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The internet doesn’t exist out of thin air. Having said that, many are confused when terms such as cloud are thrown around. For them, uploading to the cloud means storing something on the ‘internet’. The truth is, uploading to the cloud means uploading your data to someone else’s computer.

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If your focus is on finding a cloud service centered on privacy and security, you have to look beyond Dropbox, Amazon Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and many more. They do not offer end-to-end encryption, however these other cloud services listed below may be a good fit for you.

1. Internxt Drive

Internxt Drive

The safest cloud storage for your files, photos, and more. Storing, backing up, and sharing your files in total privacy couldn’t be any easier. With Internxt Drive, you
get user-friendly storage, military-grade encryption, and full control over your files and data.

Internxt Drive lets you organize your files in folders, rename them, and filter a list of files to find what you want faster. You can even backup your computer folders so you always have the most recent changes of your most important files. Privacy and security are at the heart of all they do, they don’t run their business on data or
advertising, but on trust. They respect your rights and build amazing tools around them, not against them.

  • Military-grade encryption – They take your privacy very seriously, that’s why your files are encrypted so only you can access your files.
  • Zero-knowledge technology – They never store or transmit files, user passwords, or encryption keys in an unencrypted or unhashed form.
  • Privacy by design – They develop their products with the user in mind, and their privacy is a must in the data-driven world they live in.
  • Open source and transparent – They are proud of what they do, so their code is made public on GitHub and can be personally reviewed, audited, and verified by anyone. They have nothing to hide but your data.

2. Proton Drive

Proton Drive

Proton Drive is an end-to-end encrypted Swiss vault for your files that protects your data. Proton Drive’s strong encryption goes beyond other secure cloud solutions. End-to-end encryption ensures that no one, not even they, can access your files. Files, file names, and folder names and more, are all fully encrypted at rest and in transit to your secure cloud.

Choosing Proton Drive is a choice for a better internet. Proton Drive is part of a wider ecosystem of privacy-first products. By using Drive and their other products, you are helping to create an internet where people, not Big Tech, hold the power. Optional features like password protected files and expiring file sharing links enhance security even further. Best of all, there are no file size limits.

3. Skiff Drive

Skiff Drive

Skiff Drive protects your files with end-to-end encryption, so you can share your work securely. On Skiff Drive, you can upload and share any file type or entire folders. Preview files, images, and video on the web and mobile apps. With 10 GB free storage, migrate easily from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or a hard drive. Subscribe to paid plans for even more storage space.

Purchase Skiff paid plans for more storage using your preferred cryptocurrencies, including ETH, BTC, DAI, USDC, and more options. Collaborate or share files using your Metamask, Coinbase, Keplr, Phantom, Brave, or BitKeep wallets for a fully private experience. Upload photos to Skiff Drive, keeping your memories end-to-end encrypted and private to you.

4. Nextcloud


Nextcloud Hub integrates the four key Nextcloud products Files, Talk, Groupware and Office into a single platform, optimizing the flow of collaboration. The most popular self-hosted collaboration solution for tens of millions of users at thousands of organizations across the globe.

Nextcloud Files offers an on-premise Universal File Access and sync platform with powerful collaboration capabilities and desktop, mobile and web interfaces. Reduce risk, improve communication and reduce operational expenses with the leading content collaboration platform.

  • Governments – Governments are moving away from foreign cloud providers amid rising concerns about digital sovereignty.
  • Enterprises – Amid a push to improve efficiency and facilitate remote work through online collaboration technology, enterprises counter a growing compliance, cost and data leak risk by strategic deployments of Nextcloud.
  • Service providers – Leverage your infrastructure and keep your customers yours with a fully branded platform that offers a great user experience.
  • Education – Leverage your infrastructure and keep your customers yours with a fully branded platform that offers a great user experience.
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5. Filen


Founded early 2020 in Recklinghausen Germany, Filen strives to provide the highest quality cloud storage solution available to date. They are a dedicated team and they take their mission, to provide the best cloud storage experience, seriously. Filen is everything you need for storing your photos, videos and documents secure and encrypted in the cloud.

Secure your data with the best encrypted cloud storage services. With encryption and access from anywhere in the world, you can keep your data safe and private. Enjoy the convenience of storing, sharing and syncing your data without any worries. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is protected and secure.

  • Store your data in the cloud – For backups, family memories or confidential work data. Store, share and organize all your data encrypted with Filen.
  • Share files and pictures with anyone – Share selected content in encrypted form via public/private links or directly with other Filen users.
  • Synchronize all your devices – Synchronize all your files between all your connected devices in real time. Browser, Desktop, Mobile or Tablet; they got it all.
  • Advanced sync options – From automatic camera upload to selective synchronization, create your own world of data security and availability.
  • Limitless – They don’t throttle you. Upload and download your data as fast as your connection allows and as often as you want.
  • Military grade security – Filen uses AES-GCM 256 bit encryption. All your files will be stored in Tier IV ISO 27001 certificated high security data centers distributed in Germany.

6. Tresorit


Protect your files with end-to-end encryption. Keep your sensitive data safe from hackers, snooping governments and the dangers of internal breaches. Secure your files all the way from your computer to the people you share them with. With their end-to-end encryption, nothing leaves your device unencrypted. Only you have the keys to read the content of your files.

  • Proven AES256 end-to-end encryption – Using end-to-end encryption, Tresorit encrypts every file and relevant metadata on your devices with unique, randomly generated encryption keys. These keys are never sent to their servers in unencrypted format. Accessing files is only possible with a user’s unique private decryption key.
  • Swiss Privacy + EU data centers – Zero-knowledge authentication. Unlike other services, Tresorit never transmits or stores files, encryption keys and user passwords in unencrypted or unhashed form. Due to the strength of Tresorit’s end-to-end encryption and security, breaking this protection would take several human lifetimes. This is why they can never recover forgotten passwords, or hand over your data without your consent in case of a legal inquiry.
  • Hardened TLS – TLS (the successor of SSL) channel protection can be hardened through the use of client certificates. This method provides public key-based security when you connect to Tresorit servers.
  • 1,000GB encrypted storage – Tresorit Solo comes with more than enough storage space for storing all of your confidential work files and sensitive private documents.
  • Secure access on 10 devices – Access your files from up to 10 devices. Tresorit is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry and even from your browser.
  • Password protected links – Send a file to anyone via Encrypted Link. Access only requires a browser, can be protected by passwords and revoked with a click anytime.
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7. SpiderOak


SpiderOak provides an easy, secure and consolidated online backup, storage, access, sharing & sync tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian & Fedora). SpiderOak offers a different approach to online backup, synchronization, and sharing.

This difference is not just measured in their zero-knowledge privacy policy – the first one ever employed in this setting – but also in their flexible design in handling data from all platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux) and locations (external drives, network volumes, USB keys) in one centralized account. Encrypted group chat, file sharing and backup. Protect yourself against ransomware and data loss. Secure-by-default products for your home, small business and enterprise.

  • HIPAA / FINRA / FIRPA compliant
  • No need for VPN access because of end-to-end encryption
  • Unlimited storage & devices per user
  • Reduce risk with No Knowledge, end-to-end encryption
  • Disaster recovery & data loss prevention
  • Ransomware protection

8. pCloud Crypto

pCloud Crypto

To guarantee your files’ safety, pCloud uses TLS/SSL encryption, applied when information is transferred from your device to the pCloud servers. At pCloud data security is their top priority and they do their best to apply first class safety measures.

With pCloud, your files are stored on at least three server locations in a highly secure data storage area. Optionally, you can subscribe for pCloud Crypto and have your most important files encrypted and password protected. They provide the so-called client-side encryption, which, unlike server-side encryption, means that no one, except you, will have the keys for file decryption.

They use industry standard 4096-bit RSA for users’ private keys and 256-bit AES for per-file and per-folder keys. They do data authentication in a different way compared to most competitors. Authentication is the process of verifying that you decrypted data with the right data. Many experts consider it a mandatory part of encryption.

9. Sync

encryption sync

Protect your ideas, your work – your stuff. They believe that privacy is a fundamental right, and that productivity in the cloud doesn’t have to come at the expense of your security or privacy. It’s why they built Sync. Most cloud storage providers differ from Sync because they can access, scan and read your files. Sync’s end-to-end encrypted storage platform and apps ensure that only you can access your data in the cloud. They can’t read your files and no one else can either.

  • 100% private cloud – 2048-bit RSA, SSL/TLS encryption, End-to-end encryption protects your confidential data in the cloud from unauthorized access at all times. They can’t read your files and no one else can either.
  • Your personal data belongs to you – Sync doesn’t collect, sell or share your personal data or app usage information to advertisers or third-parties, and they do not claim ownership of your data.
  • Global data privacy compliance – Sync is safe to use, no matter where your business operates, with USA, EU / UK GDPR, and Canadian compliance built-in, including Canadian data residency.
  • Automatic backup, sync and restore – Sync backs up your files in realtime, and makes it easy to recover deleted files and previous versions of any file, any time. Never lose a file again.
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure – Data is replicated across multiple SSAE 16 type 2 certified data center locations with SAS RAID storage, automatic failover and a 99.9% or better uptime SLA.
  • Account security controls – Two-factor authentication, granular user permissions, remote wipe, custom passwords, expiry dates, notifications and more ensure you’re always in control.


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    Puny data sizes for all these backup softwares. What is this, 2005?

    • Gravatar
      Draksen [ Reply ]

      They’re not backup softwares. 1To for a cloud storage service is not less than the big names.

  2. Gravatar
    Michael [ Reply ]

    Sync.com should be on here with it’s possible 10TB per user minimum 2 users for a few hundred per year.

    Also single user 2TB accounts.

    Comes with all the secure end-to-end encryption and other features the best ones have.

    The only downside is no monthly payment option.

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    Sufyan Ali [ Reply ]

    sync cloud storage should be top on the list for its better security, reliability and speed.

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