How to Access YouTube If It Is Blocked or Filtered By Government Censorship

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There are 3 ways to access blocked websites in China, Iran, USA, University, Office and more, that is VPN, Proxy or DNS. VPN is the most effective method but it is not exactly free, Google DNS is the easiest but it might not work in some cases. Proxy is yet another method, if you do not trust those free proxies or don’t like the pop up ads that come with it, why not host your own proxy server?

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WordPress Plugin RePress

The RePress plugin allows you to circumvent internet censorship by proxying traffic to websites that have been blocked by repressive regimes.

wordpress prepress proxy surf

More and more governments from east and west are trying to censor the Internet. For different reasons the governments of countries like Iran, the USA, Syria, The Netherlands and China seek ways to block websites of the web and limit free speech.

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This plug-in will enable you to get those websites online again for you, your friends and the rest of the world without any hassle. Your website will become a proxy for the blocked website, rerouting any traffic from a user, through your website to the blocked site. This is how RePress works:

wordpress prepress proxy surf

Change www to IP Address

After toying around with my router for a few weeks, I’ve discovered various ways of accessing YouTube or any other websites using different techniques such as IP address and proxy surfing. These are simple techniques that do not require the help of a computer nerd.

The IP Address technique – little knowledge is needed, all you need to do is key in the IP address of YouTube server, and you’re in, this technique works if the network administrator doesn’t block the ip address of the server. Usually the network administrator filters websites based on the URL address and not the IP address.

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How to Access YouTube If It Is Blocked or Filtered

The other technique is proxy surfing – is the only proxy site that doesn’t disable JavaScript, thus allowing you to watch videos from YouTube, for websites that don’t utilize JavaScript such as YouTube, any other proxy sites are good enough.

Please use these methods at your own risk, be advised that most network administrators monitor the web traffic and your chances of getting caught for bypassing their filters are quite high.


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    techlads [ Reply ]


    nice thing…but IP trick is old now i think. I mean most of admins know this so forget it.

    Proxy tunneling is still in. and i have tried. It works. Also many sites which gives you the video file if you give it the URL of the video to download.So, no need to go to youtube, just paste ur url and get the video :)


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    unblock myspace

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    tshepo [ Reply ]

    can u plz help me on how to get url address since i m blocked froo accessing youtube at my school

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    trente [ Reply ]

    i need to go on facebook

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    davesk [ Reply ]

    how to view youtube when blocked by administrator

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    davesk [ Reply ]

    i need help on how to install a software
    on my PC administrator PW is always appear? how by Pass this kind of problem.. please help me my friends…

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    I had tried many proxies, no luck…any online proxy?

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    gaurav [ Reply ]

    I am here to tell vpn is more suitable than a proxy. Just try it.

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