Disk to Disk Clone Software for SATA and Laptop Hard Drive

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Disk to Disk Clone Software for SATA and Laptop Hard Drive

Computer retailers such as Acer, Dell, Hp and more no-longer provide installation CDs on certain computer models, especially for laptops. The reason for storing everything in the computer hard disk is:

  • Faster formatting and re-installation time for Windows
  • CDs are fragile, easy to lose and the surface is easily scratched

However, easy and convenient it may be for the user with minimal computer knowledge, the problem arise when the original hard drive crashed, replacing the hard drive means sending it back to the OEM retailer – time consuming, not to mention it doesn’t make any sense if your warranty is not valid anymore. It is cheaper to replace the hard disk via DIY method.

First, you got to clone your hard disk. HDClone (Freeware) is the answer, it supports cloning of IDE / ATA / SATA hard disks. Features:

  • For data rescue, backup, migration, mass installations etc.
  • Creates logical and physical 1:1 copies (= sector copies)
  • Creates logical and physical image files
  • For use with hard disks and many other storage media
  • Self-booting and running on Windows XP/Vista/Server
  • Faster with SmartCopy mode

Disk to Disk Clone Software for SATA and Laptop Hard Drive

The Free Edition of HDClone clones an entire hard disk to another, larger medium. Use it for migrating an existing installation to a new hard disk or for rescuing data. The Free Edition is real freeware without obligation to buy and is intended for the short-term usage at no cost.

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