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Creative metallic business card shaped of a cut-out designer working restlessly at his/her desk. Suitable for creative directors, graphic designers, architects or any 9 – 5 offices related jobs.

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3d metal steel human business card cool office desk

separation lawyer divorce marshall legal business card
Just like what the card says, divorce and separation. I’m not too sure about this concept, both parties could be in a tense situation and here goes the lawyer, tearing his business card into two. Provocation? Creative? Sarcastic? you tell me.

razor barber business card hair stylist
This business card belongs to a graphic designer, which is kind of ironic since razor has nothing to do with graphic designers, right? Don’t you think it is much better off with a hair stylist, barber or anyone related to the salon industry? Got to admit, this is really creative.

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radio presenter business card cool unique fm dj music talkshow
Business card for DJs, talk show host, or anyone who earns a living with his or her sweet voice.

lock smith business card creative cool creative tools picks security
Business card by the infamous hacker of the 90s, Kevin Mitnick. As you can see, his business card consists of a lock picking tool set. He is now a computer security adviser, which has nothing to do with the conventional door locks. I think the business card suits better for a person such as a locksmith. As for Kevin, it could be a series of ‘one’ and ‘zero’, green and black in colour? Don’t know.

graphic designer creative cool unique business card
Graphic designer business card, made out of recycled paper. Kind of creative in a very positive way.

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food restaurant dinner chief cook culinary business card cool
Mouth watering business card for cooks, chief, culinary artist and those who are involved in the food business.

dentist surgeon creative cool business card clinic doctor
Creative business card for dentist or surgeon.

business card swimming instructor water cool creative
Swimming instructor business card, what’s up with the mini plastic envelope?


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    graphic design [ Reply ]

    Thanks alot for the great post.

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    Bridget [ Reply ]

    pretty sure the mini envelope is because he’s a swimming instructor. i.e he and his clients are in water all the time. a joke?

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    Business Card Design Ideas [ Reply ]

    Business card by the infamous hacker of the 90s, Kevin Mitnick. As you can see, his business card consists of lock picking tool set.

    That’s a really interesting piece of trivia.

    And i agree about the divorce lawyer’s business card. It lookslike it’s made to be amusing although there’s not really anything to be amused in a divorce.

    Great post.

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