [ Reply ]

    i found it after 15-20seconds

  41. Gravatar
    V.Gill [ Reply ]

    lol that was not that hard

  42. Gravatar
    vino2013 [ Reply ]

    the hidden tiger is thesentence.

  43. Gravatar

    it’s written in his right leg it’s stripes on him

  44. Gravatar

    easy its in the stripes

  45. Gravatar
    andreia [ Reply ]

    this one was easy…its in the stripes…like you all said

  46. Gravatar
    charlie [ Reply ]

    i thought we were supposed to look for an actual tiger

  47. Gravatar
    kHaDniZaR [ Reply ]

    i thought there was a true hidden tiger in the background.
    but i found that it was written in the body of the bengal tiger.haha!

  48. Gravatar
    angela [ Reply ]

    thats the simpalest thing in the world wahahaha i found it with in seconds

  49. Gravatar

    haaa it says tiger :D i thought it would be a pic… ok ok i didnt find the actual tiger per say….. my friend did…. i though it was the great big orange cat in the middle off the page…

  50. Gravatar

    I found it right as as i looked at the picture….

    i wondered why it said that then i read the description xD

  51. Gravatar

    This is one of the optical illusions that is kinda hard but it really doesnt seem like an optical illusion. It was kinda hard for me because it took me about 3 minutes and the person that did this is really creative and if he drew it I would be amazed because i cant even draw that good.

  52. Gravatar

    wow I was looking for a green tiger….but then I saw the answer….I just didn’t see that one…but I finally got it….is on the tiger stripes, nice.

  53. Gravatar

    It took a few secs to for the word hiden tiger its on the tiger

  54. Gravatar

    yaay i took 10 mins :D it’s in the Tiger’s strips

  55. Gravatar
    MATYTTT [ Reply ]


    the words THE HIDDEN TIGER are also in the first tigers stripes!

  56. Gravatar

    its in the lines…
    it says…the hidden tiger…

  57. Gravatar

    I am retarded I looked at it for 30 mins. than I looked at the blog part and saw it.

  58. Gravatar
    austin g. [ Reply ]

    Did anybody else see the tiger in the background, behind the trees?
    He’s sitting in the tree to the right, at the back.

  59. Gravatar
    nathan [ Reply ]

    its in the stripes lol

  60. Gravatar
    angelica and megan [ Reply ]

    we couldn’t find it until we saw the comments

  61. Gravatar

    I see it now. I thought the bitch was in the tree

  62. Gravatar

    it says “The Hidden Tiger” on tha tiger

  63. Gravatar

    There is actually another tiger in this picture. I am not talking of the one written onthe body of the tiger. If you look at the top right of the picture, go further away and squint your eyes a bit, you will see the face of the tiger emerge. Enjoy.

  64. Gravatar
    Hallie [ Reply ]

    obviously it’s written on the tiger…. lol

    thats the first thing I saw on this. :)

  65. Gravatar
    MONICA [ Reply ]

    GOSH!!!!!!!!! I finally saw it. I thought there was supposed to be a drawn tiger not a note written “THE HIDDEN TIGER”! it was really hard to see. the person who made this optical illusion is a really good jokester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Gravatar
    Lachlan [ Reply ]

    Lol nice, its in the strips…its good coz at first i was looking for an actually tiger

  67. Gravatar

    it’s not so hard to find,I’ve played a game ’bout some hidden things that I have to find on a it’s easy HAHA

  68. Gravatar
    Unknown [ Reply ]

    OMG I could only read THE on the tiger and TIGER so i wondered what the middle word was i thought it was HIOOGEY when it was HIDDEN!!! I then saw THE HIDDEN TIGER when i read the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Gravatar
    arek orosz [ Reply ]

    Im 9-years Old And Its written In The beast.
    It took me 30 Seconds.

  70. Gravatar
    theunknown [ Reply ]

    its the words “The Hidden Tiger”. It took me a few seconds but all you have to do is look in its stripes. My science teacher took like 5 minutes to find it.

  71. Gravatar

    his stripes spell “The hidden tiger” that was way too easy

  72. Gravatar

    the words “the hidden tiger” is in the tiger’s stripes. i found it at once.

  73. Gravatar

    look in the stripes then you will see the hidden tigher written in words.

  74. Gravatar
    bubblez [ Reply ]

    i feel stupid!! i’ve been looking at that picture foe AT LEAST 10 minutes! i just found the answer…tomorrow-opticians to check if i’m blind! hee hee…

  75. Gravatar
    jasmine [ Reply ]

    rofl i got distracted and when i looked back i noticed sumthin odd abt the stripes ; if it weren’t for my mom calling me i wud still be staring at the bamboo

  76. Gravatar
    Never Needed To Cheat [ Reply ]

    I didn’t even read the hint, I saw the words “The Hidden Tiger” spelt out in the tigers stripe immediately.

  77. Gravatar

    i wont lie. i cheated. i kept staring @ the trees for so long i just wanted to know the answer.:P

  78. Gravatar

    If you look closely at the lines in the tiger you will be able to see the words
    ‘the hidden tiger’

  79. Gravatar
    Justin [ Reply ]

    haha good one, “The Hidden Tiger” is written on the tiger, it took me about 20 seconds to figure it out

  80. Gravatar

    It is written on the tiger itself

  81. Gravatar
    Sarahphim [ Reply ]

    so easy i like saw it in like 5 seconds its in his stripes literally the words “the hidden tiger” are spelled out in his stripes

  82. Gravatar

    yes there is another tiger in the trees i see it too I saw that before i ever saw the words on the tiger, which I am sure hardly no one else saw, but there are a few of us supreme beings out there. to bad for the rest of the sheep

  83. Gravatar
    christine [ Reply ]

    wow i could not find it i was looking towards the tiger but i didnt get it until my 9 year old brother told me!lol

  84. Gravatar
    fei cruz [ Reply ]

    it’s so easy, the moment i saw the picture, i already saw the words. i haven’t even read the intro yet when i saw it..

  85. Gravatar
    Joseph [ Reply ]

    I was thinking those stripes were weird XD

  86. Gravatar
    Bailey [ Reply ]

    It is written in his stripes

  87. Gravatar
    memy selfandi [ Reply ]

    OMG! i tried 4 like a half hour trying to find the answer. It’s written in the stripes! I feel so stupid…lol

  88. Gravatar
    alinem [ Reply ]

    the hidden tiger was written on the spot of the tiger

  89. Gravatar

    ….Why did you guys have to look at the freakin stripes? He said there was a tiger, he made no mention of it NOT being the obvious tiger, therefore it was the obvious tiger. Law of Parsimony. If you think you’re a genius for finding the “hidden words”, I judge you.

  90. Gravatar

    omg who ever couldn’t find the HIDDEN TIGER….ummm…yea your dumb. im 13 and i foud it on the first try

  91. Gravatar

    Everyone has joyfully figured out the hidden so called TIGER in this Illusion
    ‘ THE HIDDEN TIGER ‘ is not an ANIMAL in the ILLUSION mind tricking picture, it shall be known as a trick with words, and illustration! Thus, what I’m saying is, ‘ The Hidden Tiger ‘ Shalt not be a an animal, but a word to see from many human eyes!

  92. Gravatar

    Interesting, but the words “The Hidden Tiger” are not a hidden tiger.

  93. Gravatar
    Vikrant [ Reply ]

    1) hidden tiger is written on the tiger as black lines(o man ,it was really transparent)
    2) hidden tiger is just hidden in trees,on the right of big tiger.

  94. Gravatar
    Starla Washington [ Reply ]

    the hidden tiger

  95. Gravatar
    kaelyn [ Reply ]

    i feel so guilty
    i just scrolled down to the comments :\

  96. Gravatar

    It’s a stereoscopic picture i.e. 3-D. If you can see these images and then look beyond the tiger as deeply ‘into’ the image as you can go, a second tiger’s head appears to the left of the main tiger. I think this is the real hidden tiger. The 2-D words ‘The Hidden Tiger’ are a red herring to make people think they’ve solved the illusion.

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