HandBrake – How to Compress Blu-ray DVD to Fit a 700MB CD

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There are literally hundreds of DVD compression software in the market but which is the best among all? Before you begin your search for DVD compression software, have you ever wonder how did those guys compress a DVD from a 4.5GB to fit perfectly onto a 700MB CD?

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Magic DVD - Compress DVD to 700MB CD

shrink bluray to dvd9

The answer is none other than HandBrake, HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. It is a DVD / Blu-ray compression tool that is easy to use, basically it has all the function other DVD compression software provide, but what makes HandBrake stands out is the ability to output the video to the desire size – 700MB, fits perfectly in a CD for backup.

  • Convert DVD to DivX or other AVI formats
  • Convert DVD to WMV
  • Convert DVD to mp4 (iPod and PSP formats)
  • Convert DVD to VCD or SVCD
  • Copy DVD movie to hard drive without any loss of quality
  • Remove all the restrictions of DVD (CSS, Region, RCE, Sony ARccOS, PuppetLock)
  • Copy main movie only or split DVD-9 into 2 DVD-5
  • Compress DVD to fit on a 4.7 GB disc
  • Very easy to use, just by one click
  • High ripping speed and wonderful output quality

Magic DVD - Compress DVD to 700MB CD

Outputs File Formats:

  • File Containers: .MP4(.M4V) and .MKV
  • Video Encoders: H.264(x264), MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 (libav), and Theora(libtheora)
  • Audio Encoders: AAC, CoreAudio AAC/HE-AAC (OS X Only), MP3, Flac, AC3, or Vorbis
  • Audio Pass-thru: AC-3, DTS, DTS-HD, AAC and MP3 tracks

Reasons you’ll love HandBrake:

  • Convert video from nearly any format
  • Free and Open Source
  • Multi-Platform (Windows, Mac and Linux)
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Important! Download Version 0.9.5

To convert and compress a video to a targeted size, only version 0.9.5 has this feature. HandBrake decided to remove the targeted feature, the reason is the quality of the video. To download previous version of HandBrake, visit the official Nightly Builds page.

11 comments on “HandBrake – How to Compress Blu-ray DVD to Fit a 700MB CD

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    nice topic.alternative resource for movie fan out there.TQ

  2. Gravatar

    Wow! That’s pretty cool. I’ve seen other DVD shrinkers, but I may have to try that one now.

  3. Gravatar
    cool_toad [ Reply ]

    I tried this MAgic DVD. It working excellent. But it is not allowing to change any setting.

    If we try to make any changes it gets locked

  4. Gravatar

    it has a virus on keygen

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    plz…send me download link

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    pls send mee download link….as soon as possible

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    Waqas Muhammad Akash [ Reply ]

    Thats nice.

    But If you want to burn DATA DVD then.

    like 4.67 GB DATA includes backup. songs. pictures. movies.

    SO how you can burn it on DVD-R OR DVD+R.

    Because it shows in burning software DISC.INFO.
    that this disc has FREE SPACE 4.38.
    when you try to burn says not enough space..
    How to compress the ALL data so it can fit in low space…
    I have tried winrar, winzip and some others…

  8. Gravatar
    Jim George [ Reply ]

    Magic DVD is not the exact software that I am looking for. I have used this and found one issue.
    Under the option “SPLIT MODE”, you can customize the size of the movie to a particular size(say 700MB) BUT that doesn’t means that it will compress whole movie into 700 MB file. The “SPLIT MODE” only makes parts of the movie to the mentioned size and not whole movie. For e.g if one movie is taking around 900 MB space after conversion, then the “SPLIT MODE” will make 2 files of the movie. The 1st part will be of 700MB and 2nd part will be of 200MB. SO altogether you will get 2 parts that too of more than the mentioned size of 700 MB.

  9. Gravatar
    LynnLU [ Reply ]

    You can also try out another DVD Tools for Win users – Aimersoft DVD Ripper

  10. Gravatar
    maggiena [ Reply ]

    Tenorshare DVD Ripper can help you do that job. It is a good dvd to other popular video formats conversion program.

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    The Compressor [ Reply ]

    You can also use dvdshrink if you have it. Custom size, rip to drive, then open what was ripped and shrink it again. Repeat as necessary. While this sounds like a lot, my pc can recompress in under 4 mins each time. Keeps decent quality too!

    There are also some program that can fit up to 16 hours of video on a dvd, they compress to a lower resolution, but they can have problems playing on some players.

    I love it, as the kids have smaller tvs in the playroom, they don’t need HD video. We don’t want the originals ruined, so we make the copy, then compress to cd, as cdrs are much cheaper, and we have a huge pack that we don’t use!

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