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For some unknown reason Panda Antivirus is a very popular security software in Peru, Mexico, Chile, Spain, maybe it is because Panda is a Spanish based software company and it is catered towards Spanish speaking countries. Anyway, for a limited time only, Panda is giving away 6 months free full version of Panda Global Protection 2016 [ Upgradable to 2023 after installation ].

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Panda Global Protection

Panda Global Protection is a reliable antivirus software that comes with several powerful tools in one simple interface for Microsoft Windows. Protect your privacy and keep your devices under control with the best antivirus software.

Panda Global Protection provides you with everything you need to protect your PC, Mac® and Android™ devices, as well as your data and family, against all types of threats. Enjoy the best antivirus software with real-time protection against the latest malware. Browse, shop and play online with complete peace of mind. Download Panda Global Protection 2023 [ 6 Months Promotion Ended / Expired ]. [ 100% Original and No Serial or License Key Required For Product Activation ]

  • FILE ENCRYPTION – Your PC, external hard disk or USB drive often contain documents that you would not want to end up in the wrong hands. Store all your important documents securely and enjoy peace of mind knowing your information is private. You can also delete files securely, so that they cannot be restored even with forensic tools or hacking techniques.
  • PASSWORD MANAGER – The password manager is extremely user friendly and allows you to manage all your online access by simply remembering one master password. You will never forget a password again!
  • PARENTAL CONTROL – Their antivirus software protects your family from inappropriate content online (not family friendly, illegal substances, weapons, etc.). Parental control gives your kids the freedom to use the Internet, at the same time flagging any behavior you feel is inappropriate.
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR DEVICES – Their antivirus includes a tune-up feature that cleans out cookies and unnecessary temporary files that slow down your PC. Additionally, it removes invalid registry keys and improves the computer’s startup time. You can also optimize your Android ™ devices, improving performance and battery life.
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Panda Global Protection

Panda Global Protection

Why Panda Global Protection?

  • The best protection – Panda Internet Security has been designed for you in order to enjoy your online life with confidence. It is the maximum antivirus protection for your PC. The new Panda Internet Security protects your data and avoids the dangers of the Internet.
  • PC recovery system – Start your computer in safe mode and disinfect it in emergency or critical situations. Share it with anybody you want and help them clean their computers.
  • Protect your Family against web attacks and inappropriate content – Panda Internet Security protects your family from inappropriate content (not family friendly, weapons, etc). Shielding your documents and confidential data so you can relax knowing your private files are safe.
  • Prevent identity theft while you are surfing – Panda Internet Security also protects you against online fraud, identity theft, phishing and other varieties of theft used by cybercriminals.
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Want you and your family to be safe on the internet? Panda Internet Security offers the most advanced protection against the dangers of the Web. It lets you use the Internet for everything privately and securely, from buying to making online transactions with confidence! Keep your inbox free from junk mail. Your children can browse the Internet safely with parental control. Forget about identity theft and lock-down your personal data.

Why Panda Antivirus Cloud Technology Is The Best

Why Panda Antivirus Cloud Technology Is The Best

Antivirus Software Companies Creating Viruses

Is it true that antivirus companies create viruses that can only be detected by their own software? In Spooky, Boss says, ‘Our company is going to make antivirus software. What’s that tell you?’ Catbert says, ‘It tells me we’ll secretly create viruses that can be detected only by their software. Am I close?’ Boss says, ‘You’re spooky.’


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      where to download License Key Serial Panda Platinum Internet Security 2013??

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    free download antivirus

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      Panda Internet Security 2020 is one of the best and trusted antivirus software

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    plz send me trial pack panda internet security

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        Download the new Panda Antivirus products, free of charge. Protect your PC

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    i want panda internet security 2013 activation code,plz send me

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    plz help to download panda internet security

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    dounload free trailverssion anti virus

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    panda internet security good servis

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    send me antivirus my laptop has more virus

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      protects you from viruses, hackers, online fraud, identity … It also keeps your inbox spam-free, and allows you to surf the Web privately and securely

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    md.rakibul hassan [ Reply ]

    send me antivirus my laptop has more virus

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    curtis anderson [ Reply ]

    Tried this software. Pandas firewall said to restart the computer to turn on the firewall, restarted twice but the firewall did not turn on, so i removed the program and went with a more reliable program. Also had had no advice on sites while surfing the web.

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      is it compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8?

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    sent to virus clean my computer

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    panda internet security good servis :)

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    please send me panda

    antivirus with key

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    Cleans much better the norton or avg !

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    Abcede [ Reply ]

    Anyone who has PIS15 activaton key here ? please share :D thank you

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    Albert [ Reply ]

    Panda sucks, i bought this antivirus last year and harm my pc, i paid 500 for this antivirus, bad choice don`t buy it, don`t waste your money!

    I use right now Eset NOD32 is the best!!!

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    can i please have it also my laptop is loaded with virus from my friend watching not family friendly sites

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    how can it download

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    I’d love to enjoy the antivirus and even the goldies, if possible.

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    i need Panda Global Protection 2020

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    i need try panda antivirus anti log to my computers onlines games in facebook in 6month free download

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    how to get free trial panda antiviris secure key code?

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    Would not download.
    Then it will not give up the panda antiviris secure key code, so all in all this was a huge time waste.

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    What a waste of time
    Does Panda know you are doing this?.
    This did not work. it did not automatically update to 2019, on top of that all it gave was 5 days of 2015 protection

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