Microsoft vs. Logitech Wireless Mouse Comparison for Laptop

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Recently I bought 2 wireless mice – Microsoft and Logitech. Which is the best Bluetooth wireless optical mouse for laptop and notebook user? In term of technology, both Microsoft’s Bluetrack technology and Logitech’s high definition optical technology are more than enough for average users. Most wireless mouse comes with 2.4GHz frequency and works on both Windows and Mac.

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Microsoft Vs Logitech Wireless Mouse Comparison for Laptop

Microsoft Vs Logitech Wireless Mouse Comparison For Laptop

Like all new mice, both comes with plug and forget Nano-receiver powered by bluetooth. In term of design, both comes with ergonomically designed with soft rubber grips. Here is why after years of switching between Microsoft and Logitech, I’ve decided to stick with good old silent Microsoft.

  • Microsoft Wireless Mouse – Clicks are softer, almost inaudible, no scrolling sound.
  • Logitech Wireless Mouse – Clicks generates annoying ‘clicking’ sound, clicks are not as soft as Microsoft’s. The scrolling sound is audible.
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Wireless Mouse Battery

As for the battery, both are a huge let down. Both has a short operating lifespan, depending on the usage, a single AA Energizer Advanced battery can last for 5 weeks on a 12 hours daily usage.

Microsoft Vs Logitech Wireless Mouse Comparison for Laptop

I don’t know what both Microsoft and Logitech meant by months of battery life. Probably 10 months if usage is minimal and powered by Energizer Lithium batteries. All in all, you get what you pay for. The technology is somewhat new, give them another 3 years and will probably have a wireless mouse that has a battery lifespan of one year.

Conclusion – If you like a silent mouse, go for Microsoft. If you’re looking for something cute with pink, slightly better battery lifespan and cheaper, go for Logitech.

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p.s. Get a rechargeable AA battery if you’re a heavy user like me. Stop wasting money buying batteries every month, plus, it is better for the environment.

History of the Computer Mouse

History of the Computer Mouse


  1. Gravatar
    Best Gaming Mouse [ Reply ]

    Great comparison;

    You are likely correct on the battery Life, My Logitech MX lasts if i’m lucky a week after a full charge. The number of times I have to stop, go for a coffee and come back because the mouse is flat has been steadily growing. The mouse os only about 7 months old.

    Shame, it’s an awesome mouse otherwise, well made, easy to use, good feel.

    Anyway, thanks

    • Gravatar
      GeckoFly [ Reply ]

      Yeah, perhaps you should go for the most expensive energizer AA batteries. I heard the Panasonic Evolta battery is reasonably good too.

  2. Gravatar

    They both have their flaws

  3. Gravatar
    peipei [ Reply ]

    Wireless mice are a TOTALLY personal preference. I have a Logitech for my desktop. I’ve been using it for years and I love it.

    • Gravatar

      microsoft is way better! l microsoft mouse will eat your logitech mouse

      • Gravatar
        Geckoandfly [ Reply ]

        microsoft’s mouse are quiet, logitech’s mouse has longer battery life.

  4. Gravatar

    best mouse ever!

    • Gravatar
      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]

      war, soft and smooth… what more can we expect? wait, is that a mouse or a hamster?

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