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When you project a light behind this pile, it casts a shadow that resembles a real Motorbike, this shadow sculpture of a motorcycle is built entirely out of welded forks, knives, and spoons, this cool motorbike shadow, done by Master of Deception, Shigeo Fukuda.

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fish writing

shadow of boat

Here is yet another work of Shigeo Fukuda, he tends to explore the wonder of optical illusion in real objects, the image above is a very good example of non-moving optical illusion. If you look into the mirror you will see the reflection of the piano. On the right, you will see a strange construction made out of piano parts, which casts the reflection of a perfect piano when seen from one special viewpoint. – mirage

If you love optical illusions, then you’ll love this color optical illusion by Prof. Edward Adelson

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fukada mirror piano optical illusion

shadow sculpture motorbike optical illusion

shadow art trash sculptures

shadow illusion

shadow of a geisha girl


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    The motor is done by Noble and Webster!

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    the bike is fake

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