How to Recover Deleted Files and Folder in Microsoft Windows

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There are times when you accidentally deleted some files or folder, it could be an important file and coincidentally you have just emptied your recycle bin. The chances of recovering the file is pretty slim if you don’t perform a weekly backup or have the all expensive Norton BackUp installed. Fear not!

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How to Recover Deleted Files and Folder in Windows


DataRecovery is a freeware written by Japanese Company – Tokiwa, it is file recovery software and it is free. According to their official statement, DataRecovery can recover deleted files and ironically it has a unique feature to wipe off any files from future recoveries.

The user interface of the software is relatively straight forward, no installation required and it works with Windows Vista. The recovering success depends on the individual system configuration, for example the type of software running in the background, the file system FAT32 or NTFS and many more.

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Some of the key features:

  • Support FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS
  • Recover NTFS compressed files
  • Prevent sensitive files from being recovered
  • Search by partial string in the file name

Download DataRecovery. If DataRecovery fails to perform the recovery task, try some of Norton’s products. The only drawback for Norton’s product is the cost, it doesn’t come cheap and I believe DataRecovery could perform the same task for free, no cracks, serials, or keygen needed.

  • Norton GoBack allows you to try new software safely; recover deleted or modified files, and roll back system to better and healthy state.
  • Norton Save & Restore could create full backups of PC’s content, backup and restore individual files and folders.
  • Norton Ghost also allows you to fully backup PC’s content. You can even encrypt backups to keep them secure.
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    i want free software to recovery delate folders from hard disk.where can i get this software.please tell me any one.

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    u down load powerdata recovary torrentz

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    I want to recover my accidently deleted photos please give me idea how to recover them and those photos were really very important

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