4 Pay Per Use Internet Fax Services With No Monthly Fee, Setup Fee And Subscription

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If you Googled long enough, you will notice there isn’t many reliable pay-per-use internet fax service, the reason is because it is not profitable to offer such service due to the high cost of maintaining too many numbers. Ironically, there are more free fax services with ads than pay-per-use.

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It doesn’t make any sense to sign up for a monthly subscription if you only want to send faxes once in a blue moon, let alone pay for the setup fee. After much research, we’ve managed to narrow down the list to 4 reliable pay per use prepaid, no subscription, no monthly fee and no setup fee online faxing services, be warn, they are not cheap.

↓ 01 – Simple Fax | 6 Pence to 19 Pence Per Fax

simple fax no monthly fee Pay Per Use Internet Fax Services With No Monthly Fee, Setup Fee And Subscription

simple-fax employs a prepayment system. Adding funds to your account is easy and can be done via Paypal or credit card. Pay as you go! There is no contract and no monthly service charge. Simple Fax offers you your own dedicated fax number for free. Adding £10 or more to your account will get you your own fax number for free!

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↓ 02 – Innoport Express | 5 to 10 Pages / Block

innoport express pay per fax

Send a fax now without creating an account! Pay nothing if the fax is unanswered or busy. It’s simple, quick and reliable. See how easy our pay per fax service is by viewing our demo video. Fax up to 10 pages to US or Canada for only $1.95! Acceptable file types : .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .txt, .tif, .tiff, .jpg, .png, .bmp

↓ 03 – GotFreeFax | 10Pages/USD1 20Pages/USD2 30Pages/USD3

gotfreefax fax prepaid

GotFreeFax is a Premium Pay-Per-Fax Service. It comes with free fax cover page and no ads. Secure payment via Paypal. It also comes with encrypted connection and technical support.

↓ 04 – FaxFresh | 25¢ per page — minimum $1.99 per transaction.

faxfresh pay per use

FaxFresh is the best way to send a fax without a machine. They use military grade encryption to receive your documents, and don’t store them after they’re sent. Fax. Pay. Confirm. No commitment. No subscription. Upload your PDF and send to any US, Canadian, or international fax number (select locations).

21 comments on “4 Pay Per Use Internet Fax Services With No Monthly Fee, Setup Fee And Subscription

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    Melanie Maddison [ Reply ]

    Internet faxing is a great asset to your business or even for home. It is inexpensive, saves paper, toner and time. It also keeps you extremely organized as all faxes go to your email. It took me a while to make the switch but I am glad I did. I tried ring central’s free-trial and am happy with their services. I also tried myfax and was also satisfied!

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      Amazon [ Reply ]

      I use it for several years, and never got problems. It is cheaper than other

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      Vibin Reddy [ Reply ]

      Send a fax all over the world for free, from USA america to canda to japan to china and india

    • Gravatar
      Aibek Esengulov [ Reply ]

      send multi-page faxes from my PC?

    • Gravatar

      what about receive fax?

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    Internet fax [ Reply ]

    I would suggest you to include Popfax offers to in this list. It very cheap comparing to other services. Take a look at the tariffs page…

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      which is the Cheapest Internet Fax?

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      Tutorial [ Reply ]

      Cheap home office online fax services help small business

    • Gravatar

      anything from j2 global company is a simple trash! they use cheap Indian support that dont give a darn about you, and have zero customer service protocol. i tried them in the past and ended up with tons of problems receiving my fax on paid plans!

  3. Gravatar

    Which company has the cheapest fax line?

  4. Gravatar
    Will Shanklin [ Reply ]

    Why is using an online fax service much more cheaper than using a traditional fax machine?

    • Gravatar
      Allen J Botnick [ Reply ]

      Because you don’t have to pay for a landline, fax machine and maintenance. Pamfax.com will fax for 10 cents per page.

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    Allen J Botnick [ Reply ]

    MaxEmail was sold to Efax.com and they raised their charges to $15 per month for 150 pages of fax. Maxemail customers have to convert to the new plan or drop the service on their renewal date.

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    Faxitnice is defunct. They never refunded my pre-paid balance.
    Onlinefaxes.com changes their prices and polices all the time. Customer service is OK. Trying to change or cancel plans is frustrating and difficult.

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    Kevin Lau [ Reply ]

    I think “Snapfax” is a good choice for sending faxes too. Pay per use. No subscription required. In addition, it’s very user friendly and tailor-made for the best mobile faxing experience. This app can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play (meanwhile you can get 2 free credits from there – see the “Description” section after searching “Snapfax” from the app store). Features:
    – Fax your document from Camera (built-in scanner)
    – Fax your document from Photo Library
    – Fax your PDF document from Cloud services (iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive)
    – Sign and add text to the fax document
    – Hide sensitive information in the fax document
    – Give you the estimated time of fax completion
    – Push notification when fax job has been completed

    Note that Snapfax has a Mac version and a Windows version too.

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    I would like to add etherfax.my on the list. It may not be pay per use but they do have the option to customize a package that best suits one’s needs. You avail of the free trial period that lasts a month to see if it’s a right fit for your business.

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      too darn expensive. for $20 for a 100 pages

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    FaxSalad is another great pay per use service. They only let you fax pdf documents but they offer 5 free pages on registration and cheap pages there after, no commitments or setup fees.

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      Markland [ Reply ]

      They now have support for JPG and PNG

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    OnLineFaxes.com is now efax.com as of several months ago and the annual fee went way up from when OnLineFax was still in business.

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