6 Business Fibre Broadband Plans Compared For Small Offices

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Which is the best fibre broadband in Malaysia? Unfortunately, most of them are more or less the same. Due to the lack of competition, or shall they say TM has a monopoly on the last mile, it is almost impossible for new players to enter this market. If unifi is available in your area, just go for it, unless you are looking for more features such as dedicated IP, managed WiFi, Cloud Storage, etc.

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For those thinking of mobile broadband as an alternative, unless you works alone or have a very low usage, the mobile broadband speed will never be fast enough for a small office, the wireless WiFi itself is a bottleneck, couple with high bandwidth usage by a few employees, the internet speed will come to a crawl, totally unworthy. Without further ado, here is the complete list of comparison between unifi vs Maxis vs Celcom vs TIME.

Celcom30 Mbps30 MbpsRM80
100 Mbps50 MbpsRM120
300 Mbps50 MbpsRM100
500 Mbps100 MbpsRM200
TIME100 Mbps100 MbpsRM99
500 Mbps500 MbpsRM139
1000 Mbps500 MbpsRM199
2000 Mbps500 MbpsRM379
Unifi30 Mbps10 MbpsRM89
100 Mbps50 MbpsRM129
300 Mbps50 MbpsRM159
500 Mbps100 MbpsRM209
800 Mbps200 MbpsRM299
Maxis30 Mbps30MbpsRM89
100 Mbps50MbpsRM129
300 MbpsUnknownRM149
500 MbpsUnknownRM219
800 MbpsUnknownRM299
Astro50 Mbps20 MbpsRM99
100 Mbps50 MbpsRM129
500 Mbps100 MbpsRM189
800 Mbps200 MbpsRM249
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1. Celcom Business Fibre

Celcom Business Fibre

Celcom Business Fibre is a service that provides High Speed Internet (HSI) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services that uses optical fibre technology offered to businesses. It allows you to enjoy ultrafast internet directly to your computer or via seamless WiFi access anywhere within your office.

2. TIME Fibre Business Broadband

TIME Fibre Business Broadband

Grow your business performance with better devices and reliable plans with TIME Fibre Business Internet. At TIME Internet, they offer speeds of up to 100Mbps and devices designed for better business capacity. Tailored for small to large established businesses that run on intensive, complex processes.

3. unifi Business Fibre

unifi Business Fibre

Taking my business to the next level. unifi Biz includes High Speed Internet of up to 800Mbps, Voice and complete Business Solution of customer’s choice that can boost their sales and maximise their profits. unifi Biz will enhance customer experience by providing fast internet speed and an array of business solutions that suits their business needs.

  • Fixed IP – Take control of your own websites and FTP servers, so you don’t have to deal with the headaches of downtime.
  • SurePay POS – Track and manage your sales every day with SurePay POS, the easiest and most efficient way to accept payment.
  • unifi TV – Subscribe unifi TV Biz Pack from RM70/month.
  • CCTV – Security Surveillance from RM99/month
  • Mobile – Enjoy unlimited data, call SMS for RM99/month. RM79 per line for 5 lines above
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4. Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre

Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre

Sign up for Fibre now and get FREE unlimited 4G WiFi while waiting for the installation to be done so you can get your business up and running immediately. Benefits of Maxis Business Fibre:

  • Reliable and scalable – Stay confidently connected with the only business fibre that comes with automatic wireless internet and voice backup, plus grows according to your needs.
  • Secure – Protect your customers and employees from malware and stay protected with automatic software upgrades by CISCO
  • Up to 40% savings – Free Maxis to Maxis calls (fixed/mobile), shareable minutes to other networks and savings on equipment costs with a voice and data solution using internet-based calls.

5. Astro Fibre

Astro Fibre

Astro fibre is the latest company to offer broadband internet in Malaysia. According to Astro standalone fibre broadband service is a step towards transitioning the group into a full Internet Service Provider. WiFi Kencang promises to offer a one-stop home entertainment and internet solution that combines content and Mesh WiFi.

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