7 Epson Printer With CISS [ Continuous Ink Tank System ] To Save Printing Cost

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After many years of hesitating, finally I’ve decided to install the Continuous Ink System (CIS) onto my HP Officejet 6310 All-in-One printer. It is one of the worst experience ever, using a third party hardware causes problems. One of the reason I refused to use CISS is the possibility of voiding the warranty due to low quality third party ink, this is not a issue anymore because the warranty expired last month.

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Now that my HP Printer is dead, it is time to buy a new printer and Epson is the only company that offers a CISS system, they call it Ink Tank System. The new Epson original ink tank system printers, L110, L210, L300 and L350 bring you even better performance for business users while delivering ultra-low running cost. Increase office productivity with improved printing speed compared to previous L Series models.

Benefits of using Epson Ink Tank System

  • Cheaper and save cost
  • Never run short of ink, you’ll always know the ink level
  • Print quality is acceptable

My advice is – don’t waste money on other printer brands, just go for Epson, forget about HP, Canon, Xerox or Dell, they are not worth it.

Continuous Ink System And Cartridges For HP Officejet 6310 All-in-One Printer

What is Continuous Ink System? or Epson Ink Tank System?

A continuous ink supply system feeds ink cartridges by way of silicone tubing. Continuous ink tanks designs vary most incorporate a constant level, barometric pressure design. Constant level CISS delivers a smooth flow of ink to the cartridges as needed. Front tank is vented to atmosphere; negative air pressure in the back tank delivers ink to the cartridges.

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Will CISS Cloak My Printer’s Print Head

The situation depends on your usage, if you are a frequent user, this should not be a problem. It is unlikely for the imitation ink to cake on the print head if the printer is used often. For small business offices, this is not much of a problem as oppose to home user with print frequency of once a month or less.

The other point to note is that it is a well known fact that refilled ink cartridge tends to be of lower quality. Based on my own experience, the color will fade in less than a year, sometimes months and it smears easily if we hold the paper for too long.

Continuous Ink System Vs Self Refilled Cartridge

Back in the old days it was easier to refill a cartridge, things changed when the printer manufacturers decided to stop this refilling habit by using a new ink technology, which is to introduce ‘pressure’ into the ink cartridge. Newer cartridges are manufactured in such a way that it comes with a certain pressure, this enabled a faster and better printer quality minus the ability to refill the cartridge at home.

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Have you ever noticed that ink cartridge refilled by our self with those kits tend to leak, this creates a messy situation, and eventually killing off the printer as the ink caked the print nozzle.

Continuous Ink System And Cartridges For HP Officejet 6310 All-in-One Printer

A continuous ink system (CIS), also known as continuous flow system (CFS), or bulk feed ink system, is a cost-effective replacement for ink-jet printer cartridges. In contrast to conventional cartridges, a CIS/CFS uses very large (about 100ml/color) ink tanks, which are connected with tubes to the print head nozzles. The tanks can be refilled from an ink bottle or sometimes a syringe. Many CIS systems have been developed to cover most Epson, HP, Canon, and other printers.

These bulk feed systems also allow users to use inexpensive aftermarket inkjet inks as well as specialty inks for T-Shirt transfers or Black and White inks for B&W printing. These options have allowed users to produce specialty prints at a fraction of the cost of purchasing special cartridges or using more expensive printing solutions.

Continuous Ink System and Cartridges for HP Officejet 6310 All-in-One Printer


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    hi sir i wanna know that which hp printer support CIS and whats the price of CIS ?

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      Hi Family ,May know what ciss for model of hp printer you need to know?

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        Ways to Save Money on Outrageous Printer Ink Costs

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    have u heard of lyson continuous ink system? and do you know how to refill continuous ink system?

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      Compatible Continuous ink supply systems (CISS) for HP officejet PRO?

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    Elementary special education educator [ Reply ]

    I am an elementary educator who uses color images, usually not photo quality, with text to engage and structure content to be accessible to my elementary students. What would be the best option of continuous ink supply systems, inkjet, or laser? What would be the best cost-effective option because I will be funding this myself? I need to be able to print from my cell phone because our district-supplied computers cannot be used.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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