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BBC is at it again, in collaboration with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation the BBC has created a unique mobile ringtone in an effort to promote the use of condoms and in turn prevent the wide spread of AIDS.

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I have to admit that the ringtone is quite catchy, though it can be somewhat embarrassing if broadcast in public but the entire point of the project is to make condoms more socially acceptable in developing worlds, which is still pretty much a taboo in the developing world.

Talk about ringtones, do you happen to know that ‘Mosquito Tone’ for mobile phones has a high pitch which adults cannot hear? This has become the favorite ringtone for teenagers in classrooms, which is something I do not understand because won’t it be better to put the phone in vibration mode? What is the big difference? Do note that this might not work if your mobile phone speakers’ frequency output is not within the range of 8kHz to 22kHz.

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Scientists at different laboratories have proven that these types of things are not effective. Then again, this could be a case where an ‘old’ mosquito with hearing problems is not hearing the supposedly ‘annoying’ sound due to their age.

Here too is a link to a BBC page where you can hear (and download) a 256kbps mp3 of the actual Mosquito sound. Please note that some adults can hear the ‘Mosquito tone’, it depends on their age and hearing capabilities, it varies from person to person, if that is the case.

From a business point of view, the ringtone market may appear to be on the decline, but it is not quite dead yet so to speak, in fact it is still relatively alive and kicking in third world countries such as Indonesia, Chile, Argentina, India, Brazil and many more.

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One of many reasons is the lack of internet access, availability of computers and the high cost of mp3 mobile phones. Another common question arises is how do they convert Mp3 files into Nokia Ringtones, Samsung ringtones, Sony ringtones and others?

This may seem irrelevant to first world readers but just for information sake, Media Convert is a free web converter that converts your Mp3 to Polyphonic Ringtones or any other format according to your phone, from Nokia Ringtone format to Samsung Ringtone format. Below is an anti Zika Virus prevention poster.

anti zika mosquito virus information


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      Ewan MacLeod [ Reply ]

      It’s not exactly what one would expect to become a popular ringtone

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      Tim Conneally [ Reply ]

      The activist BBC group, which is funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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      Leslie Katz [ Reply ]

      Ringtone is part of a three-year campaign to normalize condom use in India. And it’s actually quite catchy.

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