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There is this old saying. “Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other.” – Rene Yasenek. The illusion above is a good example of being too close to something and not being able to see the actual thing, found the illusion at Moillusions, it’s an image of Johnny Depp. Well, the trick is, stand at least 1.5 meter from your comp and take a good look at the image.

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Johnny Depp Optical Illusion



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    Sorry, but this image is not originally from Moillusions, it’s from this source:

    “Nice” to see that god knows who is getting credits for something I made only because I put no watermark…

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    Windowsocks [ Reply ]

    This is a pretty common one of Albert Einstein up close, then walking further away, the image changes into Marilyn Monroe.

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    ALEJANDRA [ Reply ]

    ps ke sta perfecto ke hayan puesto al hombre mas perfecto del mundo en sto de la ilusion optik ps bueno eso es todo…..

    ****JOHNNY DEPP****


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    shona and lauren [ Reply ]


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    To the person above: the idea is to find the hidden tiger in the picture, not Johnny Depp. Everyone can see Johnny Depp. It wouldn’t be much of an illusion if the trick was to see Johnny Depp.

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    Daniel [ Reply ]

    I dont see anything

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    dodi55 [ Reply ]

    omg it is tottaly orlando bloom you can so see it

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    I see Johnny Depp but wheres the tiger?

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    Justas [ Reply ]

    if u will loook at one place and stare at it in a few secs, u can lost him lol.

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    Jasmine [ Reply ]

    Hey the Tiger is in his hair if you look really 1ft away then you can see the whiskers!!!!!!!!! I saw it and so did my sister too!

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    Michelle [ Reply ]

    wow iv’e been staring at this picture 4 20min and i still see nothing?? it just looks like stripes?

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    fpohjfodk [ Reply ]

    Ok u know wat i think? i think u guys are all crazy ive been looking for like an hour but i still see nothing!

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      u hav a problem if you have 2 waste an hour of your life for jonny depp

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    Shanell Crawley [ Reply ]

    I also think Johnny Depp is the hottest guy in the world Hotter than anyone I have ever met in my whole life and i just can’t get over how hot he is.

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    Or, if you have a laptop, push the screen back. The further your screen is down, the more you can see it. :D

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    Mohammed Arbi [ Reply ]

    I can’t see any thing only his face then it just disappear’s.

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