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One of the most overlooked disk improvement problem is partition alignment, just like fragmentation, the problem of inevitable degradation of the hard disk subsystem performance caused by misaligned partitions has been around for ages, yet it has not been tackled, probably due to the fact that ever increasing processing speed, memory and disk speed compensate the need to improve disk alignment issues. So, what is partition misalignment?

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FREE Windows Hard Disk And SSD Partition Alignment Software

FREE Windows Hard Disk And SSD Partition Alignment Software

Obviously misalignment of logical partition sectors and actual physical sectors leads to redundant read/write operations, which is critical for overall performance, and with SSD, for its lifespan as well. With a reliable partition alignment tool, you can forget about these problems once and for all.

It will help you align partitions on physical and virtual disks according to internal device’s geometry without affecting the on-disk data. Problem solving: Boosts performance up to 300% by aligning partitions.

Paragon Alignment Tool (Free serial number and license key till 30th June 2010) has the ability to:

  • Alligns partitions in a single operation
  • Boosts performance of disk subsystems up to 3 times
  • Significantly increases endurance of SSD drives
  • Alligns partitions inside virtual containers and the host
  • Alligns partitions on ultra high-capacity 4K hard disks
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Who needs to realign their partitions? Not the average user.

Disk performance may be slower than expected when you use multiple disks in Microsoft Windows Server 2003, in Microsoft Windows XP, and in Microsoft Windows 2000. For example, performance may slow when you use a hardware-based redundant array of independent disks (RAID) or a software-based RAID.

How to Partition a Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 Hard Drive

It is possible to repartition your Windows 7 hard drive from within Windows 7 itself and it is a quite simple operation.

This screencast takes a look at what is involved in this quite simple procedure.
Repartitioning your hard drive is useful if you find that your computer has had its Windows installed on one large partition.
You may find that you would like to have a separate partition away from your Windows install to use as storage making things easier if you have to reinstall Windows for any reason.

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One of the big plus points of storing your data like this on a separate drive is that if you ever have problems with your Windows install or the C: drive you can simple just reinstall Windows again and you will not have to worry about all you other data due to it being on a different drive (always back your data up, check out and do a search for a Windows 7 back-up walkthrough).


  1. Gravatar
    microsoft [ Reply ]

    realign your SSD/HDD partition with the freeware Mini Tool Partition, greatly speeds up your windows

  2. Gravatar
    ZamZam [ Reply ]

    How to align SSD partition with a free partition manager? DO i need to relalign my SSD? it is fast enough, can it be faster?

  3. Gravatar
    peipei [ Reply ]

    Do you know of any free software that can clone a Windows? thanks

    • Gravatar

      Paragon Alignment Tool helps align partitions on physical and virtual disks

  4. Gravatar
    Whitson Gordon [ Reply ]

    one of the most overlooked factors in proper SSD care is partition alignment

  5. Gravatar

    i didnt notice after the degrade of SSD performance

    • Gravatar
      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]

      Files are files, they will get disorganize. The only difference is you are unlikely to notice it in SSD due to the speed and performance.

  6. Gravatar
    Yahoo Answer [ Reply ]

    any Linux SSD partition alignment tips? thanks, how about mac os X?

    • Gravatar
      Geckoandfly [ Reply ]

      am not exactly familiar with Linux, I think linux OS took care of this problem unlike Windows? I could be wrong

  7. Gravatar
    Werner Fischer [ Reply ]

    Proper partition alignment ensures ideal performance during data access

  8. Gravatar

    check ssd partition alignment
    ssd partition alignment calculator
    ssd partition alignment linux

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    Adam Pash [ Reply ]

    where to download the latest version of Paragon Partition Alignment Tool for free, torrent?

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