7 Free Mother Nature Sound Effects for Meditating, Sleeping and Relaxing

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If you are having problems concentrating on work, reading, focusing or sleeping, perhaps a simple nature music will sooth things out. These sounds of nature are recorded on high quality sound capturing devices, therefore it is advisable to get a good set of speakers or headset such as Sony, Bose etc. Without further ado, here are 7 of the best sounds from mother nature – relax.

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Water Flowing in a Forest | 60 minutes

Ocean Waves Hitting Sand | 58 minutes

Birds Singing in a Forest | 60 minutes

Frog and Crickets on Early Summer | 47 minutes

Raining on Nature | 56 minutes

Raining on Urban Area | 47 minutes

Thunder and Rain | 70 minutes


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    Great selection, It really relaxes me.

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      Britney Spears [ Reply ]

      amazing and relaxing Outdoor Ambience

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    Muhammad [ Reply ]

    Download free sound effects of natural noises – beach, forest, swamp, etc

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    where to buy or download the entire album for free?

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    How do I download these to play on my offline player so I can sleep without bathing in wifi? Oh right, I have to use with Youtube Downloaders and such, convert the files, and even then they aren’t mp3 or wav so won’t guarantee to play on my hardware.

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    tauheed [ Reply ]

    can i use these sounds in my videos free.

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      Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]

      I dont think so, they are copyrighted by the owner

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